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When Does Love Bloom by FoxyKittyKatara

No other choice

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This chapter has been edited and slightly changed from its original content. 

Sesshoumaru sat outside the room pacing back and forth. His father had always been very healthy in his life time. For an old demon he looked very young for his body which was centries old had not aged past 25. He had heard of old demons who gotten sick and could sometimes die from illness. However, his father was so strong and alive that it was hard for him to think of a sicky, bed riden old man talking to a doctor. A doctor who payed through the roof for house calls but was assured that he was worth every penny for his great care. Sesshoumaru couldn't remember the last time he even saw a doctor who made house calls!

After some time Inuyasha had managed to get home and strode toward Sesshomaru. Inuyasha's shirt had been wrinkled and the top two buttons were missing. Sesshoumaru groaned and leaned toward him before saying in a low voice. "Your zipper is undone." Inuyasha quickly zipped it up and smiled at his brother. Sesshoumaru could not believe how irresponsible his little brother could be. Sesshoumaru had never had sex before and he was fine with it. Yet his brother was a constant reminder that like his father, his brother loved women very much and performed in sexual tasks frequently which was something he had come to find as'uncivalized' behavior. 

Silence towered over the room as the two brothers waited. Inuyasha frequently glanced over to Sesshomaru and then looked away. The two brothers never got along very long even though the last few years Inuyasha tried to have a good relationship with him. After about ten minutes of doing so he decided to break the ice. "So, have you hooked up with any nice girls lately." 

"I don't hook up with girls. I am not dumb enough to put myself in the position of possible offspring." 

"They did invent something called a condom." 

"Which can break. Then your fucked in a manor of speaking. That is why I prefer to not have sexual intercourse period unless I am willing to impregnant the female." 

"Oh come on! You haven't even tried it!" 

Sesshoumaru glared at him. "Do you know how many sextually transmitted diseases there are out there? When you get a burning rash that you can't stop scatching down there don't come crying to me. I'll tell you I told you so." 

The doctor then opened the door to the room and Inuyasha could not help but be grateful for the interuption. “Sesshoumaru, please come with me, I need to have a talk with you in private. just you. Can I talk to you in your office?” He asked. 

Sesshoumaru nodded. When they sat down in his father's study and he looked into the doctor’s eyes he knew something was not right. Something was completely amiss. “We did tests at my actual office and I didn't want to stress him out which is why I made the house call to tell him the results of the test. Your father has cancer. It is incurable but with the right treatment it might be slowed down. Your father has about six months to a year without treatment. A little more if we’re lucky. If he has treatment it all depends on him but a miracle can happen. In recent years I thought only humans were the ones who got cancer but within the last hundred years there have been more cases of it."

Sesshoumaru’s heart sunk. His father was going to die. “What can we do at this point?” He asked. 

“Make him comfortable. We can give him radiation but there are some side affects to it. We don’t have much of a cure for this kind of cancer with demons. It's something we don't see every day with them. Enjoy your time with him because he has little left.” 

“I will.” Sesshoumaru said. The doctor to him seemed very distant but he believed it was to step emotionally away from his patient. To not be upset at his patient’s quick passing. 


Inu Papa smiled at his brilliant plan. He hoped Sesshoumaru would fall for it. The doctor and him had been studying his lines of what he was going to say to the eldest pup of his. For several years he longed to have his son reproduce. Yet here he was, making up his own sickness, using a professional actor, and was about to completely lie to him. He lay in bed, thinking about how he should act when that pup of his came in.

Should he lay it on him thick? He grew very snuggish like and weakly. He had two sons who were completely different from each other. His eldest was very serious most of the time. He found himself busy in work and other various tasks. This obsession over business was due to his learning of the world a few hundred years or so ago. That the one with the real power was the one with the most money not strength. He still dirtied up his claws though every once in a while when someone upset him. 

His youngest was the complete opposite. He preferred his time in college life and wasn’t much for business. He liked to go out with girls and play around. Heck, his youngest got more sexual action in one day than his oldest ever got in his whole life! Too bad his youngest was always so careful and never had a pregnancy scare. The only thing they had in common was they nether wanted to have pups. Which gave way to the plan to fake his own illness and pretend death was just around the corner. Hey, even a demon can’t live forever! Out of the two his eldest would have been the better parent. At least Sesshoumaru knew how to keep his dog alive when Inuyasha couldn’t even take care of his gold fish properly. 

