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Atrapados by JeniNeji

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha
Beta Reader: Lillian. Sib!
Writing for: Maddie (Madison)

Chapter 1:

Prompt: BOW
Words: 100

Kagome readied her bow and... shot. The arrow flashed through the violent battlefield, passed a curtain of dark miasma, and hit Naraku’s chest where the complete Shikon Jewel rested. The dark hanyou howled and his red eyes cried blood before the entire place became trapped in a potent tornado of purifying powers.

Inuyasha, Kirara, Shippo, Jaken, and Ah-Uh fled, but not Sesshomaru. The pristine Taiyoukai raced towards the Shikon Priestess who was the center of it all. Golden eyes saw the pure Jewel make its way towards the miko. When she made to grab it, he held onto it, too.

Prompt: Paper
Words: 100

The pair was squished like useless paper by the raging purifying tornado, their souls screaming in fear at the merciless force trying to break them. However, before their minds could shatter and they could fall into insanity, everything came to an end.

Kagome fell with a loud thud and a pained cry while Sesshomaru floated to the uneven and bloody ground gracefully. The Taiyoukai immediately sniffed at the air, a habit, and what he found caused him much concern.

“What happened?” asked Kagome with a frown as she sat down.

Sesshomaru turned to her. “We are not in Japan anymore.”

Prompt: Leave
Words: 100

Kagome stood with furrowed brows. Her blue eyes glanced all around while her senses went into overload. The feeling of this place was so tense and thick that it made her want to throw up. Another scent, of rotten meat or something like it, waffled through the air and hit her very human nose, making her hands cover it. “What the hell is that?”

Sesshomaru remained quiet and stared at the unmoving leaves on the trees that could be seen in the horizon. There was no air current. How was that possible?

“We are trapped,” stated Sesshomaru.

Kagome shuddered. “But where?”


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