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Perspective by Forsaken Tenshi


Inuyasha characters do no belong to me but to Takahashi Rumiko.


Drabble/Drawble Night: November 5, 2011

Theme: Tea Time

Word Count: 100 words each


Prompt 1: White

She remembered the first time she laid eyes on him, remembered how her breath had momentarily caught in her chest.  He had looked down at the pair of them with amber eyes, chin gently resting on the back of his striped hand, a smug grin gracing his thin lips.  Dressed in all white and accented with red, yellow, and blue, he was the most regal being she had ever seen: his carriage and manner proclaimed to all that he was royalty, someone who demanded respect and reverence, someone who would not take anything less than complete obedience.  He was beautiful.

Prompt 2: Sweet

While her perception of him had been colored heavily by Inuyasha’s constant raving and ranting, she had surreptitiously watched him over the course of her journeying.  At some point he had acquired a companion in a young human girl named Rin.  She was the complete opposite of him: he was stoic and quiet; she was outgoing and bubbly.  They were such a contrast to each other, and yet they seemed to suit each other perfectly.  Inuyasha had merely scoffed at his newest pack member, but personally she thought it was rather sweet.  She was glad he was learning to care.

Prompt 3: Bubble

She recalled her surprise over the time she was kidnapped by Naraku, and found Rin as her cellmate.  The young child had been frightened, but held firmly to the belief that her unofficial guardian would rescue her.  She felt such pride in the both of them, for she too, believed that he would come.  And come he did.  She had watched the fury over Rin’s kidnapping bubble up inside him, translating outwardly into one of the most vicious onslaughts of violence on the hanyou she had ever seen.  She had never been so pleased they were on the same side.

Prompt 4: Spoon

Over the course of her journey, she had watched him time and again whenever their paths would cross.  He was as graceful and regal on the battlefield as he was off.  He had always kept a stoic mien, but there were times his mask would slip and reveal the depth of his emotions if it was a subject that touched him deeply.  While she never thought he would be one to spoon, she hazarded the guess that he would make a most ardent and passionate lover.  His name meant “Killing Perfection”.  Why would he not be perfect at everything else?

Prompt 5: Black

There were few instances when she ever saw him in a completely black mood, and these were usually tied to certain touchy topics.  Inuyasha and his inheritance, for one; their father’s lack of decorum for bedding a human, for another; family honor was on that list as well.  Come to think of it, all of it somehow boiled down to Inuyasha’s very existence.  He had tried to kill her hanyou friend on multiple occasions.  While he most certainly had the skill and power to do so, he had somehow backed down at every turn.  Beneath his frosty mask, he cared.

Prompt 6: Herb

When Rin began to mature physically, she had been sought out for help regarding Rin’s problems.  She had recommended certain herbs to ease the young girl’s discomfort, and had ended up giving a pink-faced lecture on female reproductive organs to him.  He had merely listened attentively with the tips of his ears the faintest hint of rose before thanking her and leaving without another word or glance.  She had followed his departure with her eyes and smiled before returning home, noting that for the first time a sense of camaraderie had taken root in her heart, alongside admiration and respect.

Prompt 7: Tray

There came a point in time later, when Inuyasha’s interests had strayed to a local village woman that he began to visit for no apparent reason.  The first time he visited, she had invited him to have tea, and they had settled underneath the boughs of the Goshinboku.  She carried the tea set on a tray, and they shared the hot beverage in the cool autumn afternoon breeze.  The sun filtered through the leaves, dappling both of their seated figures in undulating patterns of light.  She blushed at her thoughts, and he had cocked an eyebrow up in silent query.

Prompt 8: Green

Rin had grown from a bubbly, unrestrained child into a gorgeous woman.  There were many human men who requested her hand in marriage, and after a length of time, one had been deemed worthy of possessing her.  She had helped dress Rin for her wedding ceremony with pleasure and immense pride for the young woman.  The sprig of pale pink cherry blossoms accented with green leaves contrasted beautifully with Rin’s chestnut hair.  She had watched his face when Rin had emerged dressed, and was immeasurably pleased with her success at transforming Rin into a woman of utmost elegance and beauty.

Prompt 9: Cozy

Rin’s wedding ceremony had gone without a hitch, and it was truly an enchanting event.  The bride and groom had sneaked bashful glances at each other throughout the tea ceremony, and she could not help but feel warm and fluttery on the inside.  Afterwards, she had wandered out to one of the courtyards of the Western palace, taking in the flowers as she sat on a small bench.  He had appeared shortly after and requested to sit next to her.  The bench was small for the both of them, but the evening was cool, and he was cozy and warm.

Prompt 10: Steep

Their courtship had, at times, been steep and rocky, but other times, it had been smooth and easy.  Their headstrong personalities had clashed on several occasions, but they had always managed to work through them.

“I’m human,” she had initially protested.

“So was Rin,” he had replied.

“I’m a miko.”

“I’ve withstood Hakurei-san’s holy barrier.”

“You’ll outlive me.”

“I’ll make you immortal.”

“I’m clumsy.”

“I’ve saved you more than once.”

“You don’t like humans.”

“Exceptions can be made.”

“Why me?”

He did not reply and had then proceeded to silence her further protests with the sweetest, gentlest kiss.  “You’re special.”


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