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Virginity of the Soul by Madison


A/N: Holy crap. 1st place best lemon? You pervs. Ahah, just kidding. Thank you so freaking much guys! I had an awesome time in France and I can't wait to get all the smut started again, ahah. Also, holy - thanks for all the reviews! You're all amazing!

Again, this is dedicated to Daniella. Thank you for your help hun

Virginity of the Soul

Chapter 6: Alterations

She used him.

She was always technically using him but this was different. She came to him many times and she let him fuck her when her husband was nearby. She also agreed to be his and his alone and to not let Inuyasha have her body again.

Yet, she worried about him. She was concerned about his feelings.

What about Sesshomaru's feelings? He gave her everything she came to him for and more. She thought he was dominant over her but this whole time he craved her and was begging for her in silence. She became his even though she belonged to his brother, even though she lacked his mark on her neck. She agreed to be his alone, she promised.

They made a deal. Unfortunately, at the first sign of trouble when she thought Inuyasha's feelings might be hurt, she ran away from him.

She never intended to be his. She gave him nothing more than an illusion and she shattered it.

He got a taste of her and now he felt like she was going to escape him forever.

What if his younger brother found out? Would she leave Sesshomaru behind? Would she choose Inuyasha?

He knew what this was from the beginning. He hoped to seduce her away and he did… or perhaps not.. He felt like she stole his pride and his ego. She crushed him and she did not care. Never once did she look back at him and there were no goodbyes.

Sesshomaru never let her know about his possessiveness or how much he needed her but she should have guessed.

Without thinking, he lifted his fist and punched the nearest wall, driving his entire arm through it. Once he felt his rage settled, he pulled his arm away. Right now he wanted nothing more than to see her on her knees in front of him, begging for his mercy. He wanted her to try and please him so that he would forgive her. He wanted to see her baring her neck at him and pleading for his mark on her flesh.

He felt his cock pump with blood and he snarled while his eyes darkened.

Now more than ever he wanted to punch Inuyasha's face and strangle him. He would watch until the life left his eyes. He was willing to murder his own half brother with his own hands. The alpha inside of him was clawing at him, demanding that he took what was rightfully his. He heard it from her mouth; she accepted that she was going to be his and his alone. Why drag this out, why let her be with him?

He was panting because of how great his rage was; he could barely control himself.

Sesshomaru remembered nibbling at her neck and leaving a small mark. From the first time he saw her he wanted her.

"Izayoi, Father, I have no time for such foolishness."

Inutaisho glared at his son. "Your brother asked this girl to marry him. I want us to all be there to meet her. She is going to be part of our pack now son. This is your business as well."

Frankly, he was surprised that Inuyasha found someone to tolerate him. He could not help but wonder what kind of whore his half brother picked up off the street. After all, no woman of class would agree to marry him. He had no manners, he was an idiot and he could not control his temper. Whatever he wanted, he went after it without any thoughts about how it might affect the people around him.

He would always be a foolish pup.

"You will stay here and you will have dinner with your family," Inutaisho added firmly.

Sesshomaru never gave him a reply but he remained in his seat. It was not too long before the doorbell echoed through the house and Izayoi happily clapped. She waited for years for one of the boys to settle down so that she could have another girl in the house. She almost thought it would never happen.

"I'll go greet them," she said before rising from her chair and heading for the door.

"I expect you on your best behavior, son."

"I am not Inuyasha." He knew what honor and duty meant. He would do what he had to do regardless of if it pleased him or not.

Footsteps were heard along with voices until finally, everyone arrived in the kitchen. Both Sesshomaru and Inutaisho rose to their feet to greet the girl. Inuyasha was standing in front of her, shielding her from Sesshomaru's eyes. He turned his head, never looking at his brother, and introduced his fiancée.

"Pop, this is Kagome."

Inutaisho stretched out his hand and shook Kagome's. "It's a pleasure to meet you," he said with a dashing smile.

When she finally appeared in Sesshomaru's sight he looked enthralled. She was - not a whore. She was beautiful with long black hair cascading down her shoulders, shining blue eyes s, while the faintest hint of pink decorated her cheeks and lit up her face. She laughed and it was almost like music to his ears. Her smile was hypnotizing as she shyly bowed her head to his father.

It took a few moments but she finally seemed to notice his presence. She looked at him and their eyes met; he never wanted to look away.

"I'm Kagome," she gently said before offering her hand.

He did not take it. He could not take it. Heck, he could not even move.

