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Boys Will Be Boys by Walter205

Dem Boys! Dey never learn!

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 They had stopped to camp for the night in a clearing in the forest, next to a small stream that provided adequate fresh water and even a few fish mixed with hunted rabbits for dinner. While Inuyasha dozed in a tree after a day long hard fought battle against Naraku's latest batch of minions and demon fodder, the others milled about taking care of various duties. Kagome kneeled by the stream washing out pots and pans, refilling their water bottles, and washing laundry. Miroku was tending to Sango, whom had received some kind of poison from one of Naraku's new types of demons, a Shikon No Tama created hybrid.

So far Sango seemed to have just a mild fever, with hot and pale skin that Miroku was tending to with his...good hand and a cold rag.

"Monk?" asked Sango as her eyes fluttered open before focusing on him.

"Yes, Sango? How are you feeling?" he asked her softly in return.

"I'm feeling better, but I know of something that could make me feel much better," Sango said huskily.

Gulping audibly at the shift in her voice and demeanor, Miroku asked her what it was.

In reply, she grabbed a fist full of his upper robes with her right hand, yanking him downwards as she sat up to kiss him greedily. At first he resisted, then his lechery mode kicked in and he returned the kiss, with the two of them finally breaking for air.

As Sango panted for breath, she began running his hands over his form. In the corner of his mind, Miroku realized that Sango wasn't herself. It must have been the poison the demon gave her earlier, perhaps Naraku intended on playing their emotions for one another to his benefit. He needed time to talk with Inuyasha about how to solve this, time that he wouldn't have with Sango all over him. His eyes and mind cast about the camp, trying to figure out a way to distract her long enough for him to summon Inuyasha and get to work on a cure.

Another part of his mind wondered whether or not he was crazy or gay for wanting to stop this, but his sane self never wanted to have relations with Sango while she was under the influence of something, it just wasn't right. Sighing with resentment and purpose, he finally found something to distract Sango. It was a long shot, but it just might work.

"Uhhh Sango, I think Kagome needs some help with the laundry," said Miroku softly.

"Screw the laundry. I have something and someone else in mind that needs my help," she whispered softly in return.

Miroku thought to himself, 'Damn, this poison really has some hold over her. Forgive me Buddha and Kagome, but I'll need to do a little lying and slandering for this good cause.'

"Well umm, I would, honestly, but Kagome told me earlier that she didn't think you were a good lover, that you didn't really know anything about having good relations, and that she dared you to prove her wrong to her face," stuttered out Miroku while stroking the back of his head in nervousness.

"She did, did she? That little bitch, I'll show her," seethed Sango as she got up and sauntered over to where Kagome was still doing the laundry.

Miroku sighed in disappointment and relief, before looking up at Inuyasha.

"Pssst, Inuyasha, get down here. We need your help real quick," Miroku whispered up at him with his hands cupping his mouth. He knew his ears would pick up and single out the mention of his name.

The irritable half demon dropped to the ground quietly, looking over at Sango reaching Kagome, Shippou and Kirara sleeping on the other side of camp, and Miroku standing there looking at him with a half and half goofy/serious expression on his face.

"Well, what is it Monk?"

"I think I've found out what the poison is that ails Sango," replied Miroku.

"You mean she's still sick?" asked Inuyasha, looking over at Sango again.

"Yes, but not the normal kind of sick. This poison was engineered to affect her emotions, particularly those emotions concerning relations," explained Miroku.

"Relations? Relations how?" asked the ever dense Inuyasha.

"Sex, Inuyasha," replied Miroku, sighing in frustration at having to spell it out for him.

"Keh, I'd have thought you'd be taking full advantage of that right now, you Lech," commented Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha, this is serious. Obviously Sango doesn't need any more emotional damage then what she's carrying around with her, and doing something while under the influence of a drug or poison would only add to her distress. Can you think of anything that might help her?" asked Miroku.

"I don’t know. Kagome's medicine is gone, which is one of the reasons we've been heading back to the village. If it doesn't wear off over time, we could just tie her up to protect her," proposed Inuyasha.

