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A Spring's Challange by InuLuna of The Moon

Ch. 1 Crying Sky's

Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha's characters ect. I just like to write random things or create my own.

AN: This is a oneshot I couldn’t help but type. Read and find out and tell me if I should possibly continue. I'm guessing you can tell who is who.


Ch. 1

Crying Sky’s

The rain poured. Huge droplets hitting the ground and foliage with it’s haste. The sun long past hidden behind heavy black clouds barely had a hazed and dim light shinning on one spot in particular. It seemed as if the sky it’s self with the mother earth were crying on the melancholy forest. Muddied grass stood tall in the onslaught forming a small clearing. The Majestic trees bent alarmingly from the force of nature. Out of the weeping confines the trunks seemed to part reflected remorse for a single woman. Covered in blood and wounds she held a bundle. Her back straight in tension with shoulders shaking slightly from holding in her sadness. Her body moving of its own accord and more drops of her life mixed in with the rain.

Looking closer her soaked hair draped around her form in a sensual caress. The obsidian locks doing nothing for her startling warm brown eyes that started at her bundle. They held such a forlorn countenance that always showed her emotions. Silent tears continuously fell down her cheeks as she collapsed, kneeling in the muddied grass. Not able to handle it anymore a sob left her throat. And with a quivering hand reached out to reveal the small child that lay in front of her. Tenderly parting the red bangs covering the boys face and placing the cloth back over it before lifelessly hanging at her sides.

Her adopted child was dead. She had failed him. Mot making it in time when he needed it. A terrible pain engulfed her chest as she realized he would never wake. Never smile or jump into her arms when she returned. Or proudly show her a new trick he just learned with that cute grin showing his fangs. To never hug him or tuck him in in his sleep. The pain got stronger and she clutched her sides. So lost in it she shut out everything else. Light blue energy flared across her skin in her reflection of the unknown feelings. Causing her to glow in the darkness. What wind their was, was pulled toward her lifting up her hair delicately. The blue energy expanded several feet moments later. As she looked up a heart wrenching cry pierced the storm for several miles around. The tortured sound blocking out the rain, rising in tempo before disappearing in a faint choked out sob. A powerful wave of purification following it’s trail. Exhausted the woman passed out.

The Demon Lord of the Western Lands abruptly turned toward the horrible cry that reached him. His breath hitched and he whispered the name of a woman he new as a friend. Running without hesitation in that direction, pulse quickening in worry. In no time he sensed her strong energy with a fainting heart beat. She was in the middle of a clearing bleeding excessively. The figure in white attire stepped out from in between the trees. Damp long strands of silver hair gleamed with his liquid like movement.  Saddened gold eyes never left the passed out human and deceased youkai child. His thoughts darkened. ‘They did not deserve this fate.’ In a fluent flick of his wrist he raised an old sword his father had given him. The sword pulsed strongly in agreement. Just as the rain kept pouring he was reminded how it can heal and hoped with time that they would also. He brought the blade to cut threw the rain in a precise arch.


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