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A Life Interrupted by amy

Chapter 1

A Life Interrupted

I Do Not Own Inuyasha

Papa had come back from hell after one hundred years, to find his eldest son, Sesshoumaru courting the Shikon  Jewel, the most powerful  Miko in all of Japan!

By the time he came back, Naraku had been defeated by Kagome, and the jewel had been wished upon as she stayed with her intended….

But his reincarnations were still roaming the land, looking for Kagome’s blood and death!

Before Papa came back they had removed all of the smaller reincarnations, his reincarnation of Sango, Miroku, Inuyasha, and even her love, Sessh…

But Kagura, Dokkogan of the dreams,Hakkodoshi, and Naraku’s  reincarnation were roaming the land, as Papa joined the group to strengthen their group….

When he came back, he didn’t want to rule instead of his son, no he wanted to help rid the land of pure evil and protect his kingdom and family….

Sessh had scouts looking for the reincarnations, for they had gone underground after their smaller counterparts were defeated….

As his scout ran into his office with the whole group including Papa,

“Sire, We have seen the reincarnations in the mini woods when you first enter the lands, our border, they are heading for the castle!”

Papa was amazed that they had finally shown up, as he said,

“Protect your intended, don’t let her leave the castle , lock her in your chamber as you go to battle with the reincarnations, my son….”

“Why my Sire, she is the most powerful Miko in all of Japan, who defeated Naraku, she has been fighting them all of this time, Papa ….”

Sessh objected.

“She is in danger my son , keep her in the castle my son they are out for blood, her blood….”

Replied Papa.

When they went to the battle ground, they left Kagome behind, locking the door as she slept after making love to her intended….

When she awoke, she was screaming,

“No my love, don’t die on me, we haven’t gotten married!”

Kagome screame, but no one heard her screams.

Papa was fighting Dokkogan of the dreams, Sango was fighting Kagura, Inu and Miroku were fighting Hakkodoshi, and Sessh was fighting Naraku’s reincarnation…

While Papa was fighting Dokkogan, and the Tachi were fighting the remainder of the enemies, Sessh was getting a tentacle to the heart as it was crushed to death…..

Papa made short work of Dokkogan , as he ran over to protect his son and kill his reincarnation(Naraku), but the Tachi were slowly being killed by Kagura, and Hakkodoshi….

Papa again was rushing to the Tachi groups defense without Kagome being there, Papa defended them, killing Kagura and Hakkodoshi, but Inu and Sango were killed as a result as well as Sessh.

He buried them after all the enemies were dead he buried them in the forests outside of the border, burying them in the same area of the battle, asking mother nature,

“Place rose vines on their graves , red roses on Sesshy’s, white roses on Inu’s, Emerald green roses on Sango’s, and blue roses on Miroku’s, and please place a permanent reminder in my mind….”

As Papa made his way to the castle, he thought,

‘Kagome is going to be heartbroken, as will be Inukimi and Izayoi, their mothers…..’

He had walked ten miles back home , only to feel  Kagome screaming,

“My poor Sessh , he is dead, dead , dead….”

Papa ran into the castle, running past his mated wives running straight to their son’s chamber…..

He unlocked Kagome’s  door, only to find her screaming,

“My fiancée is dead, Papa why?”

“He was fighting Naraku’s reincarnation when he was killed by a tentacle to the heart and was squeezed to death, Sango and Inu   were killed by Kagura and Hakkodoshi, I had to defend them, after I killed Dokkogan of the dreams……”

“So all of my friends are dead and my fiancé, Papa what will I do?”

Cried kagome.

“Let me comfort you, Kagome!”

Papa begged.

“No Papa, leave me alone, I want to be alone….”

Kagomeyelled as she tired to run away from him….

Papa wasn’t taking, no for an answer, as she screamed,

“I want to mourn my fiancé, Papa please leave!”

But he wouldn’t listen to her, as he pursued her, not letting her get out of his view, as he tracked her like prey….

Poor Kagome, she couldn’t get away from Papa, he was leering at her as he caught her by the waist  and seduced her into relaxing, as Inukimi and Izayoi laughed in their chamber,

“Papa is using the seduction card to calm her, isn’t he?”

Mused Inukimi.

“Yes, he is, my dear….”

 Mused Izayou in reply to her comment.

