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Betrayed or Not? by Sakura

Supposed Betrayal

'Why is it always me? Why do I always get hurt! Am I not good enough?' A tear streaked down her cheek as the figure ran through the forest darting in-between trees as she wept. Her mate, the one who had sworn to love her and cherish her had been standing there as a bitch made out with him. She hadn't thought about running away from him, he was loyal and a wonderful mate. She had just found out the wonderful news, She was carrying his pup. But seeing the real man she had married, She didn't hesitate and she left, she ran and ran. When she stopped running she didn't even know for how long she had run. The moon was high in the sky, her mate probably didn't even know she was gone probably rutting with the bitch. Unnoticed by her mate she left the palace of the moon and made her way so far into the forest. She was betrayed and from the betrayal she would grow strong enough to protect HER PUP. It wasn't his, by his betray he had forfeited all claim to her child.

With Sesshomaru

"How dare you touch this Sesshomaru person? You are unfit to even breath the same air be gone whore before I kill you and by rights I should.' Stalking out of the library he heard his inner beast growling "kill her, she touched our person she should not teach the bitch her place beneath us don't let her get away. Where are you going that bitch needs a lesson" "We have to find our mate first I smell her tears. I know she saw that, what if she does something stupid now shut up and let me find her" Smelling the air he followed her sent until he reached the gates of the palace then nothing. Sniffing around he smelt all the normal things but no sent of Kagome. His mate was gone. Transforming he howled the hunt for his mate and began to search for his other half.

5 Years Later

"Ha I caught you mama that means you have to hunt with me!" said Kyo. Kagome looked down her son's soft blue eyes and smiled, "ok" kneeling down she hugged him feeling his long white hair tickling her nose she pulled back kissing him on his forhead where a dark blue cresent moon stood out against his pale skin. Nodding her consent she stroked his cheeks where two magenta stripes marked his cream skin. Standing she took his hand in hers.

"Ok Kyo lets go so I can show you how to hunt!" Kagome said. They walked hand and hand out of the clearing, one anticipating the hunt and the other lost in thoughts of a time when she was in love.

"First things first, can you scent anything? Any prey or danger?" she looked down at her child as he lifted his head.

"I smell a snake demon, it's gone, about a day ago I think heading that way" he pointed to the other side of the clearing. "Anything else?" She asked "um… a deer about 10 minutes ago going there." he pointed to an apple tree, a small group of deer milling under it eating the fallen apples.

"Alright Kyo, when first going towards your…KYO!" Kyo had taken off after the deer, now in his small puppy form, was running full pelt forward towards them they scattered as this small dog ran after them. Kicking back, one of them caught his head with it's hind hoof. Yelping the small silver dog tumbled head over heals.

"KYO!" Kagome screamed running towards the prone figure of her son.


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