Creases formed on her forehead when she frowned. He watched her bottom lip tremble in uncertainty. Her lips were pink and plump and glistening because of her the gloss applied to them.

"Don't worry about him. He's always an asshole."

"Inuyasha!" Izayoi reprimanded.

"What? He can't even say hi!"

Inutaisho nudged his son before throwing yet another glare his way. This was not like Sesshomaru; he was never this disrespectful in public.

The hit snapped him out of it and Sesshomaru lightly shook her hand. "Sesshomaru."

Her skin was warm and soft, so soft. She felt delicate in his hold like she was meant to be protected and handled carefully. Suddenly, the blood rushed to his groin and he stiffened. It was not until he felt her pull her hand back that he pulled away from his thoughts. Everyone moved towards the table, everyone but him.

His brother brought many girlfriends home over the years. Never anyone serious of course. None of them ever created the reaction within him despite the many whores who hit on him that she did. How many of his brother's girlfriends could he have had? He lost count. But he did not want any of them. This one though… she was different.

She looked at Inuyasha with stars in her eyes. She never looked away and he seemed to be everything she wanted to focus on. She was innocent, pure and beautiful.

A growl almost rumbled through his chest.

He needed to stay away from this girl.

He knew in that moment that he needed to stay away from her. From the start she attracted him like a moth to a flame. If he was not careful she would take him down. Yet, all that caution went through the window that night at the club. He let himself be taken in by her and he lost himself. It was his first mistake and it would be his last. He wanted her; he always knew that. She was meant to be his but she never was.

The simple fact was; he could not have her.


She could not breathe. She was standing there, suffocating.

All Kagome managed to do was let her body drop to the ground and lean her head against the nearest car. Kanna and Inuyasha. Her heart was beating terribly fast, giving her the impression that it was going to come out of her chest. She was choking on the air and her sobs were uncontrollable. Rage and pain swirled inside of her and it made her nauseous.

He could have cheated on her with anyone. He could have taken any woman. Why her?

And Kanna… she… no she listened to her! She held her while she cried after finding out about Inuyasha's betrayal! She was her best friend! She sent her to that club, she - oh my god. She sent her to that club! She - she knew! There was no mistaking the fact that she sent her there on purpose! Did she - yes she wanted her to have sex with someone else.

Why? Why would she want that? She already had Inuyasha apparently!

Did she think that way Kagome would leave Inuyasha and she could have him all to herself?

She willingly put up with his cheating and she stayed with him. It might have been a mistake; it might have all worked out somehow. However, this was no mistake. How could it be? He chose her best friend. He knew how close she was to Kanna and fucked her anyway! How could they both look at her? How could they both act like she meant something to them?

Kagome confided everything to Kanna. She told her about Sesshomaru! Did she tell Inuyasha? Oh, she did not care if he knew, not anymore.

Tears were burning her eyes, agony was clawing at her heart and she felt like she was dying.

She did not care if he found out about her and Sesshomaru. If he could backstab her like this then he was about to find out she could do the same. She did not want Kanna to tell him though - that was not painful enough. She wanted him hurt more than she was. She wanted him to feel his heart break and shatter into a million pieces.

Kagome needed to crush him like he crushed her.

Did he not realize what he did to her?

This was not the kind of person she was. She was a good wife who did not cheat on her husband. She did not sleep around and she did not betray the people she loved. He made her into this. He drove her into the arms of another man. He drove her into his bothers' bed.

How could he live with himself?

The sobs were getting loud and out of control to the point where she was forced to smack a hand over her mouth to silence herself. Inuyasha had good ears and a good sense of smell but she figured he was too busy being a bastard to smell her. However, he might still hear her. No, she did not want him to know she found out his little secret. Kanna either.

If she marched over there, a mess like she was, they would both win. Kanna would have her victory and Inuyasha would see her broken.

She wanted him to see her strong and thriving. It was he who was meant to be in pain, not her.

He started this little game and she would end it.

Now that she was faced with this situation, she regretted the way she rushed out of Sesshomaru's office. She was afraid that Inuyasha found out about them. He did not deserve any of the kindness she tried to show him. If she could, she would finish it all now but she could not. She was not even certain she could keep her composure enough to get up or even drive.

All she could do for the moment was sit on the cold ground with tears running down her face and her heart racing.

She carried no more love for him in her heart. She forgave everything, she overlooked every mistake and Inuyasha managed to do it nonetheless - he managed to do the unforgivable.


"Why does your office smell like Kagome?"