He did use the seduction card, as he slowly undressed her making kagome  moan out,

“Papa, why are you seducing me directly after my fiancée’s death?”

“I am taking his place my dear, mating you as he would and pupping you as well….”

Papa  calmly replied to her question.

As his wives laughed in their chamber,

“Papa will have her mated and pupped her by the night is over….”

Laughed both Izayoi and Inukimi, but it was her statement.

Papa had her mated by the time the night was over, and was spooning her in the bed!

Now Papa was ensnared by the kami, as they laughed at him, as they decided to reproduce her husband in her womb with Papa….

Five months later, Kagome was delivering their son, after keeping him in her bed, being insatiable, leaving his two wives to rule with general Toko…..

In the delivery room, poor Papa was being strangled like a young man, as she delivered their son, a picture perfect copy of her husband, but she saw him as a son, along with his sisters who were born with him at the same time…..

The kami had their payback as Papa fulfilled his sons role in her life, keeping her insatiable appetite fulfilled, during meetings she would crawl under the table and suck him off as he tried not to moan and the other Lords tried not to laugh at him…..

As he took care of scrolls, and petitions as well…

Now his two mated wives didn’t get any of his time, so they mated general Toko and their sons were reborn as well, Inuyasha was reborn twice, once in each woman…

Skip forward sixteen years,

Izayoi’s  Inu had dark hair, pale skin, no markings, stocky  but lean build, brown chocolate eyes, full red lips, and his hair hit the floor…

Inukimi’s Inu had pale  as the moon hair and skin, with magenta lightning strike markings, lean tall build (more aristocratic) with pale as  snow colored hair that drug the ground, with warmed amber eyes, and full red lips, and high cheek bones…

Both sons had chosen two of the strongest servant girls to be with, Leona  abd Zion Kinsashi, two twin sisters and full Inu demonesses to boot…

Leona was dark, dark hair and dark eyes, but her skin was pale like the moon with a lean strong stocky build…

Zion was light, pale as the   moon hair and skin, with amber eyes, long lean aristocratic build, as well as a strong lean body…

Both ladies were insatiable, the males barely made it back to their chambers, until one night they didn’t…

They stayed in their amours chambers all night, as their mothers looked for them the very next day…

As they followed the arousal and found their sons, they crawled into bed with their intendeds, plugging their holes with their 300 feet cocks as they were still on the hook with their sons…

Their mothers awoke them by ramming them in the ass as their sons  did the same…

Both ladies were mated by both mother and son…

When both couples met in the hall, all hell broke loose….

By the time it was all said and done both couples were mated to each other…

Now General Toko was working on strategy with the Kongo brothers, Leonitis and Jenigi, before the wedding of Papa’s and Kagome’s eldest son later in the day…

He was fully aroused which didn’t go  unnoticed by the brothers, suddenly their session turned into a pleasure  session, both for the brothers and General Toko…

They were new recruits and drop dead gorgeous, with dark raven hair, black eyes, strong stocky builds, flat buff abs, blood red lips and pale as the moon skin…

General Toko was feeling his wives arousal, and it felt wonderful…

When the General and his wives met in his office, they mated his mates as he smiled….

Afterward, they all bathed and dressed for the wedding later that afternoon…

Now his two sister which were full Inu demo nesses, rare beauties  with Kagome’s heart shaped face and her voluptuous figure of a triple EEE chest lean but strong body(arms , legs and torso), along with her super long hair which Papa helped along with his  magic  comb and brush of course….

The only difference was their skin and eyes, Sakura  and Saiara both had pale as the moon skin like their elder brother, but Sakura had ocean blue eyes whereas Saiara had sea green ….

Now they had been married before their eldest brother, who gave them away to the Lord of the East’s son Nathaniel, and the lord of the South’s son Renji….

They fell in love with both sisters almost  on sight, both of their fathers were amazed, they had been trying for over a year to get them to mate only to find that the Western castle sisters had them hooked and ready to take the plunge!

Both sons were begging their father  right in front of both ladies and their equally beautiful parents,

“Father how soon can we court these young ladies?”

They asked in unison

“As soon as you ask them and receive their answer!”

Their father replied.

Now both young men were on bended knee, as the girls laughed,

“Will you, what is your name my dear lotus blossom?”

Asked Naththaniel and Renji in unison.

“Mine is Sakura Tashio, and my sisters are Saiara….”