When the door opened he looked toward it to find his son and the actor who was his doctor. “Father, how are you feeling?” His son asked him. 

“I hurt all over, my head hurts, my chest hurts, even my tail hurts. Other than that fine for an old demon about to die I guess I'm doing well.” He coughed. 

“Father, I don’t want you to talk like that. We are going to make you better. The doctor said there is no cure but we might be able to get it to slow it down a little with treatment.”

Now was his chance! “I don’t want to slow it down. With the therapy I will end up loosing all my hair and feel weaker. I don’t have much to live for anyway. I have two sons, a company that you run now, and that is about it. I wished for grand pups in my old age but I will never get them. I might as well be dead. I have nothing anymore.” He started to sob. 

“Don’t say that. One day you will have grand pups.” 

“When?” He frowned at his eldest. “Before I die? You have said that same thing for centuries. I’m glad I’m sick so I don’t have to spend another century alone with my two childless sons.”

Sesshoumaru sighed. He had been meaning to take a mate for some time now. Someone who he would come home to, have a meal on the table when he walked in the door, and who he could share the day with. Experiment with this sex thing his brother went on and on about. Was he even ready for a mate yet? Looking at his father, very sick and wanting to give up made him upset. His father had single handedly raised him and his half brother. What kind of son would he be to turn his back on him? He sighed once again before resigning himself. What could he do. He would have fought more but the sick old man was his father. He just didn’t have the heart to say no.

“Let me think about it." He said quietly. 


Sango had been worried about Kagome. She had not showed up for class at all today. College was not far away so she decided to stop by the shrine. In the last few days Kagome had been odd. Not only had she been going out with a few choice demons but after breaking up with one of them she began to act funny. At first Sango thought she was just sad because of breaking up. Now she began to think something else was going on. After reaching the top step she looked around. The shrine was deserted when around this time would be one of there busiest hours. 

“Kagome? Are you here?” She said loudly, but there was no response. “Kagome, could you please answer me. I know your home.” 

She walked over to the door which was locked. Hm, maybe she could sit on the back porch and wait for them to come home. She really wanted to know what was going on. As she rounded the back of the house she felt a crunch at her foot. She looked down. Kagome’s bracelet she had gotten her for christmas had been on the ground this whole time. As she looked over she would never have known Kagome was laying on the ground this whole time. She lay on the floor as blood dripped from her mouth onto the ground.

“Kagome, wake up.” She tried to wake her but she did not awake. Until finally Sango took out her cell. “Hello, I need someone to come to the Higurashi shrine right now. I think that my best friend is dead!” She said as tears streamed down her cheeks. 


Kagome awoke in the small hospital room. She had seen her doctor several times in the past few weeks and was feeling worse and worse. Every time they said she was fine and to go home. Now she had collapsed for who knows how long before going into the hospital. Who had brought her she didn’t remember. All she knew was that she was awake now. 

A doctor came into her room and when she tried to rise he put up a hand. “Don’t you dare get up.” He said to her. She was bewildered at the demon doctor. 

“Yes sir.” 

“Do you know how close to death you were? Stupid doctors don’t know how to take demon tests. I am glad your looking better.” 

“But, I’m not a demon.”  She said. 


“So I need a husband?” Kagome asked.

“Yep, when you came in we gave you demon donated blood from a recently mated demon. The chemicals inside of it should last you a few weeks but I have some demon shots for you to take if you need more time. It has a small amount of the chemical but, they are not anywhere near as strong as you need. For you to live day to day you need a demon mate with a good enough supply.” 

“And what if I don’t?” Kagome asked. 

“You die.” 

The bluntness of the answer was startling. She ether had to take a mate or die. What a choice!

“Ok, I will look.” 

“Good.” He said. Once he got up he stopped. “One more thing.” He grabbed a mirror and handed it to her. Kagome wasn’t sure what was going on but here she was looking in the mirror and knowing what he was talking about. She had completely changed! She was now a fox demon like her father!

Chapter End

Writer's note: Hello, this is the first chapter of my new story. I hope you enjoy and please, let me know how I am doing?

I Have edited this chapter. Because my Beta has not touched her work I am just going to go back through the chapters in hope of updating them and finding any mistakes. I hope you enjoy it. Some scenes have been added. 


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