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Onyx Eyes by StormieLikeWeather

You want me...

Warning: This is going to be very lemony, in fact it's for me to practice my lemon writing so... do not read this if you do not want to read explicit material.

Disclaimer: No Inuyasha ownage here.

Onyx Eyes


Chapter One: You want me...

Watching as carnal lasciviousness glazed over his amber eyes like the steam boiling up from the hot springs the object of his desire currently dipped and bowed in. Water trickled down the creamy curve of her back to the supple mounds of her ass.

He couldn't resist the temptation to imagine the taste of her flesh beneath his tongue, between his canines. Delicate fingers tipped with blunt shiny pink nails dug into her sides, and a tremble, a quiver he ached to feel against his chest, between his legs. Desire tore at the edges of his mind, snatching away pieces of his sanity like petals from a dying flower.

Heated mineral rich water soothed her muscles bringing forth sinfully decadent moans from the ripe swell of her pink lips, wreaking havoc on his careful restraint, his beast nearing the surface with every breathy exhale. Frozen in place, he peered through the mists, wettening with arousal as his fascination turned innocently.

Pooling below her tight oval belly button, easing in and out of the tiny crevice, the water's steam billowed around her curves, and for a moment, his heart seemed to stop its heavy strum for he could not see her any longer. Thick dark lashes fluttered over shimmering dark luring eyes, catching him through the cloud, an easy prey.

Like fresh ink, onyx tendrils of hair hid the most tantalizing peaks of her breasts from view, but even still, milky curves beckoned him, peeking from behind the silky black curtain, begging for his mark, for his sinful claws.

Smoldering eyes gazed at the offering of flesh before him, not that the Miko would have put on such a sensuous display if she knew of her audience. Despite it all, "Mate." A simple word escaped his soft lips like hot fire, a near silent whisper only he could hear, and the golden glazed irises turned the color of rubies as his carnal urges ebbed to the surface.

Caught in his gaze, fear licked up her flesh like sour lemons, but then in a satisfying surprise, the fear satiated, catching in the breeze as a storm began to call forth. Cool rain trickled from the heavens seeming to sizzle off their heated flesh. "Sesshomaru?" His erection twitched at the sound of his name from such succulent lips. Blood rushed to her cheeks, how he loved the sound of her quickening heartbeat, as she took in the sight of him, bared for her innocent gaze at the edge of the spring.

The fear left as soon as it came, washing over her with a tingle she'd never yet experienced. "You want me…" More of a statement, the whisper left her mouth so quiet even he had a hard time catching the sounds. Surprised she didn't find herself shocked as he answered, "I do." After six years of traversing the feudal era, after countless deadly encounters with the Daiyoukai, after all the knowledge of his negative feelings toward her kind… she couldn't find herself astounded by the idea, especially not with his beast in the forefront of his mind.

Dipping herself in the water until the heated edge met her chin, she allowed herself to take in his naked appearance, trying desperately, and futily, to quell the childish flutterings swirling in her stomach.

His flesh, the pallor of fresh white roses, stood out strikingly against the magenta stripes of his heritage, looking as though with even a single touch she risked it all as they sliced across his hip bones, sinuous thighs, tightly bound biceps, his strong wrists, and his cheek bones, she carefully avoided gawking at the large ridged penis twitching anxiously but it too held the stripes. Rippling muscles seemed to taunt her, daring her to decline their decadent offer.

Crimson eyes carefully studied her with a patience that did astound her, even his beast held the utmost control. "Sesshomaru," His name, yet again, from the perfectly shaped lips, uttered, he ached to hear it again, over and over, louder and louder, resonating through the forest with each thrust.

"Sesshomaru." The change in her tone from soft to demanding shook him from his thoughts, and he had to admit, as his eyes slowly faded from the color of blood to glimmering amber, it turned him on even more than the docile tone she'd used up to that point.

Baring the underside of her wrist to his intense gaze, suddenly more aroused at the sight of his golden stare, she motioned to the water's edge, "Please have a seat." He knew the sound, the lowness of her tempting voice, despite the obvious desire, she wanted to talk, and he half wished he'd remained beyond the steam watching her from afar, but that would not have been right, not true to either of them. His honor bade him to dip his long muscled legs over the rocky slope.

Blushing as she realized her direct line of view ran straight to his waiting cock, Kagome cleared her throat and sat at the raised bottom of the spring across from the alluring Daiyoukai. "I um…" Suddenly she didn't know where to start, she let her mouth close with a huff and threw her hands through her hair, unable to think with him staring so intently…being so naked and…and enticing, utterly and terribly enticing… Feeling aggravated with herself, she groaned, "Maybe if you get in the water this will be easier."