As both men asked again, in unison,

“Will you Sakura and Saiara Tashio accept our suit of marriage and courtship?”

“Yes we will, on one condition….”

Both sisters said in unison as well.

“And what is that?”

Both brothers asked  in one voice.

“That both of you listen carefully, I prefer Emeralds and my sister prefers blood red rubies for courting gifts….”

As both ladies gave  themselves away to the Lord of East’s sons, Nathaniel and Renji.

“Father you heard the ladies, let’s get their courting gifts ordered so they can be wearing them as well as our courting marks….”

Both sons  fairly sang in unison.

Their father had to smile,

“Of course my sons consider it done, but shouldn’t you ask their permission to mark them as yours my sons…”

Their father reminded them.

“Oh yeah we forgot in our haste to court such drop dead gorgeous young demonesses…”

As both sons sheepishly  looked at each other.

“So you wish to court my daughters, do you, Nathaniel and Renji , Lord of the East’s sons?”

Asked Papa Inu No Tashio.

“Yes we do desperately Sire, we will stop living if we can’t!”

Both young men screamed.

“Relax, boys my daughters have taken a liking to you over any other young men they have met, and they have met quite a few in over a years’ time, Yes you can place your courting marks on my daughters if they allow it!”

Agreed Papa.

“Oh yes father, we want them to mark us as theirs right now!”

Replied the daughters of the West, Sakura and Saiara.

As both young men who were the spitting image of their father, pale skin like snow, black hair and black eyes, with sweet crooked noses like they had both been punched in the face, high cheek bones and eyebrows, and the final touch was their builds , they were both built like  body builders(prize winning )….

Their bodies were to die for, long lean ripped torsos, arms and legs, on top of their good looks….

Within a year they were married after courting for six months, steadily they practically lived at the castle, that is what their elder brother thought, as  Sesshomaru Jr.  smiled,

‘Mother had chosen his bride she was to arrive today so he could court her and get to know her over a year or mores time’

After six months of  courting, his younger sisters were married and mated by their impatient  beaus, while he courted his girl, The Lord of the East’s daughter, Naomi, a more beautiful and delicate flower you never saw….

Of course he walked his sisters, Sakura and Saiara,  up the aisle, as the priest asked,

“Is there anyone that wouldn’t see these two couples married?”

No one spoke up as it should be….

Thus they were married and mated as true mates or soul mates as Sesshomaru Jr.  smiled again,

‘I hope my wedding runs as smooth as theirs’

His sisters were married first which is unusual in royal families but Papa and Kagome could feel their time to pass from this world was coming and wanted to see their son and eldest married last since he would be the next Inu No Tashio, when they passed away on his wedding day or sooner…

It was now a year later and it was his turn to get married to his delicate flower bride, She had green eyes like an emerald which was her courting gift, skin whiter than snow and soft to the touch, she carried no markings,had a sharp nose with high cheek bones, blood red hair unusual in Inu with lips to match…

Now Sesshomaru Jr.  was impatient as his brother- in- laws who were getting him ready for his wedding, today!

All he could think about was that beautiful figure of hers, all triple EEE chest ,lovely flat torso, wide hips, strong but lean arms and legs, the perfect Inu demoness for him and it was arranged!

His mother had chosen a keeper for him, he would have to pay her back in kind one day!

Now it was time for him to go to the top of the aisle and wait for his delicate sakura blossom as she walked up the aisle in the families traditional wedding gown complete with heavy silken veil with their houses crest and hers….

As he waited for her to be brought up the aisle by his mother Kagome, he smiled a better mother, more loving and giving a mother he couldn’t have asked for, nor a father come to think about it!

Then he saw her walking up the aisle and his heart skipped a beat, as Sesshomaru Jr.  thought,

‘She is my dream come true, I couldn’t have a better bride if the kami themselves chose her!’

Sesshoumaru Junior is ready to mate the Lord of the East daughter and eventually assume Sire ship, Kagome his mother has chosen his bride, and he loves her…..

The wedding was gorgeous with all of the beautiful kimonos worn by the Lord’s wives, and their matching suits(husbands), the bride looked like a fairy princess in her traditional kimono with eight layers of gold, blue  and white…

The groom wore a stunning black and gold kimono of their house, with a fully transformed dog fighting a dragon…

As they ate the repast of  Beef short ribs, moo goo gai pan with venison, beef and chicken, with sticky rice with snow snap peas and bamboo shoots…

His sisters waddled up to him and his bride with his brother –in-laws all smiles,

“So you finally took the plunge, big brother, be careful these women are hell cats in bed practically chaining you to them, we should know they have three months to go before our pups are born , we can’t wait to see if they are boys, girls  or a mix of the two…..”

