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Sesshoumaru's Secret by Luna

Chapter 1

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Summary: When a new girl gets transferred to his school, Sesshoumaru dubs her a nerd and hates her on the spot. But when a small accident occurs, Sesshoumaru finds out that underneath her coke bottle glasses hides the face of a true beauty! Suddenly, he feels as if he has something to hide... Drabble series.

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This drabble was originally posted to Live Journal on December 17, 2011.

Sesshoumaru's Secret

Chapter One

By: Luna

Sesshoumaru hated school. He hated everyone in it, including all the students and teachers. He hated that he was smarter than everyone, since it made him feel as if he was surrounded by idiots. In fact, it was safe to say he pretty much hated everything.

He especially hated the responsibility of walking the newcomers around campus.

She was so quiet. She never made a sound throughout the tour. Couldn't she speak? Was she mute? She probably thought what everyone else thought about him; girls treated him differently because of his looks. Others wanted to be friends because they wanted to be seen with someone who looked good. They were all superficial… every last one of them. He was sure this mouse would be no different.

He looked over his shoulder at the new girl, took in her legs (not bad for a nerd) the skirt, jacket, and tie, all neatly ironed and perfectly coifed. He had to give her credit; he hated people who didn't take pride in their appearance. Her hair was a soft, wavy black that fell loosely around her slim shoulders, but her bangs were kind of long and fell into her face, hiding her features even more than the giant coke bottle glasses she wore. She had nice lips, but her voice was probably raspy from not speaking. A complete hag!

Suddenly angry at her silence and not knowing why, he stopped abruptly, jolting when she rammed into his back and fell to the ground, having not been paying attention at all. Seriously, did she even hear a single thing he said?

When he spun around, angry, he witnessed something that stopped him in his tracks, and made his jaw drop in both shock and awe.

The school nerd… was a beauty? What the hell?

Prompt: Rasp, written for Dokuga(underscore)Contest on Live Journal—Weekly Perfection, Drabble #170.

Words: 300


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