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A Curse of Over Confidence by amy

Chapter 1

A Curse of Over Confidence

I Do Not Own Inuyasha

Chapter  1

Now Papa wanted to see how his two sons would fare in a business environment but he didn’t want to start them from scratch!

So he chose two businesses that he owned but wasn’t currently involved in, one in the red light district and one in the realty business….

Now he gave the realty business to Inuyasha, which had a built in perk, four full Inu demonesses to show him the ropes and possibly mate, but he gave Sesshoumaru the red light district business which was more complicated, including an adult toy shop and four shops for adult perusal….

Now Sesshy and Inuyasha  had just graduated from Brown Business College for Business Administration,  as Sesshy began his new business by going to all the  producers, he found out there were five producers in the red light district….

Mr. Saki of the Red Ronan company on fifth and main, Mr.Tsaki of the Red Rose Company, Mr. Greenway of Country productions, Mr. Tsubaki of Blue Moon productions, and Kagome Higarashi – A subsidiary of Tokyo Studios.

They were all located on fifth and Main, side by side stretching as far as the eye can see…

Now his adult toy factory was at the end of the street, at the end of the street with the producer’s studios…

Now Kagome Higarashi,  had been a huge star for Tokyo Studios since she was sixteen years old, getting away from a cruel father who wanted to control her life since her mother died when she was very young wanting nothing better than to hump his own daughter , like a sick bastard!

So she applied to Tokyo Studios call for girls to act in their porn flicks and was accepted along with Sango, Ayame, Kikyo, and Shiori.

Kagome became the star attraction when   their employer, Mr. Mikado saw dominating her co-stars  in their apartment across the street from the studio…

Mr.Mikado walked in on his girls wrestling for fun as Kagome won the test of domination with all four girls smiling all the way, but she didn’t want that status trying to hide her dominant side from him…

Unfortunately once he found out he asked her to come to his office to give her a gift for being the dominant.

When she arrived at his office on the fifth floor of his studio, he told her

” to enter and have a seat”

When she was seated he began to unzip her pants to expose her pearl only to stroke her above it and give her a size 50 horse cock so she could be the star in his movies fucking all the other girls, giving them pleasure…

But she was miserable despite her fame resulting in a terrible pot habit that took over her life to the point that she needed a coach to help her overcome it, Miss Killjoy.

Miss Killjoy helped her to recover but she wanted to go behind the camera producing films with her girls…

Now Sesshy was visiting Mr. Saki who saw him as a sweet young man not a business man, as he invited him to his office walking past his stable of young boys who were licking their lips as he passed ….

Sesshy had brought the agreement papers expecting him to simply sign it and leave, but he was wrong…

Mr.Saki planned to make him bend over and fuck him up the ass before he signed his paper, a little pleasure before business….

Now Sesshy believed that he would sign without any fuss, that was when he bent him over his desk pulling his pants down making him like being fucked up the ass as he moaned out his pleasure as Mr. Saki smiled,

‘First rule of the porn business fuck or be fucked if you want to do business with the producers’

Then he signed his papers gifting him with his best boy , Marco Riasi his most hung male.

The same thing happened when he visited the last three male producers, each gifting him a well hung male from his stable, fucking him before they signed his renewal papers….

But when he met Kagome   in her studio she was so sweet and understanding about him feeling uncomfortable that she invited him to her office on the top floor walking past her girls as they stared at him…

Once they entered her office she turned her lights on asking him to relax and have a seat in front of her desk asking,

“Why are you in my neck of the woods? I am a new producer just recently given a studio by my old boss we have just started producing films….”

“I have come to write up a contract between myself and your studio to sell all of your films to my four stores here in the red light district, will you?”

“Yes I will only if you promise to have dinner with me tonight at my place directly after we sign the papers….”

“What no fucking me before you sign?”

“No way  I am now a business person not a porn star….”

“There is no way you were that Kagome you are too nice a person…”

“Come to my place and I will show you, I want to sign the papers now if you please….”

Then he gave her the papers, a standard renewal paper and she signed it with her john Hancock  smiling her acceptance ,

“Let’s go to my place up the street on Main and third….”

When they left the studio Kagome smiled at him,

“Girls I’m heading home see you later!”

Then she held his hand and walked out the door…..

When they arrived at her apartment building five doors down from the studio he was stunned as he went up the elevator to her apartment on the fifth floor, apt. 551….

When she turned the key, he was further stunned her apartment was decorated in beige and blue ornaments, furniture, wallpaper….

She told him to relax and have a drink as she handed him a whiskey no ice, while she set up one of her first films as a dominant on a reel to reel….

While she made dinner of extra saucy spaghetti, garlic bread, and she chilled the wine in her refrigerator, he was being entertained by her film…

When dinner was ready she went to see what state her guest was in, smiling when she saw his pants unzipped as he masturbated himself!

When she walked in front of him, smiling as she stroked his cock helping him come, she said,

“So do you now believe me, Mr. Tashio that I was a star in the porn industry?”

“Yes I do, but why?”

“My father wanted to sleep with me, so I decided to make it worth my while….”

Then she zipped him up and invited him to dinner, pulling his chair open for him, he didn’t understand she is the lady then it hit him!

She was the dominant in her films over all the girls fucking them without abandon like a man, so she was treating him like he was one of her partners….

He accepted her courtesy but he said,

“Kagome you don’t need to pull out my chair I should pull out yours, you don’t need to be the dominant with me!”

