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A Millionaire's Nightmare by amy

A Millionaire’s Nightmare

A Millionaire’s Nightmare

I do not own Inuyasha

Today Higarashi Kagome had become the richest person in Japan, at least that is what her accountant  kept saying to the press.

She was the owner of, “Kagome’s Torture Chamber”, a salon where business women can get relief from the stress inherent in their jobs through specially trained female therapists, and she continued to charge $50 dollars an hour for women, relieving men privately for $100 dollars an hour in their offices or homes.

Now she was happy to finally have some success of her own but she had  no one to share it with and she was lonely ever since she broke up with Hojo Hojo who was entirely too nice for her taste.

So when Papa Inu called, she was overjoyed,

“Kagome, would you like to have lunch with my son, Sesshoumaru and I, we would both love to have your company!”

“Of course Papa, what time and what restaurant?”

“The Blue Parrot, at noon, I will send my limo for you.”

Now I should explain her excitement over Papa Inu’s call, he had given her the seed money for her business, and she had been able to pay him back in 5 months with interest.

The day she was able to repay him, had been the most thrilling day of her life, even surpassing today.

Little did she know how much her luncheon date would change her life!

Papa’s limo did come at 11:00, so she wouldn’t be late; his driver came up to her office on the 5th floor to escort her downstairs.

Once she was in the limo, Jeffrey told her why he had picked her up an hour early,

“It will take an hour to get to the restaurant, and reservations are extremely hard to get, so you can’t be late.”

So Kagome simply sat back and enjoyed the scenery, which consisted of different types of fruit trees, cherry, lemon, lime, and peach, apple, and nut trees like almonds, walnuts, and cashews.

After she had seen the last nut tree, they had arrived at the restaurant, a beautiful restaurant by the beach with a beautiful blue and green parrot on its neon sign.

The exterior reminded her of a large sand sculpture of a castle built on the beach, but of course it was made of gold bricks that are much more durable, and last but not least, its door was made of cherry wood with a brass knocker,

Did I forget to tell you, it was surrounded with palm trees whose life she could feel pulsing all around her, no wonder it was hard to get a reservation, it was paradise personified!

Finally she knocked on the door, only to be met by Papa himself smiling as always and his son looking like he had better places to be!

So she said,

“This place is paradise personified, what did I do to deserve such care, Papa?”

“Just being yourself, and I wanted to celebrate your triumph in the business world, the richest woman in Japan and I knew her when….”

“Oh Papa, you are being silly, you gave me the seed money for my business, I owe you a debt of gratitude that I can never repay.”

It was on this note that they were seated in the corner booth, even though the place was empty.

“Papa why is this restaurant empty, did you buy all the tables just to have lunch with little old me?”

“Yes, I did my favorite daughter.”


“To ask you a very special question.”

“Will you marry my son and I? You would make the perfect wife and mother, and you could run your business from my mansion, please say yes!”

“Papa I don’t know what to say, are you sure your son wants to marry me, he doesn’t look like the marrying kind.”

‘If you marry both of us, he will settle down in time, I will gladly marry you!”

“Papa, I will marry both of you.”

“How soon are we to be married? Where? What time and day? Where will I get my wedding gown or Kimono? And finally will I have a garter belt to throw to the next bride?”

“Kagome, we will be married in 3 weeks, on Friday the 25th of June, you will get your wedding kimono from Sango’s Bridal on 5th and Main, and yes you will have a garter belt to remove at the end of the ceremony.”

“But where will we have the wedding?”

“In the backyard of the mansion with Reverend Tony Ban Sister marrying us.”

“I can only assume there won’t be a public mating ceremony?”

“No need, we can keep it behind closed doors and enjoy the experience.”

As he finished speaking their lunch arrived, a simple lunch of perfectly prepared salmon steaks, with a baked potato with a green salad, with a mixed fruit bowl for dessert.

After lunch, Kagome asked,

“How soon will you announce our engagement, Papa?”

“Immediately, speaking of which I have a very special ring to give you from both of us.”

As he reached into his pocket, both men got on one knee asking,

“Kagome Higarashi, will you marry us and make both of us the happiest men in all Japan?”

Then he pulled out a square sapphire ring with a fully transformed dog within the stone, surrounded by diamonds, as he slid the ring on her third finger.

His son had a symbol of their house, a dogstar made out of one of his fangs to give to her as well, as he slid the necklace over her head and around her neck.

Once they had dropped her off of at her office at 8th and Main escorting her to the 5th floor, they had returned to their offices on 20th and Wilshire.

Now she was curious,

‘Why did Papa and Sesshoumaru both want to marry her?’

Papa had never shown any interest in her except when he gave her the money to start her business and Sesshoumaru looked bored as hell, like watching paint dry would be more interesting!

Sure enough, Papa made the announcement to all his employees, his family(Inuyasha, his second son, who was running his own business, Dogstar Records, whose offices were on 12th and Wilshire), as well as her mother ,Sakura ,who told Souta and her grandfather ,Hank.

He also called The Tokyo Times to put the announcement in the paper for all and sundry to see, showing his love and care for she was a miko and a human, not a demoness.

It took several days but she quietly went to their offices at lunch time, taking the elevator to the 5th floor and silently opening the door a crack as she could hear father and son talking,

“Son you could have shown more enthusiasm, Kagome will think you don’t want to marry her, when the truth is she is the only woman that holds any interest for you, ever since you were a teenager of 15. I have been in love with her since her graduation from Tokyo High School where she was a valedictorian, and gave the speech to the other graduates.”

