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Miko General by Soul Wolf


A/N: Hello! This is my first Sesshomaru and Kagome fan-fiction ever so....yeah. It's AU and told in little pieces...just a heads up! Each “theme” is from a friend so I have no idea what the next chapter will bring! Chapter 1: 268 words I suppose this would be a drabble collection?....Meh. AU!!!

Chapter 1: Introduction


Sesshomaru would be the first to admit their first encounter was...less then desirable. As a matter of fact, he had almost killed the girl for disrespect. A mere human of sixteen summers dared speak to him- the Western Lord- in such a manner? After he had sought her out?

He hadn’t been looking
for her, but rather checking in on rumors of a Miko who would not turn demons or halflings away and- according to the rumors- was quite the strategist. The idea of having an intelligent Miko with no prejudice in his employment had been an advantage he wanted.

He had found her too- right in the middle of a battle field. He had admittedly been impressed that such a small young being could hold her own against so many demons. He had interrupted her fight and dispatched the lesser demons with a flick of his wrist. That hadn’t been what set the Miko off. It was when he implied she couldn’t have taken care of the rest her temper flared and she had fearlessly invaded his personal space to yell at him and jab her dainty finger into his chest.

He had of course taken offense and began to radiate his youkai. It was when she had matched his output of youkai with her spiritual power that he had paused in his intent to kill her.


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