Kagome was shocked, no one had ever said this to her, as she smiled.

“So what else do you own?”

“I own the Adult Toy factory at the end of the street but I haven’t sold any toys to the studios and I have four young men I have been gifted with, can you use them Kagome?”

“I will buy four of each of your toys and I will gladly take the young men off your hands, we could go into business together, I know all of the producers personally and could help you sell your toys to them after my girls test them out!”

So he listened to her plan, thinking

‘She will help me sell my toys and I will help her selling her films in my windows for all customers to see!’

When they followed through on her plan his renewals were much easier as was his toy selling, on the way to his success, he fell in love with her, having dinner at her place every night sleeping over on the couch and eating breakfast together in the morning…

As time went on they began to sleep together as she got to know him better and he her….

Now this news reached his father’s ears, also the fact that he intended to marry her soon….

Poor Sesshy had the audacity to bring her to meet his father in his office, he was so proud of her success and her helping him to be successful…

Unfortunately what he didn’t realize was the fact that his father hated her for her past and even more for her success as a producer….

When he took her to meet his father, he received a rude awakening, as soon as she entered the office he insulted her and called her out of her name,

“Miss Higarashi, former porn star of Tokyo Studio, dominant of all five women, the biggest slut in the red light district and you picked her up son, bad taste indeed…..”

“Kagome of the pot heads who had to rehabilitate to work behind the camera, what a shame!”

He went on like this talking about what sesshy already knew but he didn’t defend her once!

When his father offered to send her and her girls to the Netherlands and his cousin, Lord Kinsu and his brother Kisu she accepted realizing that she would never be good enough for his son…..

As she hammered out the deal with Papa she asked one thing,

“Marry him off to a woman who will love him and give him children, Papa?”

Then she asked to use his phone to make her farewells to the other directors and to ask them to treat him with the same respect as when she was there….

Then she packed up her girls and boys, their costumes and anything valuable to them and hopped on his private plane going to the Netherlands, she had a question for Lord Kisu…

In the meantime Papa had arranged for his son to marry the Lord of the east daughter, Nireen, which he did but it was short lived, six months short lived to be exact!

Papa found him sleeping in the back of his main porn shop watching the new Balthazar of the Netherlands jacking off with great pleasure…

When he asked him how was married life,

“So son how does it feel to have a wife?”

“What wife she only wants my money and she doesn’t plan on giving me pups either it would ruin her figure!”

Now Papa was sad that he had berated Kagome at least she would have loved him and given him pups…

“Do you want out my son?”

“Hell yes, let her have all the trappings of being rich including the house….”

“Do you miss her, son?”

“Hell yes, you ran her off for what reason?”

“She would have ruined your reputation son!”

“What reputation father, for being fucked up the ass to get a contract signed or sell toys to directors, she was my reputation, a former porn star with an addiction to weed and I love her as is….”

“I will dissolve the marriage son, I am truly sorry…”

“No you aren’t if you had been more open minded she would be here by my side helping me run my business unlike my arranged bride…”

It was then that he decided to go to the Netherlands to stay transferring all his stock in his shops and moving his factory as well contacting their cousin…

It took a week but it was done except for his main store which was packed up after he sent his last financial report to his father, afterwards he was on a plane for the Netherlands with a question for his cousin Lord Kisu…

The plane ride took five hours during which he wondered,

‘Who is this new Balthazar she is so gorgeous?”

When he landed he was greeted by Lord kisu and the new Balthazar acting like a snake wrapping herself around him for his pleasure…

In fact on the way to the castle she gave him the sloppiest, wettest blow job in the history of modern porn making him come ten times before they reached the castle, she was his slut!

As his cousin asked him his question,

“Have you found a replacement for Luther yet, I would like to audition?”

“Are you sure cousin, our Balthazar is extremely dominant?”

“Yes I am sure, can I audition as soon as we get to the castle?”

“Of course, but you might not make it!”

“I think I will take my chances!”

When they arrived he found that the same lady that was his slut was the new Balthazar, not caring about her appearance and smoking pot everyday….

Then it hit him, Kagome had become the new Balthazar returning to her old habits since he didn’t love her she decided why try to be a decent lady when she could be the biggest slut in the world, sleep with a Lord and get paid for it!

She had changed in six months’ time he didn’t even recognize her!

Poor Sesshy decided what he had to do, as he went into his dressing room simply asking,

“All I want is a concubine short sleeping yukata and sandals….”

When he walked in Kagome was laughing,

“So you want to be my co-star my dear business man, all vanilla no cookie, go ahead and try but better men than you have tried and failed!”

Then she positioned herself on the edge of the futon still laughing…..

Now she was dressed in a concubine short sleeping yukata but hers was even shorter showing all her vital parts….

It was then he went into his act,

“Woman you owe me for biting my cock extra hard and making me bleed!”

“No I don’t you hypocrite, I never bit you once you probably wish I did….”

“Stop talking and start sucking, open that robe of yours and do the same for me it is time for you to properly suck my cock not bite it!”

“Alright I’ll play your game, but you need to come to me if that is what you want!”

“No woman you will come to me, for it was you who bit me”

Kagome came to him untying her robe and his as he pushed her head down tangling his claws in her hair making her go up and down at  his pace…

Before she knew it she was feeling actual pleasure, moaning, whimpering, and whining at him for more…

He got the part of Luther the real Luther was watching in sorrow, he wanted to marry her instead of his brother, but now he would have to give his appearance, body and life on film to this man….

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