Now she understood, Sesshoumaru didn’t communicate well and was shy; his father was just as scared, waiting until she was a grown woman to finally ask her to marry him.

As she slowly left for the elevator, Kagome believed that neither man knew she was there, but Papa could feel her aura a mile away and spoke from the heart so she would know they both loved her.

Once she got back to her office, she made a few calls; the first one was to a private investigator, Mr. Brinkley,

“Hello Mr. Brinkley, I was referred to you by a friend several years ago, Kouga Sasshome , if I remember correctly, I have a job for you. I want you to discretely tail Sesshoumaru Taisho, I want to know where he goes to relax after work, as well as all after work activities. You are to report to me in a weeks’ time, I will pay you your usual rate, $40 dollars a day, when we meet.”

Then she put in a call to Papa’s Secretary, Ayame Bolshe, who had been her friend since High School, they were cheerleaders together.

“Ayame, I need to speak with you in private, could we go to dinner at Jacque’s, say 6:00 PM, in the corner booth in the back?”

“Of course, I will meet you there after work, see you then.”

So Kagome made the reservations for 6:00 PM, for the corner booth in the back, so they could have some privacy.

Now she was going to check up on her salons, making sure that all her girls were putting the customer first, as well checking the books with her accountant, Anne Slovak, she had come to her from a temporary agency and she had asked her to stay for her loyalty and excellent work.

While checking her salons, her workers performance, and the books, she wondered,

‘Who will I have as Brides maids, and who will be the flower girls?’

Then she realized that Sango and Ayame could be her bride’s maids, since they were steady customers and her most trusted business associates.

They could ask their nieces to be her flower girls, since they both had 5 young nieces a piece (between5 and 7).

Realizing that she wasn’t listening properly to her accountant or her workers she stopped day dreaming and opened he ears.

When she did, her best worker, Ana me was saying,

“Miss Higarashi, We have all the accounts from all 20 of your locations here, your accountant is looking over them as we speak, as for the girls work, I have a triple stack of business women who have referred their friends to us based on their happiness and joy with our service.”

Kagome looked over the referrals with a fine toothed comb, only to find that her girls had outdone themselves, going above and beyond their duty to please the customers.

“Ana me, you have done well, all of the girls have done a grand job and everyone will receive a pay raise of $6 per girl, this will give them $46 dollars per satisfied customer to take home. Pass that on to all of my salons and their workers, if you would.”

As she was leaving, since her accountant found all the books to be correct, Ana me said,

“Congratulations on your engagement to Touga and Sesshoumaru Taisho, they will make good husbands based on their business sense and reputation as honorable men, the girls and I will look for a fun wedding present for you.”

Leaving her main location, on 6th and Main, she was wearing the biggest smile known to man, curious as to what her girls would get her as a wedding present….

Now it was time to drop her accountant off at the office and meet Ayame at Jacque’s.

When she arrived at Jacque’s, Ayame had already arrived, but only by a few minutes.

She had been taken to their reserved table as soon as she had arrived and her drink order taken.

As Kagome sat down she said,

“I have been watching how loyal you are to Papa Inu and Sesshoumaru, as well as being a friend, so I want you to be one of my bride’s maids at my wedding to both your bosses, on the 25th of June. I would also ask if you could ask your nieces to be my flower girls, they will get to keep their dresses of course.”

“Kagome! You scandalous girl, you didn’t tell me you were engaged to Papa and Sesshoumaru!”

“It only happened a few days ago, after the announcement went out from my accountant that I was the richest woman in Japan. Papa called me, asking to go to lunch at The Blue Parrot along with Sesshoumaru, at noon.”

“Did he send his limo for you?” Asked Ayame wanting the entire dish.

“Yes, he did, even sent his chauffer, up to my office to escort me downstairs and in the car. He was an hour early, so he explained that it took an hour to get to the restaurant and Papa didn’t want me to be late.”

When I arrived, all I could do was look around me, seeing paradise personified, with palm trees surrounding the restaurant as it sits on the beach. The building itself reminded me of a sand castle mansion on the beach except for the blue and green parrot neon sign, and the cherry oak door with the brass knocker.

When I used the knocker, Papa and Sesshoumaru answered the door, of course he looked bored, and Papa smiled so wide it was amazing.

Once we were seated in the back booth, the place was empty except for us three, as Papa told me he had bought all the tables to take me to lunch, he said there was a very important question he needed to ask me,

“Kagome Higarashi, will you marry both of us (Touga and Sesshoumaru) and make us the happiest men in all Japan?”

“I gladly said ‘Yes’ but had reservations about Sesshoumaru’s intentions, he looked so bored!”

It took me a couple days to sneak up to Sesshoumaru’s office, but I am glad I did!

Papa was making clear why Sesshoumaru was so silent and why he waited so long, I was under age.

“By the way, you haven’t seen my engagement gifts, Papa gave me this beautiful sapphire ring with a fully transformed dog demon in it surrounded by diamonds, and Sesshoumaru gave me a dogstar necklace on a gold chain.”

But I didn’t ask you to dinner to brag, I need your help to learn what Papa wants in a bride other than business acumen, will he want me to become full demon or stay a human Miko?

