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Deciding One's Fate by Elizabeth

From the End to the Beginning

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Chapter One

An inhuman scream tore across the lands, forcing all who could hear it to hold their breath in hope. This was it. This was the end. That one scream meant the end of one of the greatest evils to ever hit Japan. That one scream was the last sound that Naraku would ever make again. This was the day that would forever be told in legends of how a misfit group of a miko, a demon slayer, a monk, a half-breed, a fox demon, and an inu demon lord fought and won against that vile creature.

Seven figures stood in the clearing where Naraku drew his last breath. Nobody could move. Nobody could speak. They could only stare in awe of their miko companion who had delivered the fatal blow to kill Naraku. The most stunned was Kagome herself, who stared innocently at the complete jewel in her hand, rolling it around in her palm watching it slowly return to its pure pink form. The first to move was Sesshomaru; he slowly glided over to the miko with an intense fire in his eyes.

“Miko.” Was all he had to say to get her attention on him.

“Y-yes, Sesshomaru-sama?” She was still shaky from the battle and wasn’t ready for what she knew he was going to say. She just wanted a few moments to gather her thoughts, to think about what to do next. Was she going to remain in the feudal era or return to her own time? Would she be able to stay here or better yet could she even go home?

“You must make a wish upon the jewel. This Sesshomaru does not want to deal with another crazed half-breed.” He growled out pulling her out of her thoughts.

“I-I know, but I don’t know what to wish for.” She whispered so low that even he almost didn’t hear it. She really tried to think of what the best wish was but honestly she was stuck. No wish could ever be selfless, that is why it is called a wish. For all she knew the jewel may never disappear but before she attempted the wish she was going to be completely sure that it would work. And to do that would take time.

“Then you know what you must do. This Sesshomaru warned you to have a wish prepared.” He snarled. He really was hoping that she would have just listened to him, now he would have to take matters into his own hands.

“What? I can’t! I will not!” Kagome was livid. She had been furious when he had his little “talk” with her a few weeks ago. She thought that she had made her point to him then, but apparently he did not care for what she wanted. She knew that he thought she was weak but she couldn’t help but to think that she was the one who killed Naraku. Not him!

“You must and you will, even if this one has to make you himself!” that was the first time that Kagome had ever heard him raise his voice. She had to admit that she was a little scared of him but there was no way that she was going to let him bully her into this.

“What the hell is going on? What are ya’ll goin’ on about?” Inuyasha screamed. He had remained silent for as long as he could but the more irate the two became he knew that it was time to step in.

“Uh well umm..” Kagome was stuck. She didn’t know how to tell Inuyasha.

“The miko will come with me to the Western Lands.” Kagome snapped her head to look at the demon lord. She couldn’t believe that he still thought that she was going with him. She would never leave with him.


“Miko. Do not think to question Me.” the warning was clear enough. She could see the look in his eyes that dared her to challenge him. She saw the underlining anger and she was afraid but she would not back down. She would not let him dictate what she would do with her life. For the first time since she fell down the well, she can finally decide for herself.

“I said no. I am not going with you.” She stated as calmly as she could. She didn’t want him to know how nervous this was making her; she wanted to put up a strong front. She wanted him to think that he didn’t scare her, that he didn’t hold any power over her.

“Look Sesshomaru, she said that she doesn’t want to go with you. Not that I would let her anyways. So maybe you should just leave.” Inuyasha had seen the anger swell in Sesshomaru’s aura as soon as Kagome opened her mouth. For once he was trying to be the calm one, he wasn’t an idiot he knew that he couldn’t really win a fight with his half brother and he really didn’t want to put Kagome in danger. Yes he would protect her but he didn’t know how long he would be able to last before Sesshomaru got to her anyway.

“This does not concern you half-breed” Sesshomaru snarled, not once taking his eyes of the miko. He could not understand why she was so against this. It is not like he really wants her to come with him but he did warn her to have a wish ready or she would have to travel with him. The jewel was not safe with her. He needed her to keep the jewel. So they were stuck with each other until she makes that damn wish.

“He is right Inuyasha. I can handle this myself.” She slowly made her way to the demon lord; she wanted to make sure that he heard every word she said. “I am NOT going anywhere with you, Sesshomaru-SAMA! I am not one of your underlings that you can order around. I AM the Shikon Miko and I will decide the fate for myself and this jewel.”

As soon as the words left her mouth she was engulfed in a pink light. Her power was rising. She was getting angry and for the first time she actually saw fear in the Western Lord’s eyes. She smirked thinking that she had the upper hand but soon found herself under attack. Not physically but with his own power and soon the clearing was engulfed in two bright lights, a brilliant pink and a deadly green.

All of a sudden the lights exploded and knocked anything and everything in the clearing out. Everyone was unconscious, well everyone except Sesshomaru. He moved to look down at the miko and frowned.

How is it that she is that strong? If she was trained then she might even rival my own power.’ He didn’t like the idea of someone stronger than him, especially a miko. He knew then that he had to take her. He had to keep an eye on not only the jewel but her as well.

With his decision made, he picked Kagome up and started making his way to the west.

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