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How To Catch an Heiress by amy

Chapter 1

How to Catch an Heiress

I Do Not Own Inuyasha

Papa Inu and the Lord of the East were best friends and allies; they both consulted their oldest children, Kagome Higarashi and Sesshoumaru Tashio…..

They both debated every negotiation with them, taking the side of their kingdom while their children took the side of the petitioner…..

Now both children were seventeen years old, sharp tongued and minded, plus neither wanted a mate not seeing any reason to need one, both had run off numerous matches with their sharp tongues and behavior, two peas in a pod right?

Since their fathers were best friends they decided to bring them together on common groumd, negotiations…..

In their next negotiation in the West, both fathers put their children on the spot,

“Kagome, you negotiate the petition with the West…”

“Sesshoumaru, you negotiate the petition with the East….”

Both children were surprised but they did the job admirably….

“My father wants ten acres to grow much needed food for our people, wheat, barley, carrots, potatoes, and beets all essential to our people’s well-being and they can only be grown in the West….

Our soil isn’t as mineral rich as your land and that is why we need the lad from your kingdom for the sake of our people’s well-being not our personal gain….”

“But your personal gain is built in, you can grow it in the west and sell the extra for profit , we will gift you the land for a tenth of your crops, so we can store it up in case of a future drought….”

“We agree with you, your tenth will come off the top, so we show our respect to our neighbor and ally….”

“Then we have an agreement?”

“Yes, we do, Mr. Tashio, has it all written up so we can both sign it and my father and I can go home…..”

“Why the  hurry?”

“We have other negotiations to work on at home, like coal from the South to heat our peoples homes, or cotton from North for our cloth manufacturers, these all must be hammered out  for next month, we have no time to socialize, too much work….”

Both fathers were amazed it was all over in less than two hours, written up and signed, as the two friends were saying their goodbyes as they were on their way home in their limo…

This happened during each negotiation, the young people hammering the deal in less than two hours, having it written up and signed as they went their separate ways….

Now Sessh was wondering why she didn’t even look at him with lust in her eyes like other females in his own castle did,

“Father, why is Kagome so businesslike with us their allies?”

“Simple, she has turned down every suitor for her hand with her cool demeanor, not showing any heart, and generally blowing them off!”

“How many men?”

“All of the under lords sons in every corner kingdom, and the Lords sons as well, you do the math!”

‘So she is an ice queen not letting anyone in her heart, not seeing the need for a mate?”

“Yes, she is…..”

“What if I could change her mind?”

“How my son, she has turned every man on our continent down! What  would you do different?”

“First things first, what is her favorite color and jewel?”

“Her favorite color is blood red the same goes for the jewel, she loves blood red rubies!”

“I will pick out her courting gifts before I leave for the East, Father….”

“Wait you haven’t told me what you will do differently?”

“I will assist her and her father in negotiations, walking in the garden, eating candlelit dinners, in her chamber, in the halls….

And after each successful negotiation, I will give her a courting gift, until she has all three and I propose to her after revving her engines after each negotiation…..”

“Explain, revving her engines!”

“Simple father, touching her on her front and rear so she thinks it’s by accident, but it is meant to make her want more, like a small kiss on the lips, touching her puss outside her clothes, etc….”

“So you plan to melt her ice, aren’t you afraid she will melt yours?”

“She has already melted mine that is why I made the suggestion; I must have her as my mate!”

Then he asked his father the number to Cartiers,

“Father what is the number to Cartiers, so I may order my courting gifts for Kagome!”

“The number is 546- 7831, ask for Cartier Senior….”

He called the number from the phone in the office,

“May I speak to Cartier Senior, please?”


“This is Sesshoumaru Tashio of the Western lands, I want to order several items from you, A plain gold chain with a blood red ruby in the form of a teardrop, matching earrings, and a small gold ring inset with a blood red ruby, twenty sleeping yukatas concubine short, with matching kimonos, obi’s and matching sandals with matching chopstick hair ornaments…..”

“Two weeks for delivery….”

“No problem, I will see you in two weeks….”

The two weeks flew by as he improved his debating skills with his father, in readiness for his next position, when the gifts arrived he packed them at the bottom of his bag putting his clothes on top of them…..

Then he asked his father,

“Send for the limo, I go East to my destiny, wish me luck, dad!”

“You won’t need luck; you were made for each other!”

The trip took four hours; he arrived at dinner time, asking for the Lord of the castle….

The housekeeper recognized him right away, the son of the Inu No Tashio, the cold hearted….

She sent a servant to get the master, who was there in no time….

“Sesshoumaru, why are you here, my child?”

“To improve your negotiations, Sire, I want to make your petitions full proof and iron clad….”

“How can you do this?”

“I can argue for the petitioner as your daughter argues for your kingdom, we can be a team improving your chances of getting the best deal, like a tenth of every crop…..

“Your hired, come to dinner so I can announce you to my daughter, as our new negotiators helper to the East….”


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