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Unresolved Problems by Maryse

No Goodbyes

Hey everyone!!! Hope you guys enjoy, just a little story that popped into my head. Please review and tell me what you think.

Word Count:493

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or the characters from Inuyasha. I am not making any money off of this fanfic, it is just for fun.

Chapter 1: No Goodbyes

It had been another late night at the office. Sesshomaru had been fixing the mistakes, Inuyasha had made on a big merger. However, his father didn’t seem to think it was a big deal. Sesshomaru had to always clean up Inuyasha’s messes, he couldn’t wait to take over Tashio Industries and get Tetsusaiga Inc. He would give Inuyasha that useless business that his father kept for Izoyoi, Tenseiga Charites Inc. Lost in his thoughts; he didn’t notice his father standing in the doorway.

“Are you ready to go, son? I don’t like to leave Izoyoi home this late all alone.” Sesshomaru lifted his golden eyes to stare into his father’s identical ones. Yes, we wouldn’t want that. Sesshomaru didn’t really care for the women, who is father had left his mother for.

“Yes.” Sesshomaru picked up his briefcase and jacket. He walked out of the building with his father. “Where is Inuyasha?” Showing no emotion or care for his half-brother. His father looked up at him confused like he was ripped from an important thought.

“Oh. He is already in the car. He isn’t a patient person, as you know.” Sesshomaru snorted at that statement. When was his half-brother ever patient or smart for that matter?

The ride home was comfortable and silent. Just the way he liked it. They didn’t live far from the business. It was a private area; the Tashio’s were very private. Sesshomaru was thinking how he was going to be moving soon, when they finished building his own mansion, a few blocks away. He was jerked out of his thoughts when his father gasped at the site before them.

As they turned down the long driveway, past the high, ornate gate that was surrounded by trees, there was a huge puff of smoke coming from where the house was located. When the house came into view, all three sets of golden eyes grew wide. The two-story mansion was engulfed in flames. Flames that licked the sky and busted out of the windows. The car screeched to a halt and all three men jumped out of the car and started towards the house. Sesshomaru felt like he was on fire, the flames were so intense.

“You boys stay here and call the police to make sure they are coming! I am going to get Izoyai out of there!” Inu Taisho yelled, but his voice was still calm and forceful. He turned his back and started towards the house. Sesshomaru reached out his hand and grabbed his father’s arm.

“You should wait until the fire department gets here. How do you know she is even alive?” Sesshomaru stared into his father’s eyes filled with worry. As his father opened his mouth to reply, a scream came from the house. Inu Taisho ripped his arm from Sesshomaru’s grasp and sprinted into the blazing house.

That was the last time Sesshomaru saw his father. 


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