Sesshomaru raised his eyes to look at his younger brother. His breathing was hectic, his hair tousled and anger shone in his amber eyes. He busted through the door, clearly unhappy and very uninvited. His hand was still wrapped around the handle, his claws threatening to rip it out of the door.

"I asked ya a question."

He blinked slowly before dropping the papers he was holding. "Your wife came in here to demand I lessen your work hours." He protected her without even thinking about it. He did it because it felt so natural.

Right now, at this exact moment, he could take it all. He could gloat about how he fucked Inuyasha's wife while he was nearby. He could tell him how much she screamed for him, how much she begged for his cock. Really, it would be easily believable. If Inuyasha was not so oblivious, if he did not think Kagome was a carpet mat, he might actually realize that beneath all their scents was the smell of sex.

"Oh," Inuyasha replied as he felt the guilt rise in him.

Sesshomaru was a bastard and Kagome risked facing his wrath just for him. Meanwhile, he actually spent his night fucking her best friend. Fuck, he felt lousy. He did not mean to and he really did love Kagome. It was not like he wanted to keep doing this but he could not help it. His Kagome was fragile and she just could not handle his youkai side. He did not want to hurt her.

"Why do you?"

"Why do I what?"

"Why do you smell like another woman?"

Kagome walked out on him to protect Inuyasha's feelings while he was apparently out fucking his whore. His rage and anger was getting harder and harder to control especially since at the moment it was quite easy to direct it all towards Inuyasha.

"Hey - watch what you're saying."

It was not like he had time to take a shower after doing it with Kanna in the car. He never did it at work, it was too dangerous but - well she called him. She really wanted it and how could he say no?

"Mind your own business," he added nervously. He knew Sesshomaru and Kagome did not talk but his brother would do anything to hurt him any way he could.

Inuyasha did not trust him.

"Is your wife not enough for you, Inuyasha?"

"Don't talk about Kagome."

"I have not spoken ill of her. You however have disrespected your mate." It killed him to say that word but he wanted to see the look on Inuyasha's face.

The bastard knew - he knew. Kagome was wearing something that exposed her neck today wasn't she? He must have noticed. Shit. Wait, he did not need to explain himself to his brother; it was none of Sesshomaru's business what he did and did not do with Kagome.

"She's human, alright. She can't understand that stuff and I don't care about it."

Lies. Either he mated his whore or he wanted to be free. Half breed or not, Inuyasha cared about mating. All Inuyoukais did. They were possessive by nature and would not waste a chance to lay a claim on what was theirs so that the world would know. His brother was a cheater, a liar and a cowardly fool.

"Of course." He did not try to hide his smirk.

"And don't talk to Kagome."

He did not need to talk to her to do what he did. "I have no interest in your wife."

Inuyasha threw one last look his way before leaving the office and slamming the door shut behind him. Sesshomaru stared at the door a bit longer before pulling his eyes away. Instead, he looked down at his palm only to see his claws dug deep into it. If he wanted to kill his brother earlier it was nothing compared to the rage he felt now. He never really smelled another woman on Inuyasha before. Not this well.

Here he was feeling like he was dying because Kagome was ripped away from him and Inuyasha was still throwing it all away. He deserved death for his actions.

But her, Kagome, oh how he wanted to punish his little vixen. He wanted to make her beg.

She came to him when she pleased and he gave. Perhaps it was time to change their agreement. Maybe this time, he would take and she would give. She sought him out when she needed something and it was his turn.

He did not need to think twice about it as he grabbed his coat and headed for the door. It was going to be as risky as when he fucked her with his brother in the room next door. He would leave his scent all over their apartment and all over her. He would make it known that she was his. And if she refused it, if she refused him, he would give up on her.

Sesshomaru had honor. He would not impose himself on a woman who did not want it.

But if she did desire him, she had to be his; completely.


She left her car and got into the apartment several minutes ago but she was still standing by the door with her keys in her hands. This was the home they made together, the one created with love and trust. When did it all fall apart? When did he start hating her so much that he had to fuck her best friend? When did she decide she hated him so much that she had to fuck his brother? When did it all go wrong?

They used to be happy didn't they? They used to love each other didn't they?

Now she wanted to see him suffer and she wanted her to go through hell.

Suddenly, a knock on the door made her jump in surprise. She snapped her head in the direction of it before running her tongue over her dry lips. He did not even try to hide his aura; he wanted her to know it was him.

Her steps to the door were surprisingly fast and in one swift motion she opened the door. "Sesshomaru," she breathed out.

