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Big Boy Lunch by Clio

Chapter 1

A/N: I wrote this for the "He Said What?!" Challenge. The point was to go to the 'Things Sesshomaru would never say.' thread (Forum Games), pick one of the quotes, and use that in the story. I read one of the quotes from Miss Kagura and simply had to use it! Please enjoy ^-^

Disclaimer: All canon characters found within belong to one, Rumiko Takahashi. I make no money from this fanfic.


It was a bright Saturday afternoon, and the Taisho brothers were especially excited. Every so often, if they were good all week and didn’t destroy anything, they’d get the chance to go into town for lunch. Jaken, their father’s long-suffering and rather dramatic assistant, piled them into the car, making sure they both buckled up. The one time they hadn’t, Mrs. Taisho had found out and nearly threw the small man out on his ear for putting her children into such a dangerous situation. After several minutes of “That’s my seat!”, “No it isn’t!”,”Yes it is!”, they finally set off.

Sesshomaru, who was six, pressed his nose up against the window, watching as the buildings sped by. Inuyasha, two years younger, copied his brother, which was normal, and attempted to see how much of his face could touch the glass at the same time. Since it kept them quite, Jaken didn’t bother to remind them about manners...

Arriving at the restaurant, they ordered and waited as patiently as they could for their meals. It never took terribly long, in adult time, but to a child, it felt like forever. When the food was finally delivered, they both dug right in, although, as happened every once in awhile, one of the orders wasn’t quite right.

Sitting in the back seat of their father’s car, his Happy Meal spread out over his lap, Sesshomaru, lip quivering, declared, “I wanted the Naraku toy!”


Quote: *sits with a Happy Meal spilled in his lap* "I wanted the Naraku toy!"

Word Count: 241

Originally Published: April 23, 2012


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