“Papa would accept you as is, but based on life span, you should become a full demon, and I know exactly how to do it, meet me at my apartment on Brant and Wilshire tomorrow night after work.”

When she returned home to her apartment in Tokyo Towers, apartment 251, she saw a package waiting for her.

It was addressed,

“To Kagome Higarashi from her girls from the salon, her wedding present, good luck, don’t spend it all in one place!”

Taking the package into her apartment, she tore open the paper, only to reveal a brand new set of whips, some made of silk, some made of leather, and all point in- between.

Then she began to think of ways to use her wedding gifts, so many ideas so little time…

So Ayame went home and called Inukimi, Sesshoumaru’s mother who was visiting the states with her new husband, Cypros Theopholus, a Greek demon, who owned a large Greek island on the Isle of Mann.

They set up a time to meet at her apartment, after both girls were finished with work at 6:00 PM.

Finally, it was time for Kagome to meet with Ayame and Inukimi, Sesshoumaru’s mother to help her to have an extended life to enjoy her life with Papa and Sesshoumaru.

As Kagome was riding in her limo, going to Ayame’s apartment, she was thinking,

“I wonder whose blood will be added to Ayame’s to make me a full demoness?”

When she arrived at her apartment, she knocked on her door-Apartment 151, entering only when she heard,

“Coming Kagome!”

Ayame opened the door, asking her,

“Come in and meet the second person who will help you become a full demoness, Inukimi, Sesshoumaru’s mother.”

Kagome was shocked and surprised, but in the end she was happy to meet her loves mother, a very beautiful woman.

When she met Inukimi she remembered that his mother was never mentioned when she met Papa and Sesshoumaru.

“Why didn’t they mention you, Inukimi, even your son when I met them at the restaurant a few days ago? Why am I meeting you for the first time under these circumstances?”

“Simple, I haven’t been near my son since he was 5 years old, his father has raised him alone to adulthood, we couldn’t agree on anything!”

“I am honored to meet you, no matter the circumstances; I will remember your helping me all through my life.”

So both Ayame and Inukimi slit their wrists one at a time, and filled half the vial with their blood, Ayame mixed it, and gave it to her to drink.

She drank it down without tasting it, and immediately blacked out; both women put her on the couch to relax as their blood did its work.

When she woke up a few minutes later, she was the most beautiful full demoness either one of them had ever seen.

She had long pure silver hair with pure gold streaks all through it that reached to the ground, pure purple eyes, alabaster skin, small fangs and claws, Long strong legs and a lean strong torso including wide hips that could birth many healthy pups, and finally a bust line that would make any demoness jealous except for them, they were and are her friends.

She slept over at Ayame’s to sleep off the change; it had taken a great deal of energy to finish the process.

The next day, after work Ayame helped Kagome choose her wedding dress as well as the bride’s maid dresses.

In addition, they chose her veil embossed with the house of the moon insignia, a red garter belt, and 50 negligees of her choosing for their mating and honeymoon.

They had gone to Sango’s Bridal, where Papa had an account, as Kagome went up to the counter, she said,

“Sango, will you be one of my bride’s maids, along with Ayame who has already agreed, could you also ask your nieces to be my flower girls, I am getting married on June 25th, in back of the Tashio mansion.”

“Of course, I would be honored to walk you down the aisle, who is giving you away?”

“I will call my mother, Sakura, and see if she would give me away, I almost forgot about that thank you.”

After they left the bridal shop, they stopped at the shrine, getting out of her limo with Ayame, she was thinking,

‘I hope she agrees to give me away, she should have already been invited to the wedding.’

As she walked up the steps her mother met her at the door, with a smile on her face,

“Daughter, I am so proud of you, my oldest baby is not only the richest woman in Japan but she is marrying two men that she loves. If you have come all this way to ask if I will give you away, have no fear, I will be your Matron of Honor. Come back after work tomorrow so I can pick my dress.”

All of this was said on her front step, like she wanted to hide a special gift, she was her borrowed and blue accessory, a sapphire flower pin, she would give her on her wedding day on June 25th.

Since she knew that her mother would give her away, She dropped off Ayame at her apartment and went home to her apartment in Tokyo Towers, apartment 251, only to be met by an angry Sesshoumaru,

“Where were you last night, Kagome?”

“I was visiting a friend and slept over; I was very tired from work.”

“Who is this friend?”

“Ayame, your father’s secretary.”

Then he did something she never expected him to do,

“Pack anything you need to stay over at the mansion, including anything special, we are going to know where you are, dear.”

So she packed her clothes, toothbrush, subjugation beads and her set of  string to put together the necklaces, as well as her special whips that her girls gave her for a wedding present, while she put the  finishing touches on the wedding.

Once she had all she needed, she said,

“I am ready, Sesshy.”

“The car is downstairs, shall we go my dear!”

It was during the time that she was choosing her wedding and bride’s maid dresses that Papa and Sesshy were shoring up the final details, like their wedding kimonos that would be black with golden dogs fighting dragons, with matching obis and black boots.

They had already decided the menu for the reception, as well, Chicken infused rice with beef tips and root veggies, baked potatoes, green beans, Lasagna, and fruit for dessert.

They had also picked their best man, having Inuyasha stand by both of them, having Miroku hold the rings on a purple velvet pillow. Miroku worked with Inuyasha in his record company.

