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Cheesy Situations by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 The first drop!

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha's characters ect. I just like to write random things or create my own.

AN: I was making a grilled cheese sandwich on March 13, 2012 and came up with this. Just to tell my readers I had gotten a surgery called a “Lateral Release” done on my right knee and I’m not sure how long it will take for me to update any of my stories.

Name’s: In this one Sesshoumaru is nicknamed Galen. It’s a Greek male name meaning “calm” It’s said as “Gal-eh-n” not gallon. Usually she just calls him Gin. Meaning “silver” Though it is not as an insult just an endearment.


Ch. 1 The first drop!

Kagome makes two grilled cheese sandwiches and takes a bite. Causing the cheese to fall to the floor. “Oops. Sorry Buddy.”

A silver dog appears and sniffs the small drop. His black nose twitching. As he glanced up with imploring gold eyes. Unable to resist his long pink tongue licked up the cheese. His tastes buds having a party in his mouth at the flavor. He practically purred. Setting his but firmly down and looking up at his owner.

She took another bite after watching her dog. Turning the pieces of bread to keep the insides from falling out. Again the cheese came, but this time it rolled over her fingers. A few more drops adding to the first to the awaiting dog. Swallowing quickly she yelped. Licking the hot stuff off her hand. Laughing at her attempts. “You really like this don’t you? Well Gin I’m not going to drop anymore.”

Several drops later she found she finished the grilled cheese sandwich. Her dog ‘Galen’ was staring at her expectantly. Though she normally called him Gin. She pouted. “Yeah I know.” Reluctantly she gave him her last sandwich. Galen easily ate the hole thing in two bites. As his tail waged and he licked her palm when he finished, she laughed. Scratching behind his ear. “You are so spoiled.”

‘well you know me better than anyone else Kagome.’ Sesshoumaru followed after her to greet her mother at the front door. His paws padding along in the almost quiet apartment. He was taken in three months prier and the onna had said she wanted him to get more familiar in her home before showing him to her family. Though it didn‘t matter much to  him.


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