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Tidbits by Clio

Sick in the Past

Prompt: Harsh

Word Count: 300

Genre: Friendship, Humor

Rating: K

Summary: Kagome gets to cuddle something soft while she's sick.

Disclaimer: I claim no one, nor do I make any money off this story. I simply make use of the characters handed to the world by Rumiko Takahashi.

Originally Published: April 12. 2012 (dokuga_contest)


Kagome was shivering, even though the heat of July pushed in on every side. Leaving the others all camped out under the branches of spreading shade trees, she sought out the hot springs which she knew simmered nearby. Being sick in the past was perhaps the worst part of time travel...

She stumbled, one jean clad knee hitting the forest floor before she could correct herself. The shivering was quickly getting worse. Perhaps she shouldn’t have left the others, after all. Too late now, though, she told herself. Nearly there. The heat from the springs crept towards her enticingly. Attempting to stand again, she gave a muffled groan. Now there were aches, too? Wonderful...

While she finally managed to get both feet under her, such seemed to be the end of her strength. Down she went, arms coming up in just enough time to keep her from hitting the leaf-littered ground with her nose. Shivering and unable to stand, she lay like that for a minute or two. If only she could get to the springs...If only...

Her next coherent thought was that the forest had gotten quite a bit softer than she last remembered. A soft sigh escaped her as she snuggled closer to the warmth which now wrapped around her. The shivering still persisted, but at least her teeth weren’t chattering like a monkey with a set of cymbals anymore. As the sleep of the sick once again rose to cover her, a vaguely familiar voice said in the distance, “Is she going to be alright now?”

A second voice, harsh and grating, exclaimed, “Fool! Don’t ask such silly questions!”

“Jaken...”rumbled a voice from her left.

“Yes, milord?” Now the harshness was tempered by an obvious desire to please.

“Be quiet. Go tend Ah-Un.”

“Yes, milord...”


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