They had finally found the minister to marry them, Reverend Tony Ban sister, a non- denominational pastor.

The only thing left was to get her mother’s Matron of Honor dress, and Sesshy was accompanying her to do so.

Kagome went straight to her house, with Sesshy telling the chauffer what to do and where to go.

When she reached her house, she was waiting outside, dressed to the nines in her dress suit and dress shoes, as well her hair being done.

When the limo arrived with her and Sesshy, her mother wasn’t surprised especially when she saw her new appearance, they were going to extra protective of her little girl and she was glad!

So all 3 of them went to Sango’s Bridal, picking her dress from thousands of styles and choices, she finally chose a baby blue, chiffon layered dress with full straps.

After she chose her dress, they dropped her mother back at the shrine saying,

“I will pick you up on the 25th when all of us will have our hair and nails done at the mansion, as well as getting dressed.”

Then she was gone, whisked away by her beloved.

Now in- between shopping trips, she strung her subjugation beads, as well as talking to her private eye at her office,

“Sesshoumaru frequents strip clubs when he isn’t working, all over Japan but he doesn’t sleep with any of the girls, he just likes to see them dance.”

“Thank you; here is your money for a service much needed.”

This decided Kagome on a set of actions that would have been contrary to her nature before she agreed to marry both men.

She used her wealth to buy all the strip clubs and future strip clubs all over Japan, making them all her employees and under her rule.

She made it a rule to never let her husband, Sesshoumaru  Tashio, come into any clubs anymore.

In addition, she requested the most skilled dancer in all the clubs to come to her office and teach her how to dance for a special man in her life.

When she arrived, she asked,

“Are you learning to dance for Sesshoumaru  Tashio?”

“Yes, I am”

“I will gladly teach you all my moves, so he will stay out of the clubs.”

She taught her all her best moves, until she was ready to get married on the 25th of June,

“Good Luck boss lady, you are very sexy and he won’t know what hit him!”

It was now the day before she was to marry Touga and Sesshoumaru, and he was staying home more often, since he had been told,

“Our best dancer is our boss lady!”

“And who would that be?”

“Kagome Higarashi, you’re intended!”

She was also stringing a third necklace for herself, so both her husbands could house her soul just like she housed theirs.

Then it was the big day, all her brides maids, The Matron of Honor, the flower girls, and finally the Bride were getting ready in the family wing away from the men.

The family wing was full of hair dressers, makeup artists, and friends of Kagome who were getting her ready, as well as the Matron of Honor, Bride’s maids and flower girls….

On the other side of the mansion,

The men had already bathed, washed their hair, and brushed it until it shone, and dressed in their wedding kimonos as well as best man kimonos which were all the same, their final touch was their black boots and they were done.

They had time to chat amongst each other, especially the grooms and best men,

“So dad, how does it feel to get married, again?  ”Asked Inuyasha of Touga, his father.

“I am excited, especially mating a full demoness like Kagome, she will be very exciting to mate and pup.”

“How about you,  Sesshy?”

“I am anticipating her dancing skills, since I have been thrown out of all the strip clubs in Japan, my money isn’t good enough.”


“Kagome bought all the strip clubs and all future clubs, as her property and all that is within or without that even smells of such. She has also become their best dancer but she will not perform on their stages since she is the boss she doesn’t have to according to the dancers….”

“So you are telling me she is going to dance only for you and dad on your honeymoon?”

“Yes, she will, and I look forward to it, for she is the sexiest full demoness I have ever seen, I can’t wait to mate her…”

 Said Sesshy  with a voice full of feeling.

Then it was time to go stand at the top of the altar that was decorated with red and white roses linked into wreaths, between 10 rows of chairs, for all the council and the 3 cardinal Lords and their mates had to attend, plus all the nobles (who could smell a party a mile away).

Now Inuyasha and Miroku were not ready for the sight that Kagome made, she was wearing a beautiful white wedding kimono with 7 gold and white underlays, and with a sapphire flower pin from her mother (something borrowed something blue).

The finishing touch was a diamond tiara keeping her silken veil in place, as she was led to her grooms, by her mother.

The bride’s maids followed behind, followed by all 10 flower girls who were throwing rose petals behind her ….

Now the Reverend Ban Sister began the wedding,

“Who would not see these couples wed?”


As he asked,

“Who gives this woman in marriage?”

“I do, her mother, Sakura.”

As she lay  Kagome’s hands into Touga’s and Sesshoumaru’s.

Then he said the traditional wedding vows,

“Do you Touga and Sesshoumaru Taisho take Kagome Higarashi to be you’re lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in war and in peace…”

“We Do.”

Then you may place the rings on her fingers.

Then it was her turn,

“Do you Kagome Higarashi take Touga and Sesshoumaru Tashio to be your lawfully wedded husbands, to have to and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in war and in peace…”

“I Do.”

You may place the rings on their fingers.

With the power vested in me, and in Tokyo province, I pronounce you husbands and wife, you both may lift the veil.

