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I Know You by Naoko

Just Out of Reach

LYRICS ARE FROM PEGGY LEE'S 'FEVER'. I highly recommend listening to it, it is AWESOME!! :3




"Never know how much I love you, Never know how much I care. When you put your arms around me, I get a fever that's so hard to bear."



Kagome looked out to the audience as she leaned into the microphone, bright blue eyes sweeping the darkened faces she knew her watching her. The spotlight made it impossible to distinguish their features, but she knew for a fact that he was in booth seven, his usual spot. It was one of the few with curtains, which were slightly pulled open most of the time. Usually she caught a glimpse of him after the lights dimmed and she was just slipping off stage. He seemed so familiar, but she just couldn't remember ever meeting the dark haired man. Still, the vibe she got from him... Each night after her performance at the small club she worked at, she would try to catch him, but he was always gone before she got to his table. She'd been trying for months now, and for months he was still out of her grasp. She'd tried seeing if he paid with a credit card, but no dice. No paper trail to follow. This time however, she'd come up with a good plan. She'd talked Eri, who'd gotten her a job at this place, into stalling him long enough for her to catch him and hopefully talk with him.



 "Now you've listened to my story, here's the point that I have made: chicks were born to give you fever, be it Fahrenheit or centigrade. We give you fever when we kiss you, fever if you live and learn. Fever till you sizzle-- What a lovely way to burn! What a lovely way to burn. What a lovely way to burn, ah...What a lovely way to burn!"



As the music faded, her plan went into action. Her friend Eri hurried over to the man's table, a tray full of drinks in her hands. She watched excitedly as he was effectively kept in place for a moment as Eri 'accidently' spilled the tray on the man's table. Not wanting to waste time, she grabbed her black lacy shawl from the hanger just off to the side of the stage behind the curtains, nearly running through the crowd of tables towards the two. She managed to swiftly (yet politely) dodge other fans, though each one slowed her down a bit. She was almost to the man when Mrs. Urashima, the owner of the club, stepped in front of her.



"Kagome-chan, where are you going? You can't leave without Hojo! You remember what happened last time!" the middle-aged woman chided.



Kagome was ready to tear her hair out. But she couldn't be mad with Mrs. Urashima, the woman had no idea what she was doing. "I'm not leaving just yet, I'm just trying to catch--"



"Kagome!" Eri walked up to the two, obviously distressed, "I'm sorry, but I couldn't keep him still long enough, so he got away. I'm so sorry, I know how much you wanted to talk to him." Kagome sighed, sinking into a vacant seat at the table next to her.



"So, so close."


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