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This and That by Clio

Prompt 1

Prompt 1: Floccinaucinihilipilification (theestimationofsomethingasvalueless)

Word Count: 100

For: Drabble/Drawble Night May 2012

Disclaimer: All canon characters found within belong to one, Rumiko Takahashi. I make no money from this fanfic.

Originally Published: May 6, 2012


Kagome was sitting, back to a tree, as she worked on some of her homework. This didn’t stop a certain hanyou  from interrupting. He obviously couldn’t read the I’m-studying-for-an-English-test-don’t-make-me-sit-you expression on her face. So...she sat him.

Knowing he couldn’t understand her, she muttered under her breath as he scrabbled painfully out of the Inuyasha-shaped hole he was in, “You are the biggest way.”

As his head came into view, he glared at her and said, “I hate when you do that!”

“What? Sit you?”

“No! When you put curses on me in that weird language you’re learning!”


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