When they lifted the veil, they were stunned by her beauty, her pure purple eyes, ruby red lips, alabaster skin and heart shaped face…

Then there was her shape that could rival an hour glass, most enticing…

The poor grooms almost didn’t make it through the cutting of the cake for looking at her shape especially her hips…

Let’s not forget the dancing, letting other men dance with their bride was physically painful…

Mingling with the guests wasn’t so bad, so long as their bride was near…

They stayed for an hour, and then they went inside of the mansion not to be heard from again for a month…

Inside the mansion,

Both grooms were losing their control, but she had one more gift for them, their subjugation necklaces and hers plus her dancing in her negligee only for them…

Before they could get her out of her gown, she stopped them in their tracks,

“There is one more tradition among Mikos, Necklaces to bind our souls to our mates and our mates to us, so I have a subjugation necklace for each of you and one for myself….”

So all of them removed their wedding clothes and relaxed in their plain kimonos, as she slit each of her husband’s wrists letting their blood flow over the beads making them glow, then she placed them on her husband’s necks housing their souls, and they slit her wrist letting her blood flow over her beads making them glow….

Then she chose one word for both her husbands, pleasure me, and they chose their word, strip for us.

Afterwards, she went behind the screen, and put on one of her favorite negligee’s, it was sapphire blue with black lace, cut low in the front, and deeper cut in the back, as she remembered how she was taught to dance, nice slow movements, meant to tease…

She also had her girl’s special gift to put aside, to tantalize and excite her husbands as well.

She slowly walked into the room, walking like a neko, gracefully swinging her hips as if she were going down on one or both her husbands, as she walked in she set aside her new set of whips not knowing when to add them to her routine…

Then she slowly swiveled her hips, slow as molasses like she was stuck in ecstasy, with a smile on her face….

As she slowly seductively pushed one shoulder of her negligee down over her shoulder, still wearing her seductive smile…

Her poor grooms didn’t know what to do, they wanted to remove her clothing but she was so beautiful and delicious to look at, all they could do was stare with their mouths salivating…

Then she continued to advance on her grooms, begging them,

“Won’t one of you please help me; I am so hot and ready to feel a kiss on my shoulder…”

It was about this time that she chose the silken whip close to her body waiting for the right time…

Poor Sesshy he couldn’t take anymore, she was an expert dancer, as he got off the bed ready to kiss her shoulder baring his whole body to her…

As he bared his body to her, she struck his left nipple and soothed it, following it up with a mind blowing kiss on his mouth, searing like the sun!

She followed up her kiss with a snap to his right nipple soothing it by sliding it slowly over his nipple…

Her next strike was on his torso, making his muscles jump and twitch with desire, her final strike was to his phallus making him so hot with desire that she couldn’t help but to follow, so she stopped whipping him and let him take her it felt glorious….

 As he advanced on her, he kissed her shoulder, pushing the shoulder all the way down to expose her chest including the nipple, as he sucked hard on her nipple making her  moan…

Then Touga got off the bed exposing himself to Kagome, pushing the second strap down to expose her chest along with a nipple, sucking hard, making her moan and whimper…

In no time flat they had removed her negligee, as Sesshy unsnapped the bottom of her satin negligee and Touga pushed it down from the top, before she knew it, they had her turned on and turned out…

Both men were marking their territory, one was attacking her nipples, and  one was attacking her nether regions, using his tongue in her slick channel and his fingers in her anus…

As Sesshy was working her nether region, Touga was preparing to mate her, on her shoulder, asking,

“Who gives you this pleasure, bitch!”

“You do” She said on a moan.

“Say my name, bitch!”


As she came, Touga bit her shoulder, drinking her blood, replacing his son’s fingers with his cock, riding out her orgasm as well as his.

Then it was Sesshy’s turn, to stick his cock in her ass, as Touga was working her nether regions, with his tongue at the same time as Sesshy’s cock was in her slick channel, making her come as he bit her shoulder drinking her blood riding out both of their orgasms.

Afterward, She went down on Touga making him hard as nails, as she rode him hard and fast, using her muscles to clamp down on him each time she went down on him, making him cum as she clamped her fangs in his shoulder, drinking  his blood, making him scream,


Now Sesshy’s tongue was up his father’s ass, making him explode along with Kagome riding his cock!

When he deflated, it was Sessshy’s turn, she went down on him as well making as hard as steel, while Touga’s tongue was in his ass….

The fun began when Kagome rode him like a wild stallion in the field, with his father’s tongue in his ass as well, he never stood a chance, as the heat invaded his lower regions, as it wound its way around his cock, she bit his shoulder drinking his blood, squeezing his cock when she went down and up strangling his cock in essence milking him, as he screamed,


He came so hard he saw stars behind his eyes, and filled her cervix with all of his cream, tons and tons of it.

They fucked each other encouraging loss of control through sex, until they were all drained and she was pupped.

This continued for a month, and all 3 partners came out of their room with wide smiles, kissing each other on the lips, loving the contact…

Within a month of coming out of their room, Sesshy’s mother, Inukimi came to see both couples…

“So it finally happened, you and our son have mated a full demoness, even pupped her, since she carries my blood and Ayame’s, she will live a long life and produce many pups. I am happy for all of you and will be back when it is time to have the pups…”

Let’s leave our 2 couples for now,

Inuyasha eventually married Ayame, as they combined their forces making a successful life, looking for male talent that could sing silky love songs that created many babies including their own…

Miroku married Sango and opened a jewelry shop that worked with her Bridal Shop.

And finally her mother met one of Touga’s cousins, also a full demon, named Ken Tashio who owned a greenhouse business but could use some help…

She was courted for 2 weeks, they were married in a month, and she was pregnant and gave birth a few months after her daughter.

