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A Taiyoukai's Decision by higan

To Fight is to Be American

Swiping the right shoulder with his left claw covered hand on his immaculate suit and tapping his black leather shoes on the linoliume floor, Sesshomaru Taisho waited. Boring stuff, this waiting, he thought grumpily as the line fractionated to the front at a snails pace. All his assets were taken care of. Inuyasha will watch the companies and the economy, along with his territory and lands. Remembering the shocked face of the half - breed, always brought a smirk about his face, as he handed his prized sword along with well displayed instructions.

He sighed, the feudal times were no more. No more Naraku to hunt and destroy, since he was dead. The battle was too short for his liking. What with five years searching for those blasted shards and staying around his idiot brother mingling their taichi's together to form a stronger front. Granted, it was a wonderful idea, too bad the demon lord never thought of it. That miko and her quick wit as well as her thinking had them both agreeing to work together. She knew what she was doing, but as she explained so many times to his person that it was the smartest choice and safest for Rin. Naturally, the young dog generals son complied.

It didn't take long for the miko to worm her way into all of his taichi's hearts. She had a special place in his person too, but he would never speak of such things out loud. Emotions, he mused that day, were nothing but a distraction to his cause and actions. Though she did look lovely when she cared for his ward, or tell Jaken a joke. Sometimes she would sit near his person and meditate along with him, or practice some 'tai-chi' as she so graciously put it while he and his brother would mauch sword fight. Always wondering if she did it on purpose just to see if he or his brother would react, his brother some how always managed to loose.

The futuristic miko took all his glory in one single, dominating and awe - inspiting blast of pure holy white, hot energy. Than as soon as it was done, she just vanished. Fasing in for a brief moment, than out. The demon looked at his brother and waited for his explanation. "She," the hanyou started as a single tear rolled down his cheek, "just didn't belong here." His taichi gathered around him as the other 'dead' miko approached, waiting for him to supposedly return to hell with her.

The conversation before the fight always flashed in his mind. "Inuyasha," stated the little miko, "you have a family now. You can't leave them behind. I thought you were stronger than that." She than turned him towards his misshapen family and swiped her arm out towards the four humans and four demons, along with himself. "Just because we don't look the same, doesn't mean we can't all be happy together."

He asked his hanyou brother later why he never went with the dead bitch. It was always the same answer, he shrugged and swiped his arm in a very familiar action.

"Hey buddy, are you next in line or do you wanna'a me to take your suit jacket?" Asked the man at the desk waiting for the man to make up his mind, or come back to earth. The drugged out assholes think they can get away with it and not go, he fumed to himself, a hipee in disguese. Disgusting.

"Yes, I am in line." Stated the taiyoukai, but no one will ever know he truly was since the charms the little kitsune made for the last dwindling of his kind. He wore a silver ring around his neck on a simple gold chain. The etching in the ring can only be seen by demons or mikos. For his he had the red haired kitsune go free hand and what ever he thought of was put in, the miko's name was written in ro-ma-ge for the world to see. Everyday that boy missed her like I do. Am I really that transparent, thought the demon.

"Name," stated the man behind the desk as he pulled out another piece of paper and started the applicant, "and are you a legal citizen?"

"My name is Sesshomaru Taisho, and yes." The smug smile graced his lips as he fingered the counterfeit papers in his pocket. Money always got you what ever you needed, he mused, sometimes it was best about the future.

Other times, sadder times he made himself come to terms that it was the truth of the matter, he would remember her birthday and only realize that he would celebrate it for someone that wasn't even born. It was too late for him to realize that he depended on her for a lot. Mostly it was that companion that Rin could had never been, a friend. He could make his own dinner and he could mend his own clothes, but she did it all with no questions asked. Reviled in it, you could say. You never had to ask her that's what he loved about her being.

She could be that shoulder you need to cry on when the world isn't going your way. Remembering the time with the slayer catching the monk asking some random woman to 'bear his children' and said slayer not only beating the ever-living shit out of him, but than running to her best friend and telling her. Kagome soothed her dear friend than marched right up to the monk, after being rendered unconscious, asserted her upset friends feelings into his nose. Dusting her hands off to him and warned him to fix his timely mistake.

The emotionally constipated youkai remembered the married couple, they stayed together for sixty-eight years. When the slayer passed in her sleep the monk could only follow two days later with a smile on his face muttering her to 'wait for him'.

"Taisho, eh? That's a different name. Sounds like that head strong 'do-joo' in Ja-Paine that's all the rage now. Are you related to the owners?" The human at the counter eyed the man with suspicion. Gut instincts never lied to him, and now with their country going to war in Vietnam he worried about terrorist attacks. "Let me see your identification please." Hand up palm waiting for the papers to fall.

Fingering the papers one last time Sesshomaru handed him the counterfeit social security card and birth certificate. The man, Timms noticed the only powerful being in the whole room, returned said items with a grunt and the daiyoukai knew he was in the clear.

