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Seductive Instruction by Arynn

Session 1

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. I do not profit from writing this. I am not nearly as creative as Rumiko Takahashi.

Prompt: r0o's 2nd GM challenge 2011; Odd Jobs challenge

Thanks to... Smortz, who was kind enough to beta this chapter.

Words of Caution: This was previously a one-shot for both the GM challenge of 2011 and the Odd Jobs challenge, which is why it's an MA story in which Sesshoumaru is cast as a ballet instructor... HOWEVER, I've expanded it into a real story, and I'll be trying to reshape the oddness into something that is characterized properly despite the craziness of his occupation and the way the first two chapters begin. Let me know if it works, eh?

Session 1

“Bend your knees.”

The hardened tone of her instructor's voice almost sent Kagome tumbling to the floor. Ballet wasn't as easy as the children she'd watched the other day made it look. Sure, getting in position was easy enough... but why on Earth did he want her to stay there?

Not that the actual practice wasn't hard enough, but any real chance she had of succeeding was lost through lack of will and concentration. Ballet was nice, but she got enough physical training back with Inuyasha; it was the instructor that had made her dazedly sign up for the session to begin with.

She stole a peek at the white-haired demon, the very last person she'd expect to run into during her journeys into the past, let alone in her own time. It was strange, more than strange, to see her sometimes-ally in such a setting.

His gold leotard – no doubt to compliment his eyes – hugged his body. Kagome had never pondered on Sesshoumaru before (and certainly not his looks of all things), but without his armor and clothed in the form-melding dance outfit... it was safe to say that she would have trouble not paying him any attention. Had she ever given his living into the future any thought, Kagome might have envisioned him as a ruthless businessman. Something that put him into a position of great power: not, not ever, as a ballet instructor.

As her mind wandered, her body followed suit. She slowly inched into a more comfortable position, praying that her tiny movements would go unnoticed. Her muscles gave a few aching pulses in response, half-making her sigh in delight.

“You make a terrible ballerina,” Sesshoumaru said, appearing at her side with such abruptness that Kagome jolted upwards.

He's right, she acknowledged, tossing up her hands and letting out a defeated sigh. “I know,” she sighed, tearing her eyes away from his. Did he recognize her? Surely not. She was ready to quit – she'd already sated her curiosity, she bargained with herself – when a large, warm hand hooked behind one knee.

The other rested on her shoulder, and simultaneously he forced her leg into place while keeping her shoulders from slumping forward. Her heart sped up, beating hard inside her chest. I'm in no danger... he wouldn't hurt me... unfortunately, even as she thought it, she knew that wasn't the problem.

His touch was warm, and, even as his hands withdrew, she felt their pleasant tingling sensation pulsating on her skin. Through sheer will-power, Kagome managed not to watch as he rose up and stood, hovering only inches away; she could feel his gaze, a tangible force, inspecting her from head to toe – the thought of which sent shivers down her spine, though she knew he was examining her for faults.

“Hold,” he murmured, his smooth baritone softer than she'd ever heard it; perhaps to keep from startling her, as it had several times already. “Now, your arms...” he accompanied the words with gestures, attempting to show her the position.

She clumsily raised her arms, holding them horizontal to the floor. Her limbs felt like rocks, more so from all of this precarious holding, and she knew they looked nothing like the way his did, muscled arms held with such ease one would think he'd been sculpted into place.

“Is this-” she started to ask, hoping he would correct her and immediately wondering why she wanted him to. Stopping herself too late, she felt rather than saw him move forward.

One hand gently pushed back her shoulder and then ran the length of her arm with a feather-light touch. The sensation made her inhale sharply, and she had to bit her lip to hold the sound back. He's a demon – he'll hear that!

If he did, then he didn't let it show. To reach her other shoulder, Sesshoumaru had to lean into her, hard body in her peripheral and so deliciously close to touching her own. As if his proximity wasn't enough, she felt warm breath against her ear, and loose strands of his hair tickled the base of her neck.

This time she couldn't help from tensing, her body anticipating that his might just close those few inches... This is torture! Kagome thought, using all of her might to keep from breaking her position. How did people do this for a career? Better yet, how did girls concentrate with Sesshoumaru teaching them?

“Perfect,” he decided, voice coming out a rumbling purr that Kagome was sure she had imagined.

The compliment took her by surprise. Of all things he was liberal with, Kagome knew compliments weren't one of them. Practically glowing, she gasped out, “Really?”

Sesshoumaru sighed, and she immediately realized that she'd made some mistake. Not that I wasn't expecting that, she thought sourly.

Any ill thoughts flew from her mind when his hand settled itself right below her ribcage. The firm touch vaulted her mind straight back to the gutter, and caused her to suck in even before he commanded it of her. “Good,” he praised, “Keep your stomach contracted.”

Tensed as tight as a bowstring and drawing in swallow, harsh breaths of air, Kagome gulped as he crouched down. His head was level with her hips, and boy, did she know it. What is he doing down there? She wondered, several images flashing through her brain without permission.