Speaking of the loving couples,

Kagome put both demons through their paces, sleeping with them in her office, not caring if her assistant saw them, and making them scream, as she clamped down on their cocks, milking them both, not letting them be silent…..

They frequently screamed her name especially after completion,

“Kagomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” could often be heard.

But they could get her as well by combining their forces, one in the ass tonguing her, finding her special spot and the other using his phallus to fuck her so hard all she could was scream,

“Sesshoumaruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Tougaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

This went for 5 months until her water broke after an especially rough session, as the midwife was called, so was Inukimi who was close by knowing her birth was imminent….

So they weren’t shocked after all 5 boys were born, that Inukimi strolled in smiling,

“So you have a new brood, 5 boys if my count is correct, good luck boys you’ll need it!”

“And what does that mean?”

“Full Inu males can be difficult to raise, you were son that is why I left your father, I could tell you would need a strong hand like your father’s.”

After he thought Inukimi had gone, Touga was looking at Kagome, seeing a beautiful full demoness that would need full protection.

Then Touga had an idea, he sent Kagome to the family wing with Sesshoumaru, calling Inukimi into their chamber, along with Sango, Ayame was called in from her office, as well as Ana me, her best worker, and Ann Slovak, Kagome’s Accountant was called from her office to come to the mansion.

Now Touga had a plan to protect his wife, for he knew she would have to check on her strip clubs accounts and she might find a problem, so he would make sure all her females were also full demonesses.

When Sango arrived first he wasn’t surprised, but when Ayame ,Ana me and Anne Slovak  arrived within 5 minutes of Sango he was shocked!

They had to drive 2 to 3 miles to arrive at the mansion, and they were there in 10 minutes!

“How did you get here so quickly, Ayame, Ana me and Ann?”

“We raced through traffic, swerving in and out of lanes to get to you, expect some speeding tickets that will need to be paid.”

Papa was upset, but at least they understood the urgency of the matter.

“I have called you here to be made full demonesses and for some to add to their power.”

He summoned a servant to get the royal healer, with a message,

“Bring a vial and a sharp knife, for she will be drawing blood for 4 people.”

When the royal healer, named Azamu, arrived she had 4 vials, and a sharp knife as he had instructed.

She asked,

“Sire, whose blood is to be drawn?”

“Mine and Inukimi’s, half and half in all 4 vials for these young women to drink.”

Azamu drew the blood required by slitting their wrist and letting the blood go into each vial, first she slit Touga’s wrist having him drip his blood into all 4 vials, then it was Inukimi’s turn, after she bled Inupapa she had healed him the same went for Inukimi.

Then all 4 girls drank the blood, immediately blacking out, needing to lie down on the huge bed in their room.

After a few minutes they all woke up, feeling woozy and looking gorgeous…

Sango became a wolf demoness with white hair reaching the ground, green eyes, pale skin, petal pink lips, long strong legs and wide hips, did I forget to mention she had a bust line that would make an actress jealous.

Ana me became a bear demoness with blue hair that reached the ground, pure red eyes, and pale skin; in addition she had long legs and wide hips, with a rack that all of Kagome’s dancers would envy (EEE).

Ayame was already a full demoness, but she grew in strength and ability to fight.

Ann Slovak became a neko demon, with long green hair, orange eyes, pale skin, long body and legs, full hips, and a full bust line that would make a normal human envious!

By the time Kagome and Sesshy returned with their pups, it was all over both Ayame, who also had  an extra portion to give to her husband Inuyasha to make him a full demon  and Ana me and Ann Slovak  were back in their offices, and Sango was waiting for her husband to come home from work, she had been given an extra portion of blood to make him change as well.

After Inu Kimi helped Touga to give his new wife the best protection he could give her in the form of her female demonesses, Inukimi went back to her Greek husband helping him to improve his island one step at a time….

Within 3 weeks of having her 5 boys she had to go check on her strip club accounts on site, it was located at 10th and Wilshire, Its name was ,”The Lotus Blossom”.

When she mentioned this fact to her husbands,

“Take Sango, Ayame, and Ana me and Ann Slovak with you when you inspect the 10th and Wilshire location, we don’t want you to be alone with your accountant anymore.”

 Said  Touga.

Unfortunately she could feel Sesshy’s disappointment at being left out.

“Sesshy, you can’t still be mad that I won’t let you visit the clubs are you, dear?”

“I am, you should have real protection, not weak women.”

“But you wouldn’t be much protection if you are watching them dance like any other customer would you, dear!”

Touga had to laugh, she had him there, and he enjoyed watching them dance too much!

The day before she was to inspect her clubs accounts, Touga had Ana me, Ayame and Ann stay over in the mansion, so they could leave from the mansion not needing to be picked up, besides they were safe at the mansion.

The next day when she was going to call her office for Ann Slovak and Ana Me her best worker at her main salon, Touga stopped her,

“There is no need to call Ayame, Ana me, or Ann Slovak, they stayed over in the mansion for their safety. All 4 girls are getting ready to go with you, putting on their business suits…”

Now poor Sesshy was in hell, he wanted to go too; he wanted to see them dance…

“Relax Sesshy, I will give you a private show sometime that you won’t soon forget, but for now I’ll see you later!”

