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Who Needs Sleep by SunsetMiko

Who Needs Sleep

Kagome yawned while she waited for him to unlock the door of their apartment. "I'm exhausted," she said softly. When the door finally opened, she headed straight to the bedroom. "I am so going to sleep right now."

Sesshoumaru watched as she freed herself from her clothing, his body responding immediately in appreciation. It really was too bad that she was so tired. A plan formed in his mind as a devious smirk pulled at his lips. Perhaps he could change her mind.

He waited until she got into bed before reaching up to slowly unbutton his shirt, taking his time knowing that she was watching him, and he finally let it slide to the floor, his slacks joining it moments later

Her eyes were locked on his body with a smoldering look, waiting impatiently for him to remove the last article of clothing hiding him from her gaze. Finally he gave her what she wanted and Kagome was blessed with the sight of a fully nude Sesshoumaru who was obviously aroused. He slipped in the bed beside her and turned to lay on his side with his back to her.

He smirked again when he felt her scoot closer, her hands ghosting over his skin. "I thought you were exhausted."

Her small hand wrapped around his erection as she traced the point of his ear with her tongue, drawing a hiss of pleasure from his lips. "Sleep can wait. I can't."


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