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I' Mori Aran by Azurena


A/N: I just have way too many ideas flowing around in my head! Lol I really wanted to finish WTR before I started this new collection of oneshots, but I feel like I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get at least one chapter written.

And so, here is my new dramatic story! :D Enjoy!


Chapter One



“Mother,” I whispered softly, “why must we hide?”

Hushing me gently, my mother pressed her lips to my temple and held me closer. “Quiet, my love,” she murmured, and in the dim light I could see her silvery blonde hair surrounding me. “We must be quiet until the sun rises. I cannot let them find you.”

I nodded and burrowed myself further into her bosom. Shouts of panic and fear were audible even from our underground refuge, and I wondered where my father was.

Suddenly, I felt my mother stiffen, and in the next moment she’d hurled me from her lap and hidden me among the roots and soil. “You must not make a sound,” she warned as her fingers danced through the air, her magic shining in the darkness. The roots thickened, curling around and covering me until I could no longer see anything. The heady scent of wet earth invaded my senses, and I crushed the urge to cough. “Do not scream. Do not cry.” My mother’s breathing was harsh, and I knew she was afraid. “I love you, Kagome.”

And then she was gone.

I did not make a sound. I did not scream. I did not cry. Even when I heard my father desperately calling for me, I remained silent.

I cannot let them find me.

I cannot . . .


A/N: Yay for a new story! ^_^ What do you guys think? This is a prologue of sorts to give you some background information. Next one will definitely be longer.

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