"That could work. In the meantime, we could ask some local villagers for poison antidotes and try them on her," mused Miroku.

"Keh, she'll....," trailed off Inuyasha as he looked at Sango again.

"Inuyasha, what....," trailed off Miroku as he turned to look at Sango and Kagome.

'Oh Buddha protect me'....

* * *

Kagome didn't know what on Earth had gotten into her best friend Sango. Dimly she recalled something about Sango being afflicted by a poison, but seeing how she was up and about and behaving now had Kagome believing the poison had passed on. In the three and a half years since she had first met the demon slayer, Kagome had never known her to do anything like this.

It had all started when Sango had approached her with accusations about statements that Kagome had made. She denied that she had ever said anything like that, but Sango accused her of lying and called her a coward and a weakling. Having Inuyasha basically treat her to the same two words over the past few years while trying to prove him wrong instantly got her riled up, and the two women were off into a heated argument.

That argument came to an abrupt end when Sango said once again that Kagome had talked about how Sango didn't know how to be a proper woman. In a very angry mood, Kagome's answer was rushed and reactionary, and was a very wrong thing to say.

"Humph, maybe you don't know how to be a proper woman," stated Kagome in response. Of course, Kagome was thinking of soft, prim, and proper when she said that, something that Sango had never really been exposed to. However, Sango had something else on her mind when she talked about that, and Kagome's statement spurred her into action to prove Kagome wrong on that account.

Closing the distance quickly between them, Sango brought her lips crashing down on Kagome's own, stealing her breath away as her tongue dived into the miko's mouth. Sango's left hand reached in up under her shirt and massaged Kagome's right breast over her bra, while her right hand reached in up under her skirt to massage the skin and folds shielded by her panties.

Kagome's astonishment and shock quickly melted away into pure bliss as Sango's actions began registering in full amount to her mind and nerve system. She moaned softly as her ministrations continued unabated, with Sango pausing only to once again come up for air.

"There, how's that?" asked Sango coyly.

Perhaps it was because of her youth, being that she was only nineteen years old. Perhaps it also had to do with Inuyasha hardly paying any attention to her at all physically wise. Perhaps it also had to do with Kagome being an innocent little virgin, but what came out of her mouth next surprised both her and Sango.

"How was what?" asked Kagome indifferently.

"Why you!" Sango shouted down at her. With a rough shove she pushed Kagome from a kneeling position into lying on her back in the streamside sand, then in two rough motions tore her skirt from her body and yanked up her shirt to just under her neck. With a tear her bra was tore from her chest and lay asunder under her back, while her panties were yanked down off her legs to join her skirt pooled below her.

In only a few seconds Kagome had been stripped naked, and lay there blushing up at Sango as she heaved from her exertions. Kagome was totally in shock, wondering with trepidation and a little nervous excitement at what Sango planned to do next.

"Okay, you want to see how well I make love? Well here it comes."

Sango dived down upon her body, burying her head into Kagome's crotch while her hands snaked upwards to wrap themselves around Kagome's breasts, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. Her tongue delved deep into her hair and folds, flicking up and down, left and right as she searched for her friend's sweet spots and licked up her juices.

Kagome bucked up and down, shivering and shuddering as waves of pleasure rolled across her body. Moans and mewls of pleasure left her mouth, starting lowly at first, then increasing in volume in sync with her level of pleasure that she was feeling. If either woman noticed the sudden lack of conversation coming from the other side of camp, they didn't let it on. Nor a moment later did they notice the approach of another, until he was standing right over them...

* * *

Sesshomaru had been enjoying a cleansing swim up a small stream when angry voices and familiar scents had invaded his nose. Having left Rin and Jaken back at their camp further up the stream, he had stripped down and proceeded to rid himself of the slime and muck from the corpses of Naraku's demons from a battle earlier in the day.

Surfacing and scouring the clearing from the very edge, he first sighted Inuyasha and the monk standing there side by side, staring googly eyed and slack jawed at something farther down by the stream. Inuyasha was beginning to pant with drool running down his mouth, while the monk was surreptiously reaching a hand down towards the middle folds in his robes.