It was the only word he let her speak before he wrapped his arms around her waist and flipped them around so that he could smack her back against the door. His grip was strong, almost painful, as he dug his fingers into her flesh. She yelped in pain and he took that opportunity to put his mouth against hers and invade her sweet cavern with his tongue.

He felt the shift in her scent, he noticed the hint of tears but he ignored it. He pressed his pelvis against her core, letting her feel his erection. She moaned in his mouth and he nipped at her bottom lip. He wanted her to feel pleasure but he wanted her to hurt.

He pulled away from her mouth and began attacking her neck. He was not gentle as he grazed her flesh.

"Was he worth it?" he almost barked.

Who? Was who worth it? She was still confused and trying to understand why he was here.

"Was he?"

"No." It was the answer he sought, she knew it was. She felt his rage lacing with his aura and the growls coming from deep within his chest.

Then why did she leave, he wanted to ask but he never did. Instead, he raised his hands higher on her body and grabbed her breasts. It was not too long before he ripped part of her shirt. He would worship her like a goddess, he would take no other woman but her and yet she did not pick him.

Kagome moaned under his rough touch and her mind was dizzy. Sesshomaru was clearly angry with her, although she was not sure why. This confusion mixed with her feelings of wrath left her very sensitive to his ministrations. She licked her lips and lifted a hand, tangling it in his hair. He could take away the pain of betrayal in her heart and he could take away the tears. She was certain he did not know how broken she felt inside and how his touch put her back together.

This was a game to him. Eventually, he would grow tired of her and toss her aside.

That thought alone made her heart heavier. He became her salvation during this hardship and she wanted to hang on to him a bit longer. She did not know anything about him except the pleasure he brought her and it was enough.

His beast was snarling within him, demanding obedience from her. Sesshomaru felt his hands were rough on her body, probably leaving marks but she did not seem to mind as she squirmed underneath him, moaning in pleasure. Fuck, why did he want her so much? Why her? He drove his groin into her clothed core and hissed. He took hold of the hem of her skirt and pulled it down, breaking the zipper at the back.

She yelped as the metal snapped against her flesh and tilted her head backwards. As she exposed her neck to him he took the opportunity to press his lips against her throat. He grazed his fangs from the front of her throat all the way to her breasts, forcing her shirt down at the same time. She lowered her hands and grasped his shoulders as if she wanted to hold him down there. He snaked a hand up and popped all the buttons of her bloused open at once.

Kagome grabbed his face and titled it forward before dipping downwards and kissing him. His lips were warm against her and she welcomed his tongue into her mouth. He was always rough with her but today he appeared to be particularly agitated. She arched her back when his hands traveled to her rear and he squeezed. His claws pierced through the fabric of her underwear and brushed against her skin.

"Who do you want?"




She desired someone who wanted her back. Not someone who would go behind her back and fuck her best friend.

Why was she complying so easily? There were in her home, their home. How would she even explain the presence of his scent? There was no way she would be able to wash it off unless his brother went with his whore again tonight.

His emotions were ruling him and that never happened; he was always in control.

"Beg for it."

"W-what?" She looked into his eyes and saw the fire lighting his golden orbs. She cupped his face gently with a frown on her face. "Why are you angry?"

He spanked her, he tied her up and did many other things but this was different. He was not doing it out of lust; he was doing it out of rage. Although, she was hardly one to speak since she did something similar. Did she not go to him out of revenge in the first place?

Fine, he did not need her to beg for it. He did not want to talk. He wanted her; he wanted to take her away from his brother so that she would never leave him again. He never wished to give her the opportunity to crush his ego again.

Without speaking another word, he grabbed her legs and forcefully wrapped them around his waist. He increased the pressure of his body against her, keeping her trapped as he fumbled with his pants. He lowered them just enough to free his erection and then shifted his focus to her.

His fingers trailed along her inner thigh, caressing the flesh, teasing it, before he grabbed her underwear. He did not even bother to remove it; instead he simply moved it out of the way. He put his erected cock against her wet entrance and looked into her eyes, daring her to look away.

She did not. She held up his gaze and she waited as he pushed himself inside of her. The urge to close her eyes overcame her but she did not give in. She stared right into his eyes as he completely stretched her with his large dick. She whimpered in anticipation as he began moving inside of her. His palms were pressed against the door, leaving her to hold herself up.

Her arms wove around his neck and her legs were as tight as possible around his waist. Each time he thrust into her, her hold threatened to fall apart.

