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Cats and dogs by cassandra

Kagome the cat hanyou

It was a beautiful warm sunny day. She smiled as she closed her eyes and smelled the fresh air. She was sitting under a sakura tree with her one true love.

"Isn't this such a beautiful day Naraku?"

"Yes it is, but it's not as beautiful as you my love." He said holding her tight.

"Oh Naraku! You're so sweet! I love you so much!"

"I love you too Kags." He said moving closer.


"Yes Naraku?" Her heart beat faster as he leaned even closer. His lips were so close she could feel his warm breath.


She closed her eyes and waited for that magical moment when their lips would touch in a sweet kiss. Before she got her kiss, she heard her name being called and a flick to her ears.

"OW!" She yelled, opening her eyes to see who dared to interrupt her wonderful dream. Honey gold eyes met hers in amusement.

"Hey Kags. Dreamin bout lover boy again?" Her best friend asked smirking.

"Oh shut up Inuyasha." She grumbled getting up off the couch.

"I don't see why all you girls go gaga over him. Any fool can pick up a mike and sing." He said rolling his eyes.

She gasped in feigned shock. "Inuyasha! I'll have you know that Naraku Onigumo is one of the best rockers of all time! He's like totally hot, and has the sexiest bedroom voice and eyes. When he's playing his guitar, I imagine that those fingers are playing me instead." She sighed dreamily.

"Whoa! Back up! I didn't need to know that part!"

She laughed. "So, what are we doing tonight?"

"Well..Kikyo and I thought we'd all go clubbin'. So you better go get ready cause she'll be over in an hour."

"Ok!" She ran up to her room and changed into her favorite jeans and pink halter top. She put on a little makeup and put her hair up into a high ponytail, mindfull of her cat ears. She was a cat hanyou and didn't have many friends because of it. Half-breeds weren't well liked. She was a very kind yet sensitive person and got her feelings hurt easily. Inuyasha being a hanyou himself knew how it felt to be treated like a monster wich is why it was so easy for them to get along. They even became roommates. There was never a romantic relationship between them. They were more like brother and sister.

She looked into the mirror and sighed. "It's so not fair! Inuyasha has someone to love, and she accepts him for who he is. Why can't  I be so lucky?"

"Yo Kagome! Get yer ass down here! Kikyo's here! It's time to get movin'!"

"Coming!" She yelled as she ran downstairs.

"You look nice kags." Kikyo complimented, making her blush.

"Let's get goin' already! Kouga will probably be there already, and you know how impatient  he is!" Inuyasha blurted. Kikyo glared at him.

"Who's kouga?" Kagome asked.

"Well...he's a buddy of mine. I thought we'd have him go with us." He said rubbing the back of his neck.

Kagome groaned. " Please tell me you didn't." She paused looking at him. "You did. I wish you'd quit with these blind dates! I hate it! You know what happens." She said sadly. Every time she went on one of these blind dates she got hurt. They'd take one look at her and leave in disgust.

"Just give the guy a chance. He's different than all the others." He said looking into her sad eyes.

She sighed. "Ok."

"It'll be alright. We'll be right there with you." Kikyo reasured her.

"Well I guess it's ok then." She said. They smiled at her and then set off to the club.


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