His bride was blushing but she had plans for her new husband all of their warnings wouldn’t save him from her taking him over and over again until he couldn’t walk straight!

Both ladies could see that wicked gleam in her eyes; their brother had married a hell cat disguised as a lamb!

As they left them, both brothers –in-laws told him,

“Don’t do anything we wouldn’t…. ‘                              ‘

As they winked at his bride and laughed all the way to the buffet, their babies and wives were hungry!

Then mom and dad, teased them,

As mom asked,

“Can I borrow your bride for a minute, son?”

“Of course you may mother!”


“You know son she is going to corrupt your bride before you even do anything, you are in trouble now my son!”

Cautioned his father, the Inu No taisho.

Then Kagome, his mother,  returned his bride with a smirk and laughed,

“I like her, she is a sweet girl, my son be gentle with her!”

Then Papa and Kagome, his  parents, left  the blushing couple, Sesshomaru Jr. and Naomi, daughter of the  Eastern lord,  needed their nutrition for what was coming!

As the groom and bride went to the mansion after cutting their three layer cake, eating the repast, and having the first dance , Papa took over the party….

After the bride and groom left the party so did General Toko and his wives, who were insatiable for five months, with the General at all times…

But later that night, Papa and Kagome died in each other’s arms spooning each other, in their chamber , his parents had died together doing their favorite thing, for lack of a better word, fucking their brains out!

The kami had terrible timing, he was sworn in as Inu No Tashio on the spot, and so he took his father’s place…

After five months of both sets of  mates draining the General their pups were born , light, dark. Female and male….

The death of his father on Sesshomaru Jr.’s  wedding day changed his honeymoon, he spent his month with his wife but he also was attending to affairs of the land as well, she was pupped after their month despite the stress put on him….

At the time of Papa and Kagome’s death his sisters and brothers-in- law moved into the mansion to ease his burden, as well as enjoying General Toko and his wives antics, not to mention his brides antics as well….

His sisters and their husbands were three months with two months to go!

Now the Generals wives were still insatiable after three months’ time, although they were saddened by the loss of their former husband and Sire, their babies pushed them on despite their grief, and Sesshomaru Junior was there to see it all!

Their children were born two months before Sesshomaru’s or his sister’s children, they were three months when they were at the wedding thus explaining their hungry behavior toward their husbands…

General Toko, Izayoi, and Inukimi,  had ten full Inu boys, five from each lady, but that was only the beginning, and their family was a boon to the ruling family….

By having thousands and thousands of children (full Inu males and females) that could serve as protection to the Sires family and friends, in fact both Inuyasha’s served as Sesshoumaru’s First and Second General upon his father’s death…

Now it was Sesshomaru Jr.’s  turn to have an insatiable bride, Sessh was shocked at her behavior, but enjoyed the attention, and she reminded him of his mother with dad…..

Now his sisters babies were born at the same time as his,  as his sister’s husbands   laughed at how stiff he was because his wife had pulled his Johnson out and kept him stiff all through labor just like their wives were doing to them….

All Sesshomaru Jr.  did was smile ,trying not to be embarrassed in front of his family as she strangled his Johnson making him scream like a girl which made the midwives laugh out loud!

So it was no surprise when their child was born looking exactly like him, his son was the spitting image of his Sire, just like with Papa and Kagome, he was their spitting image child, the spitting image of his dead son, the Killing Perfection, so the cycle continued, with Anamaru….

But his sisters babies looked exactly like Papa, all boys, they had ten identical boys, they only differed in their eye color, they all had variations of sea green,, ocean blue, and ruby red…..

Now his sisters kids didn’t get to meet their grandparents, but they grew up together as family, they moved in to help him in his time of crisis,, since Papa had died  in bed with his loving wife Kagome, his mother…..

