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Nonpariel by inali


Disclaimer: I do not own InuYasha.  The characters and all intellectual properties within in are the sole properties of R. Takahashi and Shogakukan.  No monetary profit is being made.

This is an interconnected drabble series created for the Gemstone challenge, which can be found in the Dokuga forum.  All drabbles will be 150 words and updated with each new prompt. 


Kagome eyed the three blood-red stones as they laid innocuously in her palm with some reservation.  While garnets were not the strangest "gift" she'd ever received from her grandfather, the reasoning behind them was certainly dubious.  How on earth was three red stones tucked under her pillow at night going to cure her of nightmares?

"Thanks, grandpa."  Kagome finally acquiesced with a sigh as she slipped the gemstones back into the sachet they were kept in. 

"And wearing them will ward off depression, and maybe even find you a love match!"  The old man crowed, ecstatic over his granddaughter's acceptance of his gift.

Blanching, Kagome regarded her grandfather for a moment before asking.  "So, what you're really trying to say is your sending me back to the Feudal Era with a dowry?"

The ensuing cackle did nothing to soothe Kagome's growing concern for her grandfather's mental health.


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