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Communication by kaoruhana

The Job

             “Are you sure your son needs this?”  Kagome asked the couple across from her.  Well, couple no longer, she mentally corrected herself. 

                A year ago, they’d come to her seeking to reconcile a relationship somehow when they heard of their granddaughter.  After Hatsumomo had finally forgiven Toga for leaving her, things had just progressed naturally.  And when Toga had realized he’d been in the wrong as well the problem seemed to naturally resolve itself.  All they needed was Kagome to push them along that route a little- a task that was nearly thirty years overdue.  Now, they wanted her to do the same for their son. 

                “He needs you Kagome.”  Hatsumomo began in her stiff elegant speech.  “You helped Toga and I come to terms with ourselves, you are noted as one of the best in your field.  You need to help my son.” 


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