Kagome in the meantime was reborn to the Lord of the South’s wife, six months later; she was getting her second chance with Sessh, thanks to the kami…

As Kagome Jr. ( Yes, she is a Jr., because the true Kagome was in Valhalla with Papa)  grew up with their son, Anamaru , Anamaru’s  parents noticed they were more than friends, and arranged their marriage…

As soon as they did the kami came to them,

“Thank you Sesshoumaru Jr., your mother was really supposed to marry you as the replacement for your true father, Sesshoumaru Tashio, Killing perfection, but we decided Papa  needed some punishment therefore we let her drive him crazy with her insatiable sexual appetite…

But now it is time for Sessh and Kagome to finally marry, thanks to you!”

They married as an alliance between the West and the South who had been at odds for decades, little did her father know it was a love match by the kami to replace a man who died prematurely in the past…

To say they loved each other would be an understatement, Sessh Junior kept them safe no matter what, during war and peace they were together fighting at each other’s sides, and Kagome Jr.  was infinitely insatiable with Anamaru, especially when she was in heat once a month, keeping him in her bed, and  under the table during negotiations pulling down his fundoshi and sucking Sesshomaru’s Jr., Anamaru,  off, as he moaned…

Now the Lord’s had seen this before with Papa, and laughed,

“So your wife has you by the cock, Anamaru, just like your grandfather, he moaned too, lucky bastard wish our wives would do that for us!”

Groaned all of the Lords,of the East, North and South, collectively….

As both father and son laughed, the kami had given everyone their reward, Papa for not moving fast enough to save Kagome’s  beloved, her for letting them lock her away from the fight, and Sessh for not listening to his heart and gut!

In the end they had thousands  upon thousands of full inu children and lived until Inu no longer  existed to the Japanese world, going to the kami’s version of Valhalla, As Sesshomaru Jr. and  his Naomi, along with Anamaru and Kagome Jr., arrived in Valhalla with their children, The original Kagome’s grandchildren, they were greeted by Kagome Tashio, his mother, and Papa, the original Inu No Tashio….

AS his mother , the original Kagome, asked Her son <Sesshomaru Jr. and Naomi his wife,

“So who all is here for us to meet, my son and daughter-in- law?”

“This is my son, Anamaru, and his bride, Kagome of the South, your namesake….”

“My namesake, son?”

The original Kagome  asked.

“Yes, yours, mother, the kami told me the whole story, when their marriage was arranged by my wife and I, seeing their attachment at the hip, like my father, which I see is just behind Papa, smiling….”

“Yes, my son I was finally able to mate your true father when your dad and I died on your wedding day, that is why you went last, we knew we were going  to die on your wedding day or  before, we didn’t know exactly when…”

His mother explained.

“So why is my father smiling, mother?’

“I just told you, I finally mated him, but he was able to mate your dad and I as well, we are all mated to one another……”

“Truly mother?”

Asked Sesshomaru Jr..

“Yes truly, look at our necks!”

His mother screamed at him.

When he did, Sesshomaru Jr. was shocked.

He had forgotten his son was there until , he spoke up,

“Father, what is going on?”

“I am realizing that my father, Papa Inu No Taisho likes both men and women, he mated my mother’s  intended and her!’

Sesshomaru Jr. said with awe in his voice.

“Why so surprised dad, all the lords had male and female mates, they simply didn’t bring the males in front of you, they saw you as straight laced, my father and deadly, like your namesake…”

Explained Anamaru, his son…

It was then that Kagome, his mother, and Kagome Jr. smiled along with his bride , Naomi,

“Boys too much talk, not enough action, see you at the castle, don’t be too long, or we will start the  mating of the Taisho family without  you…..”

As all three wives began shedding their kimonos, like they were water…..

Now Papa, the original Sesshomaru, Papa’s son Sesshomaru Jr., and Sesshomaru  Jr.’s son, Anamaru,  and all of the grandchildren, were  all getting acquainted, when the  ladies issued their challenge….

As all four males, with their offspring, ran to the castle shedding their clothes on the way, both Kagome’s and Naomi, daughter of the Eastern Lord, were about to embark on the orgy of their lives, all four men and their grown offspring, male and female, boy would their asses hurt when they were all mated, but it will feel so good!

As the women reached the castle, they were met by their husbands and offspring at the entrance,

“You’re late, ladies, you will have to be punished, you bad girls!”

Said all four men, and their offspring in unison….

As we leave our ladies in the lurch, don’t worry they were pleasured beyond words for the rest of their lives, producing children that not only worked for the Kami, but married into the Kami…



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