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Insatiable by Luna

Trick or Treat

I do not own Inuyasha. Like all my stories, the standard disclaimer applies.

This started during Dokuga's 2011 Halloween Drabble Drawble Night.

For the first 25 chapters, there will be a 100 word limit each chapter. After the 25th chapter I will branch off and collect new prompts, each with different word limits depending on the challenge.

Though I love writing them, this will not be another 100 words a chapter like a few of my other stories. Updates will be sporadic.

Warning: This story will feature dark themes and adult situations. Readers beware, and arm yourselves accordingly.

Thank you, Yabou, for helping me with titles! Even though I changed it, you helped inspire it! 



Trick or Treat

By: Luna


The night was dark, and Kagome shivered underneath the cover of her red cloak. Her fishnet stockings gave her no protection from the cold air, and the platform shoes she had bought earlier were starting to hurt her feet.


It wasn't the first time she heard the sinister whisper. It was just her luck that she chose to walk down a street empty of revelers on her way home. She reached into her knapsack for something solid.

Dum-Dums; how ironic.

Beggars can't be choosers; clutching the sucker in her fist with the stick between her fingers, she walked faster.

Prompt: Dum-Dums, Drabble Drawble Night, October 31st 2011

Words: 100


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