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Better Left Forgotten by SunsetMiko


"Would you care to explain this?"

Blue eyes widened while golden ones narrowed and she stared at the item being held up for her inspection, something she never wanted to see again. She didn't need to be reminded of her stupidity, not now that she'd learned her lesson that some things can't be forced, that some things are not meant to be, that she was a fool to even think it was possible. She knew better now and what he held was nothing but a naive girl's wishful thinking. She was sure she'd gotten rid of all of them, but apparently she missed one. "I... well, I mean... that is... ummm... sorry?"

"Sorry does not explain it."

"It was a long time ago, alright? Besides, what in the hell are you doing looking through my things?"

"You forget... your things belong to me... as do you."

"Exactly! I belong to you, so why do you care about," she pointed at the item in question, "that... thing...?"

"You had feelings for him."

"Yeah, sure I did, but I don't any more! You know that! God, are you ever going to let it go?! He never wanted me and I have no idea what I saw in him in the first place. I'm... with... you!" she yelled emphatically, tired of having this same fight over and over whenever he was feeling insecure.

He frowned at her and she grabbed the sketch pad out of his hand, tearing out the drawing of her and Inuyasha in a compromising position that had her mate so upset.

"This is how much this means to me, alright?" she tossed it into the fireplace and they watched together as it curled and darkened until it was nothing but ashes. "It's you I love Sesshoumaru, just you, forever."


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