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Of Ships and Pirates by NicoRavenPen



Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of its characters…


A/N: Alriiiiight, so I gave in and decided to make a story for all of the little pirate ideas floating around in my head! After first referencing to Sessh as a pirate in one of my other fics, the wheels have been turning! :D So I hope you all enjoy this, and yes I am still continuing Pack and the others, so no worries guys! Lol…These will be pretty short chapters, just so I don’t drown in one long chapter and lose my way…


    Kagome panted as she ran; screams, gunshots and flames blazing about her. Ducking into a doorway for a moment, she took a few deep breaths and double checked that her pack was still under her arm. There was a horrid scuffle breaking out in the street before her and she took advantage of the distraction to sprint away along the sidewalk in the shadows. She had no idea what was going on, or why it was happening, but she didn’t care. There were more important things to her. More necessary things.
    A street light above her shattered and she shrieked, subconsciously ducking and curling in on herself for a second before righting herself once more and bolting in the direction of the docks. She knew exactly what she had to do, and she knew it was incredibly risky. But it was for her brother. For poor Souta.
    Once she reached the docks she crouched behind a stack of crates, trying to calm herself. The world around her was in chaos, but it could work to her advantage. Seeing the ship that she had in mind to dock, she looked for any of it’s sailors. When she was sure that none were visible, she darted up the plank connecting it to the docks, her hands scrambling for purchase on the wood as it swayed lightly with the tide.
    Heart thumping erratically, she scurried across the deck and down into the belly of the ship, keeping low to the ground. Finding the darkest cranny possible, she chose a large, empty barrel there and lifted the top, sliding her slim body into it and replacing the lid as she sealed her aura away for a reassurance. If she was lucky they would never know she was there, and she’d make it to the next port and off the ship with none the wiser. One could hope.
    Unfortunately for her, she would fail miserably.



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