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Caught Astray by Kagome Yuki Niwa


Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha.

Caught Astray

Chapter One: Death  

x . . . . x

Death was normal when one was a companion of Sesshoumaru’s and Rin accepted that as fact. What she could not accept was tripping over the body of a person that she had deemed fairly close and her screams and sobs attributed to that notion.

Sesshoumaru whom had been hunting was immediately at her side, claws out, golden hues searching for an enemy.

Finding nothing except the scent of death he turned to Rin curiously and was surprised to see her clinging to a very recently dead miko. Inuyasha was oddly nowhere nearby.

Odder still… Tenseiga pulsed warmly at his side.




'Gome Yuki:: Drabblesssss!! I don't think I have really done a drabble so this is going to lots of funny, fun, fun! Let me know what you think! I'll try and update this every week or so! :3

Word Count:: 100


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