Honestly, Sesshomaru found her little dilemma delectable, the waves of emotions rolling off her tantalizing body fed into his aura, and though he didn't understand the need for any other, than desire, at this moment, it drew him further into her achingly seductive clutches. Her breasts bounced as she threw her fingers through her onyx wet strands of hair, and he caught a glimpse of a taut nipple.

Silently following her request, he eased into the steamy liquid, never letting his gaze falter from his decadent prey. Her nearly black eyes danced over his hard chest and strong broad shoulders, twitching her fingers to run over that tightly wound flesh as he stalked closer. "Please stop…" The words nearly caught in her throat, but he listened, just inches from her trembling form.

"I have questions," She whispered while staring at a rock for concentration. He didn't answer, but she knew he'd reply, so she continued, sucking in a deep gulp of air, "You want me for what? A lover? A mate? A one time…" Her words were no longer interesting at this point, so he disregarded her wishes and stole her lips before she could continue inquiring about his motives.

Like sinful satin, her mouth flourished against his own, and her tongue fought against his, vying for dominance, and excitement once again caught fire in his veins. Tiny heated breaths felt like fire against his parted lips. The taste of her, white tea and black raspberries, sensual and smooth with a hint of spice, sent a slow vibration from the depths of his chest.

The petals of lilies, the gentle caress of her small hands running over his wrists up taut forearms past his wide shoulders sent wicked jolts of pleasure zinging up his spine; they slipped hungrily over his tight muscles as her need grew in fervor, and the dainty pink blunt nails dug into his biceps in urgent carnal ardor.

Tiny rivulets of blood trickled into the water as his claws pricked her supple hips, confining her against the ridged planes of his sculpted abdomen. "Kami…" Breathily the word slipped against his tongue, her chest aching for air.

His hands, massive and dominating, stole the sense of reason from her mind, imprisoning it in a cage of ravenous desire; his deadly claws, piercing her flesh, flooding her entire body with such insatiable heat, seemed to hold the key to her prison.

The rain came in heavy pearls, crashing against them, washing away everything but the passionate hunger.

Sesshomaru broke their kiss, lifting his silver tressed head, to gaze down into her dark impassioned eyes veiled by thick black fluttering lashes. Her lips rosy and swollen pouted up at him aching for him to steal them once more. He could feel the tightened muscles over her womb, beneath his smooth palm, craving his thickened length.

Kagome caught his amber gaze red tinged with desire, unable to think about anything but the feel of her naked breasts compressed against the smooth planes of sinuous muscle, her questions lost to amorous thirst. The seconds ticked by hauntingly, each waiting for the other to break or further the embrace, a frozen lascivious statue, all inert but the cascading rain.

Silver moonlight painted over the pair in a pale blue glow as the white stars gleamed magnificently in the lightly clouded sky. The moon beckoned the lovers with light rain, a shroud of secrecy, to continue, but neither dared. Such heat, such intense desire, neither knew what to do with such passion, suddenly timid in realization. Time, minutes brought with it the ability to consider the consequences of such a union.

First to break eye contact, Kagome pressed her cool wet cheek against the smooth dip between his pectorals, her breath like fire against his skin, dainty blunt nails fluttered against his flesh, and she closed the inch of distance between them in a longing embrace. "Sesshomaru…" His name again, soft, but a whimper, it ate away at his defenses. "Kagome." Resonating in the energy filled air, her name, from his lips, nipped and suckled her flesh, sending electricity through her veins.

Her body's reactions seemed foreign, alien even; arousal, she'd experienced, but the intense aching that this Daiyoukai sent like a tsunami over her heated flesh, this passion hit a whole new almost frightening level. With her flesh pressed tight against his, and the night slowly slipping away, she found tears leaking from her eyes; they would have to part, such a coupling…it could never be.

He buried his face in her inky onyx hair, breathing in as much sinful enchanting scent as his lungs could possibly contain, before nuzzling the crook of her silky neck, feeling the warmth of her blood pumping through her system. "I want you." Three words, he uttered them with a lick of the skin just above her quickening pulse.

As he continued to fray her nerves, running his hot tongue over her collar bone, marking her with nips of sharply pointed canines, she tried to imagine all the possible outcomes him wanting her could entail. Could she find solace in losing her purity to a one night stand? His heated torturous kisses hungrily fed dangerously close to an erect peak sending a hiss up her throat. "Sess…oh!" Wicked claws memorized the swell of her ass as he cupped the firm cheeks, lifting her slightly from the water, and he grinned a dangerous smirk usually reserved for a satisfying kill when her lithe legs tangled around his waist.

The steady ache between her legs grew to a painful throb as the thick spongy head of his penis slid against her thigh, brushing her sensitive folds. Her back arched constricting her breasts tight against his smooth muscles as his lips resumed suckling the sensitive flesh over her pulse. "Kami…please take me." Moaning the words breathlessly, lungs clenching in her chest, she buried her fingers in the wet silver tresses at the nape of his neck, begging for release, "Have all of me."