When did I need to do this? The urge to kill and not get caught ragged in his head as the answer, his blood was calling either for two things. An heir or blood. Blood won, but only because she wasn't here yet. Plus, he always wanted to be part of a war, either side it didn't matter to him as long as he could do something. Being practically immortal and the first war and second just didn't appease him as this one, for some reason. The 'gorilla combat' as they put it was very sneaky and yet so surprising for such a simple evolved species. Plus the appeal of having a gun was intriguing the curious dog demon. Being a demon of swords this new found technology intrigued him.

Only to add that he wanted to go away from everyone that knew him. To just be Sesshomaru, a person.

"No, I didn't even know about it. Just a small world I guess." Sesshomaru lied through his pearly white canines with a false smile that never reached his eyes any more, but only a few knew that sad truth. For him lying was as close as breathing, being what he is he needed to lie. Quite a bit, now a days.

"Very well. Your paper work checks out." He paused to see if it even fazed the young man before him. The draft just started to he assumed this Taisho character was just trying to beat it. The face never changed. Timms shoulders slumped, disappointed at the fact that the young man never even flinched, he just took it. "Welcome to the Army. Your training starts as soon as you get checked out to medically to leave. If you check out ok than go to the back through that double doors and board the white bus."

"All right." Sesshomaru breezed through the medical and the eye exam as if it was nothing, well minus the physical. He never felt so violated than that moment. It took minutes for him to board the white behemoth and pick a seat near the middle, he remember his brother saying something about buses.

"Bad asses sit in the back and prissy bitches sit in the front. The middle is the safety zone." Why in all of Donte's Inferno does that matter now, he wondered to his person.

Another man around his late twenties sat next to the demon, and gave him a look. If Rin was a man, mused the lord, he would look like this. His hair was cropped to his chin and his bangs were pulled away, in a rubber band, from his face and his eyes were the same light brown and they told such an innocent story. Sesshomaru wondered if Rin was trying to say something to him from up there. "Hello." The carbon copy of his deceased ward said, though with a slightly deeper tone of voice.

The dog demon tilted his head in understanding and acknowledgment.

Not put off by the curt reply the copy pressed on. "My name is Donald, people call me Donnie for short." Taking his hand out ready to shake the stranger, putting all his trust in this person before him in hopes of simply to have a friend.

Flashes of the miko rushed in his mind. Glimpse of his past with her. When they met on friendly terms and she did what this copy is doing now. "Come on Ses sho maru! It won't bite. Its just a hand shake." Finally to impatient for her own good, she grabbed his hand and shook. He felt electricity course through his hand up to the arm and into the head. (i'm not saying which one). Soon after he noticed that it wasn't the shock that made him pull away, it was the caresses or waves of kindness that got him. A forgein feeling so bizarre on his demon blood that he reacted without thinking. Wrenching his hand free as if she did bite him, he looked down at her small being and saw her smile. "Sorry. Sometime my reiki likes to say hi too. It didn't hurt, did it?" All he could to not loose face, was snort.

Now in his present time, he looked down and grabbed it and pumped up and down. "Hi. My name is Sesshomaru. People call me Sess." When he let go of Donnie's hand he felt so much better. He made an acquaintance. One step from stranger and one below friend. The demon lord can deal with this.

They discussion continued for quite awhile as the bus continued to fill with other men joining them on their adventure. The discussion started simple, Donnie was drafted in and was shocked that Sess volunteered. He asked Sess why he willing went and his answer was just as weird. "Cause someone like you got to stay home with their family."

Sesshomaru didn't understand why he changed his answer, but telling Donnie that he wanted to watch someone die from a bullet wound or knifing just didn't seem like the proper thing to say right now. He started to rub the ring around his neck, slowly going into a calm meditation until the next words shocked him to the core.

"Who's Kagome?" Donnie watched as Sess started to fetile with some ring that he never really noticed until now. It looked dull and old from age, but the name was such a contrast. Around it was so clean and like new. He was deeply confused. "Did you love her?" He looked like he was rubbing the ring out of affection, like when you rub a loved one cheek or hair out of their eyes. The cliché in every romance book he's ever read, screamed at him as he watched the man continue to rub.

"She was a friend from a long time ago." Started the demon, "I lost her, and I'm waiting till I find her again." Simplicity was the key now. He did not wish to lie to Donnie. Something just screamed not to, instincts maybe? He didn't know, but he like having a almost friend with Donnie. "Give me a few days, and if you remember I will tell you more, ok?"

Nodding his head, the boy was silent once more. This will be a very interesting time for the taiyoukai as he gets ready to fight in a war and even possibly get a friend on top. What a day so far, and to think that the year was only 1969. To bad he was on the otherside of the world to get some action. New York certainly is strange, he pondered as he stared at his past wards reincarnation. Soon, she will be near again and he can tell her his true feelings without hinderance.


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