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Bitter Like Chocolate by Midnight Song


They sat side by side, nearly touching. The music in the club was almost deafening in its intensity and she wondered how he was able to stand it, even as she contemplated how sexy his pointed ears were. It wasn’t often she was able to get this close to a youkai without them running away, screams of terror their follower.

He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye and raised a brow. In the short time they’d been sitting together, the woman had done naught but stare. He admitted to himself that she was on the right side of beautiful even as he admitted that the minty scent in her aura told him she was dangerous.

When she caught his eye, the young woman smiled charmingly, a grin too bright to be seductive and too innocent to be coy. But the alcohol gave her courage and so she slipped off the bar stool and after regaining her precarious balance, held out her hand.

For a moment, he was tempted to deny her. Her scent came to him again as he leaned closer and he sighed. Taking his final shot, he stood and dropped enough payment on the bar for both of their drinks.

Still smiling, she took his hand and led him out of the bar.  


A/N - So this is my first attempt at a drabble and because these chapters are so short I should be able to update them a lot faster than my other chapter fics. Comments/suggestions/reviews are more than welcome and definitely looked forward to! Also, this chapter is for Haven! - Fei


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