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The love triangle by cassandra

Chapter 1

It had been little over a year since Naraku had been destroyed. Everyone decided it was time to settle down and put their demon slaying days behind them. Sango and Miroku got married and were already expecting a baby.

The well had closed and Kagome was trapped in the feudal era for good. In a weird twist of fate, she found herself in a love triangle between herself and BOTH inu brothers. It shocked everyone when Sesshomaru declared his feelings for her. This naturaly sent Inuyasha into a rage. After he'd calmed, they came up with an odd sulution. All 3 of them were going to live in Sesshomaru's castle until she made her choice.

It was becoming harder each day for her as her feelings towards both brothers increased. She loved how Sesshomaru kept a level head and how he always kept her calm. Underneath his cold exterior, he actually had a kind heart. He was very smart and loved to tell her stories of his ancestors. He loved taking her on walks. His favorite place to take her was his treasured garden. It was full of beautiful flowers and sakura trees. She loved his silky silver hair and the crescent moon that adorned his forehead. She often wondered what one would look like on her forehead. He was so hot. One look into his honey colored eyes made her heart race.

Even though she loved Sesshomaru, she still loved Inuyasha. He was just as sexy as his brother. He had a wild side about him. Every day was an adventure with him. There was never a dull moment with him around. He was lively and had many friends. At times he was like a teddy bear and would cuddle with her. He'd often take her to his favorite tree and sit with her just watching the stars. She loved playing with his ears. They were just too cute to resist. She sometimes pictured herself with his ears.

She sighed. "What will I do? I love them both but for different reasons. I've always loved Inuyasha, but the more time I spend with Sesshomaru, I'm starting to love him almost as much as I love Inuyasha. Agh!! This is such a disaster! Oh mom, I could really use your help." She thought sadly.

Later that night, they made there rounds to kill off any demons that might be on Sesshomaru's lands.

"Man I'm starvin!" Inuyasha complained.

"Well you're the idiot that left our food on the table!" Kagome yelled.

"Keh. Everybody knows it's the woman's job for things like that wench!"

'Here it comes.' Sesshomaru thought to himself.


"Man I really need to keep my big mouth shut!" He mumbled getting up.

"I agree." Sesshomaru said smirking.

"Oh shut up Sesshomaru! Who asked you anyways!" He said crossing his arms.

Sesshomaru chuckled. "We'd better set up camp for the night. Inuyasha, you go catch us dinner. Kagome, you may start a fire and set out our bedding." Then smiling wickedly he said, "You need not worry about me, for I shall be sleeping with you."

"What!? Like hell you will!" Inuyasha yelled.

"He's only kidding idiot." Kagome said blushing.

"Keh. Whatever. Hey who made you boss anyway Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha complained.

"These are my lands and I'm the elder brother. Therefore LITTLE brother, I am YOUR ALPHA. Now do as I say."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm goin!" He said bounding off into the woods.

"Boy Sess, you really know how to get him going!" They both laughed.

Grabbing her hand, he bent to kiss it. "I must go patrol now. I won't be gone long. Be safe my sweet." He kissed her softly and was gone.

She sighed. "He can be so romantic when he wants to be." She said and then set about getting  the camp ready. By the time she had a fire going and had their bed's made, Inuyasha came back carrying 3 rabbits.

"Where's Lord ice prick?"

"Still patrolling. Hurry up with those rabbits! I'm hungry and I haven't had rabbit in forever!"

He smiled. "Hold your horses woman."

"Sorry. I just love the way you cook rabbit."

"Hey, it's my job to make sure my woman's taken care of." He said as he began to prepare the meat and rub it down with some herbs he'd found. Once he had them roasting on a spit, he looked over at her. She knew that look. It was his come hither look.

"Come here baby." He said giving her a sexy smile that gave her goosebumps. She walked over to him and when she was standing in front of him, he yanked her down into his lap.