Suddenly their bodies were intertwined in the air atop a cloud of his creation thick with his energy. Rain fell softer now licking along his naked back in tiny rivulets as he positioned himself over the writhing miko. Anticipation lit fire in his veins, his length twitching at her entrance, and his beast, he fought to keep locked below the surface.

Mind lost to painful ravenous desire, Kagome cried out from the hot trails of his cutting claws and tongue as he created licked and healed each wound. She knew there would be a method to this madness, something besides the intense arousal slickening her tight pussy, but she couldn't find her voice to ask, he kept her whimpering groaning and moaning.

Digging dainty blunt nails into the smooth expanse of his back, she scratched, and the growl of pleasure resounding in his chest in a thick dangerous vibration cut through a thin line of innocence and her hips thrusted forward, grinding the head of his penis against the tight bundle of nerves. Unprepared for the biting pleasure fraying any sense she had left, she latched her legs tighter around his waist, and the intensity grew, crashing through her chest. Orgasm, it fell over her body like fire, engulfing her flesh almost to agonizing levels of pain and pleasure, she wasn't sure where one began and the other ended.

His name cried from her swollen lips, screamed through the night sky, beckoned his beast to the surface. "Mate." Growling the word as he broke her virginal seal at the height of her captivation, while sinking his fangs in the crook of her neck… Pink and crimson, their energy twisted and swayed in a caress of silk and satin flesh, reiki and youki, dancing over the lovers in the night sky. And in some strange carnal instinct, Kagome sank her blunt teeth into his tight shoulder muscle until blood rushed in her mouth. The two energies swooned before seeping into the wounds, forever binding and ever flowing.

It was like a pause in the pleasure, a frozen moment as the bond seeped inside their souls, and when the suspended pleasure returned titillation increased tenfold. She wasn't sure how long he'd been thrusting so deep inside her core, sweeping against the entrance to her womb, sending wave after wave of fierce crescendos like hot ice through her too sensitive nerves. Her tongue lapped at the blood over his already healed flesh, tasting surprisingly sinfully decadent as if lightening and power had a taste.

With blood ruby eyes, he caught her gaze, and his beast relished in the tint of her irises, like dark dried blood. Their bond, strong and constant, he knew soon, if all went as planned, she would have her own beast to satiate. Bruising her lips with fervent kisses, he allowed a slow growl to slip into her mouth, a sound of pleasure, only made for her ears, his mate's ears.

Her walls slick and tight contracted against his length, sucking him in and out, fighting each thrust yet begging for more. Building the revelry almost painfully slow, he wanted this to last, their first rut. After waiting five hundred years for a mate, one learns patience, and it seemed to bring him to completion more decadently than a hurried fuck, her agonizing whimpers and writhing beneath him made sure of that.

"Plea…se" His mate pleaded while trying to buck her hips for a harder thrust, but his grip wouldn't allow it, and he relished in her torture. Supple mounds bounced almost playfully under his scrutiny, and with a flick of his tongue against a hardened peak, he gave her a slight release. Moans like a symphony to his ears trailed into the night. Her blunt nails broke into his flesh smearing little drops of blood across his white skin.

Exposing her neck, her pulse lured him, and he licked that sensitive spot, and her groaning pleas made his own need agonizing. His thrusts came with such intensity that she wasn't sure if she wouldn't break completely beneath him, but with the pain came the pleasure. Building rhapsody shot through her abdomen, catching her nerves aflame. His panting growls sent seductive jolts of electricity over her flesh, sending her closer and closer, and his hot breath on her neck, so close to the mark he'd made kept her writhing and moaning his name in all her breathlessness.

"Mate," Shivering, what that single word did to her, excitement zinging up her thighs, "Would you like pups now, or later?" The question turned her cheeks scarlet, "Later." Embarrassment only lasted a second as he pounded into that sinful agonizingly pleasurable spot so deep in her core, sending her straight over the edge; sure he'd broken her open completely as his seed filled her womb with white hot fire. Her walls clenched around his twitching penis, milking every drop.

Amber eyes, they made her blush, his beast receded taking the blood ruby irises with him, as if she'd been caught with her hand in the cookie jar, as if he didn't experience their mating. He nuzzled the mark he'd placed just above her collar bone, first a bite and now a shimmering blue crescent moon matching its twin on his forehead. She could feel his satisfaction with their union, his content serenity for the moment; she could feel it through the mark.

Running her fingers over the spot on his shoulder where her teeth had sunk into his flesh, the wound was healed as a tiny pink crescent. She'd claimed him with her reiki as he claimed her with his youki, and the realization made her wonder if a miko had ever mated with a youkai before, but the moment, the peaceful stillness she didn't want to ruin it with such a question.

So instead, she sighed, brushing her lips over the mark she'd placed on his person, letting her happiness seep into her mate.


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