When she was about to leave, Sango, Ana me, Ayame and Ann came into the room,

“We can more than protect Kagome, Ana me is a bear demoness, and Sango is a wolf demoness like me, and Ann is a neko demon, if anyone tries anything they will be dead!”

Then they left in her limo, not expecting any trouble….

When Kagome and crew arrived all of the head dancers were called into the office with the account books…

Now 19 of them were grateful for their jobs, so they were respectful and kept their eyes on the floor, but the respectful dancers wanted to be in their boss’s bed if they could ever manage it, this was another reason not to cross her.

Ana me and Ann checked all 19 account books finding them to be in order, she sent them back to their respective clubs, but the head dancer of her main location, “The Lotus Blossom” challenged her with her eyes,

“So you’re the boss lady, you don’t look so tough, meet me on stage and we’ll see who the better dancer is, if you win your friends can kill me if you lose well I get the club!”


 Kagome said to Anzume.

So Kagome was given the most classy outfit that any of her girls owned, an 8 layer kimono that could be sliced at the obi.

In the meantime, Ayame called the mansion, asking,

“Are Sesshoumaru and Touga at home, this is Ayame?”

“Yes, they are, shall I get them?”

“No, tell them to come to 10th and Wilshire in 5 minutes, Kagome needs them!”

The maid did as she was told, finding both husbands in their chamber,

“Your wife needs you at 10th and Wilshire immediately!”

They both hastily dressed in blue jeans, tee shirts, and sneakers and were off traveling on one huge cloud…

They arrived in time to talk to Ayame,

“One of her dancers, Anzume has challenged Kagome to out dance her on stage, I need one of you to sit at the end of the stage as Kagome is dancing it would be unseemly otherwise, besides I know someone who loves her dancing and would love the attention, any takers?”

“I will do it!”

 Said Sesshy, his father wasn’t surprised.

So a chair was set up on the end of the stage that Kagome was dancing on, no one told her that Sesshy would be there hence the surprise!

As the music began, for Kagome, she had chosen “Diamond Dogs” by David Bowie an oldie but goodie, since all the men were full Inu.

As she stepped on stage she forgot all about Anzume and concentrated on her husband, as she spun around the pole showing her gold underwear as she went around….

Then she advanced on her husband, swaying her hips, and slicing the first layer of the kimono, saying,

“Husband, would you help me remove my kimonos, it would be so hard otherwise!”

So he walked up to her, whispering

“You are the best; show this foolish woman the error of her ways…”

Her reaction?

“You cad! Help me or else!”

“Fine, But I won’t be gentle!”

“I want it rough! You couldn’t possibly be rough enough for my taste! I want it animalistic rough, can you handle it?”

“Yes, I can!”

Sesshoumaru loosed his beast, becoming truly rough with his wife and she loved it!

As he stepped up to his wife fully transformed, he roughly sliced every layer of her kimono but not all at one time, drawing a gasp from all the men who were watching, as they became hard as rock wishing it was them on stage!

By the second layer, she had sent him back to his chair, as she stalked him like prey, swinging her hips, and even crawling on the floor as if he was a deer to be taken down, while wiggling her ass (keeping it in the air).

Now the men in the audience wanted to drag her husband off the stage and replace him with one or all of them!

‘I am in hot water; I can feel that all these men would gladly remove me and enjoy her body without my permission!’

 Thought  Sesshoumaru.

Kagome put him out of his misery, by sitting on his lap, whispering,

“I want you, Big Boy, what are going to do about it?”

“Be a cad, and roughly remove your layers, and lick you all over!”

“Then do it! I don’t believe you!”

As she sat on his lap, she felt his cock rise in back of her bottom, seeking to alleviate his pain; she stood up and dared him to remove all her layers at one time.

“So are you going to remove all my layers at one time or not, you cad!”

“Of course I will, stand still!”

She stood still as he sliced off all 5 obis, all at once freeing her body that was covered by a pair of golden underwear and tassels on her nipples….

After he removed all the layers he returned to his humanoid form, she whipped her hair around her head as she smiled a predatory smile,

“Thank you for freeing my body, here is your reward!”

She began to twirl around on the bar, acting like she was making love to it, asking,

“Won’t you please join me on the pole, just lean in front of it, I won’t bite, much!”

She had begun to wiggle her ass at him, pretending to fuck herself with her hand, and screaming


That got him moving, he was behind her removing her underwear touching her middle and her tasseled breast   saying,

“If you really want to be fucked that badly who am I to complain?”

Then he removed his blue jeans and sneakers keeping his tee shirt on, and lazily stroked his cock before he roughly entered her ass, fucking her like she was an animal in the forest, taking all his frustrations out on her body….

‘Wow this is amazing, he has never been this rough with me before, and I like it, more!’

Thought  Kagome.

“More Sesshy, you are being too gentle, in fact you are acting like a wuss, rougher, harder, more force!”

‘So the tart wants it extra rough, so be it!’

So he partially transformed, making his cock extra thick and heavy as well lengthening it.

“As you wish, wench, I can go all night long!”

He continued to fuck her, going all the to her cervix consistently, as she clamped her body down on his cock making him moan,

“Oh baby, you’re the bestttttttttttttttt”

As he clamped down on her mating mark,

“Don’t stop baby, I have only had 5 orgasms, I want more!”

