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Strangers In The Night by Lyra

One Sudden Turn


One Sudden Turn

~~~ - - ~~~

Sesshomaru watched Kagome.  Not unusual, this, for him – or anyone who knew him well - but today he was being far more obvious than was usual. His eyes tracked her slim shape from one side of the camp to the other, slipped over her skin in a silent caress.

As happened every night, she did not seem to notice him. Her eyes went only to his brother. The kit was aware, and the humans – the Houshi and the Taijiya, who had spoken to him, questioning his intentions.

“I have no intentions,” he had said. “I cannot have intentions.”

The Houshi had understood; the Taijiya did not. His brother could not know, and the woman...the woman...

She remained, as she had been for some time now, the only thing that could move him, igniting feelings with which he had no experience. Being near her, listening to her laughter, watching her adoring eyes on his brother – it lit fire in the glacier that was his heart, and some of it was warming fire, and some of it sought destruction.

Of Inuyasha.

His thoughts woke a smile on his face, a smile that Jaken and Rin alone had seen and survived – because they had been witness, only, and not the recipient of that expression.

In another moment, Kagome became the third person, her eyes wide with surprise to see such an expression on Sesshomaru’s face, to see him smiling and staring at her -


Her voice brought him out of his thoughts, and he looked outward to see the woman looking at him – not at his brother.

Within him there was a rumble of contentment.

In one movement, swift and violent, he stood, and loomed over her, and looked down into her eyes; their widening pupils.


Prompt From GMDDN, 7/16/11

Prompt 1: “I Get A Kick Out Of You”

Approx. 300 words

A/N: Have been editing this and reading through Alpha in an attempt to overcome writers block...and it's working, it's working!  But there's no point in working on this if no one's going to read it, so...ta-da!

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