"Now that the ice prick ain't here, how about we play a little?" He said as he leaned in to kiss her. She moaned as his kiss deepend and he thrust his tongue into her mouth. He pressed her to him as he rolled them over and lay her on the ground. She moaned when he nibbled on her earlobe.

"God I love you Kagome."

"I love you too." She said as she ran her hands down his back and then grabbed his ass.

"Ohh, feisty little fixen huh?" He said smiling at her.

"You know it baby!"

He leaned down and licked her neck. Giggling she said, "That tickles!" He chuckled as he gave her another passionate kiss.

They were so obsorbed in each other, they never noticed Sesshomaru's return. Seeing the two, he rolled his eyes. 'Is this all these two ever do?' He thought to himself.

"Do you not think you've had enough yet? This Sesshomaru doesn't wish to watch as you two make out like two teenagers who cannot control their raging hormones."

Inuyasha quickly jumped off of her. "Talk about a mood killer. You're just jealous!" Inuyasha said as he went to check on their food.

Sesshomaru snorted. "This Sesshomaru knows how to control himself and I have class." He demonstrated by going up to Kagome and kissing her softly. Kagome sighed at his gentleness. He smiled. "That, Inuyasha, is how it's done. With class."

"Keh. Ain't nothin wrong with making out. It's what us YOUNG people do. But you wouldn't know anything about that with you being OLD and all."

Sesshomaru glared at him. "I may be 800 years old, but with age comes wisdom and finesse."

"Keh. That's just what an old geezer would say."

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled.

"What? It's true."

"Well gee, since I'm only 20 and you're what, 200? That would make you a geezer to me then." Kagome said crossing her arms.

"Wha! You! That's not fair!" He sputtered.

"It seems she put you in your place brother." Sesshomaru said smirking.

Inuyasha growled and stomped over to take their food off of the fire.

Chuckling, Sesshomaru grabbed Kagome's chin. "This Sesshomaru loves you Kagome."

"I love you too." She hugged him and put her head on his shoulder.

"Hey! What about me!?" Inuyasha said pouting.

She rolled her eyes. "Inuyasha you know I love you too."

"Yeah, well you love me more than him though." He said childishly.

"Can we just eat?" She said annoyed. They went and sat next to the fire. Kagome sat in the between the two brothers as they ate.

"Dinner was good Inuyasha." Kagome said.

"Thanks babe." He smiled as he rubbed her thigh.

She stretched her arms and yawned. "I'm tired."

"Go get your sleep my sweet." Sesshomaru said as he leaned over and kissed her. Before she got up she took both brother's hands and looked at them shyly.

"What is it Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.

She blushed and looked at them. "I was wondering...could you both sleep with me. And I do mean just SLEEP."

The brothers perked up at her request and looked at each other. In a flash, she found herself smashed between them in a tight hug.

She laughed. "I'll take that as a yes." They followed her to her sleeping bag. Inuyasha lay in front of her and placed an arm around her. She kissed him. "I love you."

"I love you too babe."

After they settled in, Sesshomaru lay behind her and wrapped his arm around her. He covered them all with his mokomoko. "I love you. Goodnight my sweet."

"Love you too Sess." She said before drifting off.

"Sleep brother. This Sesshomaru will watch over you two tonight. You can take watch tomorrow."

"Keh. Whatever." Inuyasha mumbled. Even though he'd never admit it, Inuyasha felt safe with his brother watching over them.

Sesshomaru smiled at his sleeping brother and the woman in his arms. He couldn't help the warm feeling that flowed through him. He smirked when Inuyasha scrunched his nose up and growled. He almost laughed when his ears twitched and he whined like a little puppy. It was times like these that he felt like the protective big brother he should have been. Thinking on all the lost time between them, he frowned.

"I never was a good brother. I should have been there for him when he was growing up. Half breed or not, he's still blood. I need to make it up to him. I think the first thing I'm going to do is offer him the duel mating law." He thought. Duel mating law was offered when two Inu's desired the same mate. If she agreed that meant she could mate them both. He would speak to him of it tomorrow.


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