Sesshomaru moved his head forward and groaned in her breasts. She was already wet for him, too wet. She left his cock drenched in her juices which splashed upon his thighs each time he smacked back into her. The scent of her heat remained heavy and his fangs were itching to dig into her neck. Tonight, he was making her his final offer. This might be the last time he would sheath himself in her tight heat.

He pounded her faster and harder and her screams got louder. She dug her nails into his back, dragging them repetitively and leaving red marks all over his flesh.

"He'll know," he whispered. "Inuyasha will know I was here."

She parted her lips, panting heavily. "I wa-nt him to," she finally admitted.

Kagome would want Inuyasha to walk in on them, he still might. However, if he did, the fight would not be about her. Inuyoukais were possessive and Inuyasha would fight his brother over her. Sesshomaru would fight back just to spite him and she would be ignored for the time being. No, this needed to be between Inuyasha and her because nobody would steal her revenge from her.

Instead, she would let him come in to a house that reeked of sex and Sesshomaru. She would let his little brain figure out what took place.

For the first time since they began, his pace slowed down. "Why?" he asked as he carefully pulled out of her.


He shoved himself back inside. "Why?" She was so eager to hide their relationship from him. Why the change of mind?

Tears flooded her eyes and threatened to overflow. "He's fu-cking my be-st friend."

Suddenly, his claws dug through the wood of the door and his fingers followed in the holes. It was because of this. It was the reason she let him take her where he wanted her without questions, without worries or doubts. The rage quietly growing inside of him exploded and he resumed fucking her at his previous pace. She wanted her husband to know what happened here and he would know.

He almost scoffed. She did not even ask him if he wanted Inuyasha to know, if he wanted to keep it a secret. Although, he did wish for him to find out. He really did. Even if the foolish pup fought him, Sesshomaru could take him on.

"Are you his?"


Sesshomaru stopped completely but remained inside of her.

"You were still his after he betrayed you. Why does the identity of the person matter?"

She blinked slowly, bringing her face closer to his. Why all these questions? He never talked to her; he never cared about her life. Why did it hold any importance to him?

"B-ecause he knew that would hurt me even more. And he didn't care." She - she did not know why it being Kanna made it worse. A betrayal was a betrayal. He went with another woman and disrespected her. But her best friend? How could he go for her? It meant he had no decency! He truly never cared for her.

"Is it over?"


"Will you return to him after he sees you can do as you please as well?"

Stay with Inuyasha? After all of this? She did not think she could. It broke her heart because she already overlooked so much. However, he could only push her so far before she would break. This was her limit. She could take no more of him and all the pain he brought her. All she wanted right now was to hurt him as much as he hurt her. It was all she was thinking about.



That was the only word he wanted to hear.

When she was ready, he would offer her his proposition. It would be hers to accept or turn down. Now that she confirmed she no longer wanted to take back his idiotic brother, he felt like his chances were good.

He lowered his hands and put them on both of her knees. Then, he spread her legs open. She was forced to release her hold on his waist as he used his strength to put her knees against the door. She winced at the pain, not used to being stretched so much. He kept his hands in place since he knew the moment he released her, she would wrap them around him again.

Seeing her like this pleased him greatly and for the first time, he let a new part of him free. His eyes filled with red as he opened his mouth, fangs sharp, and he grabbed her covered nipple with his mouth. He bit through the fabric, his fangs piercing until they reached her skin.

She arched her back in response which caused her core to be pulled away from his length. He kept suckling at her nipple but he tilted his pelvis forward, filling her with his length once more. Her wetness was dripping down to the floor, staining it beneath them. The hands she had pressed against his chest were the only reason she was still holding up.

Each time he thrust into her, she felt her ass slide down against the door. If he kept going she would soon find herself on the ground.

"I should punish you," he growled.

"Fo-r what?"

"For leaving me earlier."

His jealous side was coming out. He was hinting that he sought more than her body and he did. When he saw her the first time, he did not fall silent only because of her beauty. Her mind was just as appealing but because of the nature of their relationship, he was never given the chance to enjoy that side of her. He wished for her to do more than warm his bed at night. She was to be his, to be his companion, his mate.

He trailed his lips along her breast, her throat and her jaw. "Do you want to me to punish you, pet?"

Puffs of warm air tickled her skin as he spoke. She shivered in pleasure and leaned into his touch, wanting to nuzzle him. She remembered the spanks he inflicted upon her body and the wetness that ensued from it.

"Yes," she silently whispered.

"I did not hear you."