Sesshomaru then focused on the other aspect in the campsite, the two women by the stream. The slayer was making fierce love to the miko, and Sesshomaru could tell by sorting out the smells that she was infected by a very rare form of poison called 'Quarrel ender', a love potion that was meant for youkai females to be a little more open for males, but proved toxic and somewhat more potent for humans. As the scene stood right now, Naraku would benefit most handsomely from the predicted outcome, something that Sesshomaru was not willing to let come to pass.

His first move was to emerge from the stream stark naked, forming two fists that he used to punch Miroku and Inuyasha upside the head with. With careful aiming precision, he sent both of them flying into trees sufficiently hard to knock them out without killing them, far enough away from camp to where the sounds from the impacts wouldn't be noticed by human ears.

Next he used his youkai to create a special brew of poison in his hand. Approaching the two women silently, they didn't notice he was there until he was standing right over them. Even then, Kagome merely turned pink red from blushing as she gazed at him through heavily lidded eyes, while Sango totally ignored him. Reaching down with his one free arm, Sesshomaru grabbed Sango's hair and lifted her up out of Kagome's crotch. He brought his other hand around and sprayed the brew into her face, watching as she inhaled it and then passed out. While keeping her knocked out, the poison would kill the 'Quarrel Ender' remaining within her system before becoming non-dangerous and finding its way into her bladder, to be released into the ground shortly after Sango awakens.

With that taken care of, there was only one matter left to deal with, the problem of what to do with the highly aroused miko lying on the dirt ground before him. It was certainly rude of him to barge in here and deny her the loving that she was in desperate need of. So he decides to relieve her of her needs before heading back to camp.

* * *

Kagome was confused about what was going on, but that confusion evaporated into lust when she caught sight of the expression on Sesshomaru's face when he turned to face her. He opened his mouth, revealing the fangs within that were replaced by the pinkish flesh of his rather large tongue which he relaxed, letting all seven inches of it dangle out of his mouth. He let his eyes travel up and down her body, noting her swelled breasts which had filled out over the years, erect nipples, smooth and well toned stomach, curves, thighs, legs, feet, dainty hands, nice hair, beautiful eyes, small nose, mouth with a tantalizing tongue licking her luscious lips in anticipation. Oh yes, it had been far too long since he had enjoyed being with a woman. For tonight at least, he would take a little R and R from his normal goal of power through supreme conquest.

He took up right where Sango left off, using his rusty experience, bigger and longer tongue with tougher muscles, and greater power and energy to rock Kagome's world. In the five minutes that he spent probing, digging, and lapping into her moist folds, he had sent her off on orgasms twice, and left her gasping for air and covered in sweat. The sight of her covered in the latter, still shaking on the last pleasure high that had her breasts jiggling, sent another rush of blood into his already stiff and standing at attention member.

He wasted no time in taking care of pleasure. As he slid into her and breached her member, he tuned out her sudden cries of pain, waiting for her to adjust before he started a pumping motion that gradually grew in intensity and pace. While this was going on, he used his fingers and mouth to pay great homage to her beautiful breasts and perky nipples, pinching, pulling, suckling, and lightly biting. He could feel her reaching her high, but stopped just short of it, much to her disappointment.

He sat down and pulled her up into his lap, maintaining the intimate contact between them. He then began anew at a feverish pace, bouncing her up into the air, delighting in the feel of her breasts slapped against his chest and her buttocks pounding on his thighs as she gasped and moaned lightly into his ears and neck. They both came at about the same time, his seed spilling into her stomach. When he finally came down off of his high, she was fast asleep in his arms, exhausted beyond belief from the day's activities.

He took the time to wash her and Sango down, as well as himself, before gathering them plus Miroku and Inuyasha up into sleeping positions around the camp. With luck it would all seem like a dream to them as he departed the campsite and made for his own. Yes, very sweet dreams indeed.

The End


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