I hope his sense of smell isn't as good as I think it is, she prayed, though the thought of him being able to pick up her arousal caused another heady rush to pool in her lower abdomen. She couldn't help looking down, watching as he delicately took and twisted each of her feet into place.

“Feet go here,” he instructed lowly, fingers caressing her ankle and then sliding upwards.

Kagome gasped and shifted, making his touch stop cold just below her knee. “W-Wh-” she tried to form words, but couldn't; questioning his motives would no doubt offend the haughty demon, and Kagome found she wanted him to continue. Sesshoumaru was honorable – at least, he was back in the feudal era. Surely he had retained that particular trait. Hopefully not, you mean. “Why...”

He stood, and golden orbs met hers. Inanely, she noticed that his hair style hadn't changed, and his bangs cast shadows on his eyes... which probably explained away their dancing warmth. Pulling herself together, she took note of his thinned lips, no doubt imagining that they pulled back into the slightest smirk.

“Resume your position,” he demanded, tone brooking no room for argument. Not that she was going to; no, Kagome was long past wanting to quit. After all, she had paid top dollar for a private session.

Carefully, she twisted her limbs back into their places, ignoring their aching protests. As soon as she had, Sesshoumaru crouched back down, the sudden warmth on her lower thighs almost shocking her right back out of place. “Keep all thigh muscles clenched,” he directed, bringing home the demand by gliding his grip up her thighs, at the last moment stopping as he reached the edge of her leotard.

Damn him, Kagome cursed mentally, knowing for certain that if he couldn't smell her before, then he could now. Kami, I wish I could show him what this torture is like, she thought vindictively, flushing as she envisioned running her hands over taut skin, ghosting over his hips and splaying her fingertips tantalizingly close to where he would want them...

Imagination gone wild, Kagome jerked forward when she felt his chest brush against her shoulder. She would have fallen out of position had he not gripped her hips, rigidly holding them into place and carefully aligning them with her spine for the perfect posture required of ballet dancers.

“Careful,” Sesshoumaru said, and then continued his instructions. “Hips align with the spine,” he said, though Kagome was sure she'd done that even before his corrections. Was he playing with her? She dismissed the thought when she felt his arms wrap around her, hands resting on her stomach, one of them slightly lower than necessary. “Breath in, stomach remains tight,” he warned, pressing down to emphasis his point.

It was hard to concentrate on instructions. All her mind could register was the fact that Sesshoumaru, the not-always an ally Sesshoumaru, was embracing her. She was held snug, body fitted against his own; strangely enough, instead of panic, Kagome felt safe and protected... and perhaps a little breathless.

“Sesshoumaru,” she breathed out, not knowing exactly why she was drawing his attention. When he moved around to look at her, she found the ability to breath again. Oxygen flowing, she attempted to formulate something to ask him, finally settling on “What about my shoulders again?”

Kagome fought a fierce blush, amazed at her own daring. Did I really say that? She could only hope that she didn't sound as wanton as she felt – with any luck, her question sounded innocent... and not just an excuse for him to touch her.

“Shoulders,” he said, moving behind her, “are to be held back.” He gripped the back of her neck and pushed between her shoulder blades, causing her to thrust her chest forward. Kagome heard her breath hitch audibly as she felt his gaze over her shoulder. “Chest thrust forward, perfect,” he praised, dropping his hands slowly, the palms lightly brushing the sides of her breasts along the way.

Gulping, Kagome felt her muscles clenching tightly, screaming in protest. He hadn't made her ever hold a position for such length, and she was sure she couldn't last much longer. I certainly can't last through much more of this, she acknowledged, noting, with a blush, that her thighs quivered with more than just exhaustion.

“You may drop the position,” Sesshoumaru allowed, stepping backwards to put a respectable amount of distance between them. She immediately relaxed, unable to hold back a relieved sigh. “We're finished for the day. Should you seek a more in-depth lesson, I have an opening tomorrow.”

Well aware of what she looked like, breathing too hard and staring too intently, Kagome could merely gape. Another lesson? He wanted her to endure more of that; she wasn't even sure she'd learned any actual ballet – then again, a wicked thought developed, what could he mean by more in-depth?

It wouldn't be right, of that she was sure. It was Sesshoumaru – if he knew who she was... but he didn't, and it was that anonymity that inspired her to say, “I'd love that. Tomorrow is perfect.”

As she gathered her things, sighing and fidgeting to abate any last vestiges of desire before she left the building, she wondered if he was like that with all his students. I'm sure he makes good money if he is, she giggled with a smile.

Just before she pushed the doors open and made to stroll out, she felt a harsh tug on her hair.

“Ouch!” she cried on instinct, turning to frown at her offender. Upon seeing Sesshoumaru – of course, she chided, no one else is here – the vision of his fingers threaded through her thick locks flashed and then vanished, leaving her face flushed and her eyes clouded.

“Kagome,” he said, tone hard, “Wear your hair up, tomorrow.”


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