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Blur by Allycat


Part I

“NO! Inuyasha look out!” Kagome yelled out running in front of Inuyasha with her arms spread out.

Inuyasha's eyes widened when he saw Kagome run out to try and protect him from Naraku's attack. Picking her up he leaped in to the sky to avoid the tentacle coming their way. 

“Woman stay outta my way! You're gunna get us both killed!” Inuyasha yelled and dropped her on the roots of the God Tree before sending an attack towards Naraku. 

Kagome sighed when Inuyasha turned away. She was only trying to help. Standing up she started to take a step forward but found her foot wouldn't lift up. Yanking on her foot in frustration she grew terrified when she felt her self sink further into the tree.



I'm drabbling.. I think.. I've never done it before so here's hoping it turns out ok! Review if you like!



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