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Puzzle Pieces by MissKatt


A/N: Ahh, yes, I started another fic while I have three others -___-. Oh well, this is what happens when a plunnie attacks you repeatedly for the past week or two.

Also, this is my first Drabble series! Yayyyy!


Disclaimer: All Inuyasha goodness belongs to the amazing Takahashi-san!

Puzzle Pieces

By MissKatt


 “What are we going to do?” The hanyou asked, pacing back and forth in front of Kaede’s hut, his white triangle ears resting flat against his skull. He finally stopped walking and stared at the other inuyoukai as he leaned against the side of the hut, his arms crossed over his chest. “How can you be so calm?! She could die!”

“Fretting will get us no where,” A silky voice replied. He did not need Inuyasha’s banter while he carefully listened to the miko’s heart rate, making sure it did not falter again. “If she perishes, I will use Tenseiga.”

Word Count: 100

Prompt: None


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