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Lost and Found by Kat

When all hope is nearly lost.

When all hope is nearly lost.



Disclamer:: I do not own Inuyasha or any of his friends, ...*whispers*....(but I do have Sesshomaru tied to my bed and he's snoring right now. I think I wore him

First I want to apologize for re-writing this story. I got to a pint where I could go no further with the old plot so I am starting again with a new one. But I will still keep with the theme of the challenge.

On her last night in the feudal era, Kagome walked with Shippou in her arms to the bone eaters well.

“Mommy? Do we really have to leave?”

“Yes my son. I can not stay here with Inuyasha. I can't be Kikyou for him. I am Kagome and he either can't or won't see that.”

Shippou listened to her and nodded. As they reached the clearing where the well sat, the two travelers saw a demon shroud in a cloak carrying a basket in it's arms. Kagome didn't think much of it until she herd faint whimpering coming from the basket. Kagome watched as the demon raised the basket getting ready to throw it into the well.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

The demon turned sharply to Kagome and growled at her.

“Stay out of this you foul human.” The demon spat.

Angered Kagome took out her bow and shot the demon, purifying it to dust. The basket fell to the ground spilling out three small white puppies. Kagome ran to the pups and gathered them back into the basket and sat at the edge of the well looking down at them. Sitting on her shoulder, Shippou looked down into the basket and sniffed lightly and said,

“Mommy they are Inu Youkai. The sent is familiar but I can't place it.”

“It's OK son we will just take them with us.”

“Mommy? Are you going to make your wish now before we go?”

Kagome nodded and pulled the complete jewel from around her neck and held it in her hand. Looking at it Kagome thought about what wish she would make. A soft whimper came from the basket in her lap and Kagome looked down at the three little pups and sighed. There were no Youkai in her time, and here she was about to bring four little ones into a future where they would be alone. Closing her eyes Kagome held the jewel to her chest and wished.

Please hear me and grant my hearts wish. I wish that humans and demons learn to live together in peace and harmony so that there will be demons in my time living free with out fear along side with humans.”

The jewel hovered up and out of Kagome's hand and pulsed with the rhythm of a heart beat.

We hear you our guardian. And we see the purity of you heart ans your wish. As you wish so shall it be done. Go and live in peace.”

Kagome watched as the jewel glowed a bright blinding white light. The light covered Kagome and the four young Youkai that she carried and as the light vanished so did Kagome and her young.

As the light faded a lone figure emerged from the shadows of the forest at a dead run following the sent trail of a dead demon. The figure stopped next to the pile of ashes at the foot of an old dry well and took in the scents of the clearing. The ash he could tell was the traitorous bitch that dared to steal his pups. However as he studied the scent closer he could smell the sent of a human Miko and a young Kitsune. He tried to follow their sent trail but found there wasn’t one. The Youkai stood there and looked down into the well as a Hanyou walked into the clearing and stood next to him.

“Why are you here Sesshomaru.”

Sesshomaru, Lord of the western lands looked over at his younger brother and sighed.

“The bitch that whelped my pups stole them away because I would not mate her. However I believe she met with your Miko and died. Now the Miko, the fox kit and my pups are gone with no trail to follow.”

Inuyasha looked around and than down at the well than sighed him self and confessed

“Kagome must have taken your pups not knowing who they belonged to. Shippou may be Youkai but his noes is not strong enough to sort through scents yet. They are not dead Sesshomaru they are just 500 years away in Kagome's time. You will see them again. Kagome would never do any thing to harm a pup. They are safe. If you don't want to believe me than take my life for theirs, to do with as you wish till they are with you again.”

Sesshomaru looked at the hanyou, really looked at him for the first time and asked, “Why?”

“I am the reason that Kagome is gone. I could not look at her and see Kagome. All I could see was Kikyou and for that she left me.”

“You, dear brother, are a fool. Come we return home.”

Sesshomaru took one more look at the well and with Inuyasha following, turned and walked away.





AN: I really hope you like it so far.

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