“Then milk me baby, I am all yours”

She continued to squeeze and clamp his cock,

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kami, you feel so good, Kagomeeeeeeeeeeeee”

He screamed for the men to hear, as he came for the second time, but she wasn’t done with him yet!

Knowing he was tender from coming a second time, she bucked her hips on his cock saying,

“One more time baby, I love milking you!”

Then she clamped her pussy to his cock all the way to his groin, and ground her hips squeezing him so hard it was hard for him to breathe, as his mind blanked out and he screamed,

‘Woman, you will be the death of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

 He said coming for the last time and collapsing on her back unable to move for he couldn’t feel his legs.

In the meantime,

Kagome’s girls had pulled Anzume off the stage, using their claws and poison to kill her nice and slow, in front of all the dancers that worked there.

They started with her back; Ana me scratched her poison claws all the way down her back to her tailbone, breaking the skin.

Sango also used her claws, to score both arms with the deepest cuts yet blistering with poison.

Ayame went for the body, poisoning her torso with her extra-long claws also full of poison.

Ann, being a Neko scratched her legs with her extra-long nails poisoning her whole lower body.

By the time Kagome and her husband were done, she was dead and incinerated for good measure and Ana me and Ann had looked at her books, they weren’t in order!

We haven’t forgotten Kagome and her husband, after half an hour he was able to feel his legs, but by then it didn’t matter, all the men had gone home to properly fuck their wives and she was happier than a rabbit in a carrot factory.

Of course she moved him back to his chair; she had a special way to really wake him up!

She swallowed him whole, making him instantly hard!

When he lifted his head, he saw the smile in her eyes as she sucked him off,

“Kagome, you are the most amazing woman I have ever met, you milked me dry, and continued to milk me until you had your fill, I love you sweetheart, I am going to sleep now, good night!”

Kagome continued to swallow him whole until he came hard in her mouth with a whimper as she smiled up at him!

Of course Papa helped Kagome gather his clothes and take him back stage to re-dress him and lay him on the couch, where she joined him in an all-night nap!

Papa watched over them, since he is mated to Kagome as well.

Now Kagome’s girls were informed by Papa what had happened and all they could do was smile waiting for the pups to come…

They would tell her later what happened to her rival, she would be pleased!

But Ana me and Ann had a problem,

Anzume’s books were crooked what should we do?

The four of us should investigate, you could be two of the dancers, in fact why don’t we get you a costume right now, and we know the very persons to test it out on! Stay right there!

Said Sango.

Ayame walked Ana me and Ann backstage finding her the most revealing outfits in the place, as Sango found her crush, Jacque Le Ferrier and his brother Jon before they went home.

Poor Ana me and Ann, as they dressed in the little bit of fabric that was the costumes, they screamed

“We can’t wear this, it is a gloried bikini.”



Sango simply said,

“Ana me and Ann, come out, I am alone.”

As they left the dressing room headed toward the floor, they heard a collective gasp,

“Ana me, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, come sit in my lap and see what you do to me!”

 Spoke Jacque through dry lips and mouth.

His brother agreed, telling Ann,

“Ann, come here and feel my love for you, my dear!”

 Sure enough, both ladies sat on their laps and for the first time were in heat.

Poor Jacque and Jon, they weren’t prepared for their reaction!

They removed their belts, and unzipped their pants exposing both their cocks to their  greedy eyes as they licked their collective lips and swallowed the poor men whole in their desire to have them.

Their cocks were so happy for their actions that they came for the first time, screaming



But she wasn’t done with him yet!

They removed the bottom part of their outfits, and sat on their erections, squeezing and clamping until they couldn’t breathe as they went up and down, riding them like an unbroken stallions!



When they  came d for the second time, they asked both women,

“Will you be my mate, Ana me Akai?”

“Will you mate me, Ann Slovak?”

“Yes, we will”

So both couples went to Jacque’s place, with Ann and Ana me dressed in their glorified Bikinis, which wasn’t on them for long….

By the time Monday rolled around, Ana me and Ann were mated to their beaus Jacque and Jon Le Ferrier, and were getting married on Monday after work.

Over the weekend both men had given Ann and Ana me their engagement rings, Two white gold rings with a square cut emerald surrounded by diamonds.

Once both couples were married that Monday afternoon, they found out that both ladies were pregnant as both ladies and their  husbands, stayed with their employer while they were pregnant and forevermore.

Eventually all of her girls had babies but that didn’t change her love for them or them for her!

Sango and Miroku had 3 girls and 3 boys, Inuyasha and Ayame had 5 boys, all of the children were full Inu’s.

By the way, Kagome had 8 boys, even more than her first pregnancy, and she continued to force her husband to be extra rough with her, he was smiling when she was finished, Papa was smiling as well, he had never been with such a voracious woman!

By the way, Sakura had 3 boys for her quiet husband not long after her daughter had her second brood, and they were never sorry they met, married, and mated.

Within a month of having her babies, Kagome had to check her accounts for her salons, by this time all of her girls had their babies and were able to accompany her to her main office.

All of her 20 locations had their books ready for inspection; all of them checked out and found to be in order, by the way, Anzume’s books were corrected, when all 4 girls investigated “The Lotus Blossom” and its girls.

After Anzume was removed, which they did tell Kagome about after she returned to the mansion, Ana me and Ann went to “The Lotus Blossom” once a week with Sango to check out their books, and to keep them clean.

They also became the lead dancers after Kagome.


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