A smirk of satisfaction tugged at his lips and he finally dropped her legs. Pain from the numbness spread through a body and for a moment, she thought she would fall to the ground. Instead, he grabbed her and flipped her around. She stood on her tippy toes as he rubbed her backside with his palm, excitement flowing through him. Once he felt her flesh was prepared enough, he put some distance between his hand and her rear.

Then, he smacked her.

And again, and again.

The sound echoed so loudly that she could have sworn the apartment shook.

"You are mine. You do not concern yourself with him."

His cock was bouncing each time he spanked her and even more blood flew to it. It was erected to the point that it brought him pain but he refused to mount her already. He was not done.

"Will you see him again?"

"No," she breathed out, her tone laced with pain and pleasure.

"Who do you belong to?"


And how much she did love it. When she was with him, she was Kagome, a beautiful, sexy, desirable woman. No longer would she be a fragile, breakable thing.

He spanked her, this time to reward her. He hit so many times and so hard, his handprint was not only imprinted on her ass - the skin formed red bumps as if he had burnt her flesh with his hand. It seemed he would leave two marks on her tonight.

After one last slap against her bouncy, curvy rear he stopped. His hands wrapped around her tiny waist and he pressed her body against the door. His other hand slid down between her legs and forced them apart. This was the way to take her before marking her - the way of his people.

The moment his hand made contact with her sex he felt just how dripping wet she was for him. Juices were flowing out of her as if she just climaxed. His ego swell with pride and it was with ease that he slid his pulsing length inside of her.

Immediately, Kagome clenched around his cock. The more she tightened the more he wanted to empty himself inside of her again.

He gripped her by her shoulders and pushed her down. Her ass smacked repetitively against him and he groaned. He was unable to stop thinking about all the ways he would take her once she was his. He would leave their scent in every room of his house. He would take her on every counter, every floor and every appliance he could find.

"You'll be mine," he whispered in her ear.

His fangs nipped at her earlobe before his tongue darted out and licked it.

She shivered. "I am yours."

He shook his head. "I want you to be mine." To get his point across, he lowered his head until his fangs hit the place where her shoulder and neck met.

Then, her heart stopped beating. Inuyasha might have never made that proposition to her but she knew what Sesshomaru was talking about. He wanted to mate her? This was insane. Her heartbeat was so loud that she became deaf. Did he know what he was proposing and how permanent it was? He hated her. He might love her body and he might enjoy upsetting his brother but he certainly did not love her. Each time they met he was cold and driven by lust. W- why would he want her?

Despite her panting and wobbly leg, she raised her hands to try and stabilize herself. "Sesshoma-ru. What - are you saying?"

"I'm saying be mine forever." He thrust. "I'm saying, let me bite you and show the world you belong to me." Another push.


"Because you're mine, pet." He drove the tip of his fangs into her flesh, the scent of blood tickling his nostrils.

She just found out who her husband was sleeping with. Heck, she was sleeping with his brother out of revenge - and well, pleasure but nonetheless. Kagome was not even divorced or out of her relationship with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru was proposing a permanent bond? She did not know him! She did not know what kind of person he was! How could she know if she wanted to be his forever? She loved having his cock inside of her but that was hardly ground for mating.


He stopped her. "Say yes or lose me."

Her heart clenched in pain and she was baffled. Why now, why so suddenly?

She could not say yes. Not like this, especially since everything was such a mess.

Her gaze dropped. "Sesshomaru I'm -"

But he never let her give him her answer. Instead, he picked up his pace until he was going so fast she could not catch her breath. Hiccups escaped her as she tried to breathe. He rammed inside of her over and over again, his eyes completely red. Rage drove him as he felt her walls tighten around his dick. The scent of salty tears was mixed with the scent of raw sex and it bothered him. He brought her pleasure and happiness, not tears. Why did she cry?

Why did she want to say no?

He groped both of her breasts and flicked his claws against her nipples. She moaned his name and pushed her ass into him. She still liked his touch.

One thrust, two, three, and four.

He emptied himself inside of her, his cum shooting in her welcoming womb. She quivered on top of him and he was not sure if it was because of his orgasm or because she climaxed as well. He did not care. Before he felt himself swell inside of her, he snatched his cock out. It hung limp between his legs while his seed leaked down her long, beautiful legs.

"It is over," he spoke harshly.

Sesshomaru had barely zipped his pants before he sped out of the apartment, leaving Kagome on the floor, her legs no longer holding the strength to keep her up.

He was gone.



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