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Clash of Alphas by sarhea


Categories: CU-AU, gen, het, romance, drama
AN: Some Canon-AU.
Disclaimer: I do not own Kagome and Sesshoumaru, or InuYasha and co.
For: Forum – the Inu Challenge.


~ooO Paws Ooo~

Kagome could not resist. Immediately she swooped down on her kit, scooping Shippo and settling him onto her lap.

“Is my little one hurt?” she asked in a soft sing-song tone.

Teary green eyes stuck out one bleeding foot that resembled a paw than a foot at that moment. Shippo had been experimenting, shape shifting into various forms and running around. Unfortunately he had stepped onto a wickedly sharp thorn that was now imbedded into his paw pad. The pain and the thorn kept him from completely shifting back to the little boy form he preferred to use around the taichi.

“It hurts Kaa-san!” he wailed. And was surprised when Kagome’s demeanour did not turn more sympathetic.

“This is why I’ve repeatedly told you to wear shoes,” she told the kit. “And to be extra careful when you shape shift and run around on all fours.”

InuYasha made a scoffing sound in the background. “Feh! You’re just too soft Shippo. I don’t wear shoes and I’m a hanyou but you don’t see me getting little thorns stuck in my feet.”

Kagome snapped. “SIT!”

InuYasha yelped just before his face and body impacted with the ground setting off a small cloud of dust.

Rin gigged from where she was kneeling on the grass and playing with Kirara. More like teasing the neko-youkai with a string. Just as the neko would reach up to bat at the dangling string end with a paw Rin would jerk it out of reach, forcing the neko to jump and swat at the intriguing toy.

Kagome watched their antics from the corner of her eye as she removed the thorn, then cleaned and disinfected the wound before pressing a gauze pad onto it and using Ace bandage to hold it in place. She had invested in several rolls of the stretchy stuff since she began her travels in the Feudal Era. Ordinary tape and strips of cloth would not hold the absorbent pads in place, not with their active lifestyle.

By the time she had finished treating Shippo, Kirara had also tired herself out and settled down next to Ah-Uh to clean herself with tongue and paw. Kagome smiled as she watched Sango’s battle companion catch a quick cat nap while the taichi took a small mid-day break. She sipped water from her canteen and settled back to enjoy the reprieve herself.

Through the corner of her eye she glimpsed a small flash of white but did not allow it to startle her. Sesshoumaru was their ally and travelling companion now. He was probably doing a quick recon patrol. That knowledge made her feel better and more secured of her decision to approach the daiyoukai, to join forces. Sure InuYasha hated it but as far as Kagome was concerned he could go suck eggs. They needed all the help they could get for the final showdown against Naraku.



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