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Broken Dreams by amy

Chapter 1

Broken Dreams

I Do Not Own Inuyasha

This is written for Sugar RO0’s Gender Bender challenge

Kagome had just returned from the future, two weeks late!

The future was heart breaking, thanks to a plague that had taken over Tokyo in the future, her mother was her father, her brother became her sister, her grandfather became her grandmother, and she became a young man that needed to learn self- defense.

By the way, self- defense classes were mandatory for all women that were changed into men even Mikos, like herself!

As she lifted her heavier frame out of the well, she was thinking,

‘I am a carrier of the plague but I can’t shirk my duties, no matter what’

So she walked to the village, aware of the fact that she had changed, permanently.

When she arrived in the village, she received strange stares from all the villagers.

The men wondered,

“Who is this young man entering our village? And what is his purpose?”

The women wondered as well,

“What will his trade be? Should we choose a bride for him?”

As he entered Keade’s hut, he said

“I’m back!”

Now the Tachi looked at this young man that could be a rival to any young man in their village or even Sesshoumaru!

As they asked,

“Who are you? And why did you enter Keade’s hut?”

“I am Kagome Higarashi, the Shikon No Tama!”

“No way, she was a woman not a man!”

“That is true; test me on something only she would know.”

“Who is it that I run off to in the middle of the night and make her cry?”

“Kikyo, the undead priestess.”

It was then that he realized it was Kagome, His Kagome, but she was a man!

So Inuyasha invited him into the hut, to wait for the rest of the Tachi to wake up!

It took 20 minutes for all the Tachi to awaken, and see the young man named Kagome sitting in their midst.

As Sango made breakfast, she asked Kagome,

“Why are you a man and not a woman?”

“In the future a plague overtook Tokyo, making all females into men and men into women. I had to take self- defense training as a necessary measure.”

“It even affected, you, a Miko?”

“Yes, but full demons, as well as Daiyoukai and Taiyoukai are not affected, so no one is to hug me, I am a carrier”

After he was finished speaking, Miroku asked,

“Is it permanent?”

“Yes, it is unfortunately.”

So they decided to travel to the West to tell Sesshoumaru, a future ally what had happened.

It took them 3 days to reach his castle, unfortunately his appearance at Sesshoumaru’s castle was challenged and she had to fight the guards before they could enter.

In the meantime, Sesshoumaru was listening from his window, and finally looked at his visitors at his front gate noticing a stunning young man that resembled Kagome….

When they were admitted to the castle, he met them on the ground floor, asking Inuyasha,

“Who is this new young man traveling with you, who resembles Kagome?”

“He is Kagome, test him!”

So he did, asking,

“How many times have my brother and I fought over the Tetsaiga?”

“For one, he is your half-brother, and second, you have fought him 3 times for his sword.”

Then he realized that he was Kagome, only in a male body, as he asked,

“Will all of you follow me to my study? I have many questions.”

So they followed him to the third floor, and entered his dark mahogany floored study, sitting on the silk pillows since there weren’t enough chairs for all of them.

They were all sitting in front of his Cherry wood finished desk, when he asked,

“How did you become a man, Kagome?”

In my future, 500 years from now a plague overtook Tokyo, making all females become males and males became females, mandatory self-defense classes were needed for all new males like me.

“But you are a Miko, why did it affect you?”

“The only ones left unaffected were full demons, and Daiyoukais and Taiyoukais.”

“Is it permanent?”

“Yes, the effects can’t be reversed.”

“I have made a decision, one that has been long overdue, Inuyasha, you and your friends will stay for your coronation as a Prince of the West, and you will receive your proper markings as well. This will take two weeks to prepare.”

“So we will be staying here for two weeks?”

“Yes, for starters.”

As he asked, Kagome,

“Stay behind when all your friends leave, I have further questions for you.”

So they all left, leaving Kagome alone with Sesshoumaru.

When they left, he asked him,

“What are your plans after the jewel is completed, for you can’t marry Inuyasha since you are a man!”

“I will stay in the feudal era, training Priest how to live in peace with demons, and vice versa.”

“Where do you plan to do this, priest?”

‘In Edo,  aiding Keade, for she is an older woman.”

So he hatched a plan in his mind, and it definitely involved Kagome!

As they left his study, he personally took the Tachi to the family wing, giving Kagome the room right next to his, the one reserved for his future mate!

Then he had refreshments sent to their rooms, so they could relax before dinner.

Now he had Kagome’s sent to his room, since he planned to add his blood to all her drinks until she became a full Inu male with the ability to get pregnant, and his mate!

So he asked Kagome to enter his chamber for her drink as well as relaxing, he desired his companionship to ease his loneliness.

So Kagome went through the adjoining doors thinking,

‘This is weird, why would he want my company, in his chamber no less.’

But he went, and was greeted by a demon lord that was at rest in his sleeping yukata, with a wide smile on his face, offering him a glass of pineapple juice and a place to sit on his bed…..

As he accepted his drink, he asked,

“Why am I here, Lord Sesshoumaru, I have told you everything I know as to why I am a man and not a woman…”

“But you have not told me about the future, or how you travel to it and why?”

As he  explained his origins, and why he traveled to the future.

“I am from 500 years in the present, where my father, sister and grandmother live on the Higarashi shrine. I come from a long line of priest and priestess’s, who used to purify demons  but now only take care of the shrine as a place of worship and peace for all of Tokyo.”

“But how do you travel back and forth between both time periods?”

“Wait one minute, before I answer that question; are you an ally or an enemy?”

“I am your ally, of course, willing to travel with your group to destroy the dark hanyou as well as collect the remaining shards when he is destroyed.”

“I travel through the well, it is a connection to both time periods, but as an ally, you must never tell anyone this secret for my 21st century family’s safety.”

Then he began stroking his back up and down, as he said,

“Relax little one, for I will protect you, get some sleep.”

Now Kagome’s eyelids were already beginning to droop due to the blood in his drink, making him tired…

As he rubbed Kagome’s back, he began to lay down on the bed and relax in his arms, so he picked him up and set him safely on his bed as he thought,

‘Kagome is such a gorgeous man, with his waist length raven hair, eyes as blue as the sea, wide strong chest and thin waist, as well as his long strong legs, heart shaped face, full kissable mouth. He will make a wonderful Inu male and my mate.’

As he watched him sleep, he was already changing, his face was becoming pale and his eye color was changing to ice blue rather than ocean blue.

How did Sesshy know this? He opened one eye to see if Sesshoumaru was still there, and he saw the change.

As Kagome slept he laid next to him, smiling a broad smile that would scare all of his enemies, but showed his immense pleasure…

After they had both slept, Sesshoumaru awakened Kagome so they could both bathe together in his private bath….

As they walked to his private bath, he smiled and touched Kagome gently on his face gently kissing his cheek making Kagome blush like a rose.

Kagome was getting the feeling of being courted but that couldn’t be, he was a man not a woman!

As they bathed, Sesshoumaru washed his back and his front just stopping short of his lower regions, as he handed Kagome the rag, saying,

“If you don’t finish your cleaning you will feel my phallus in your hole, you are so beautiful…”

So Kagome finished his bathing, and cleaned up Sesshoumaru   from front to back making him overjoyed, proving that his blood was beginning to change Kagome.

When they went back to Sesshy’s room, he had chosen a special kimono for Kagome, a pure silk kimono, fashioned after his, a white haori with red and white honeycombs on the sleeves, with white fundoshi, and white silk slippers as well as having his hair tied back with a leather tie.

When they walked into dinner, everyone was shocked; Kagome was looking like his double, down to the hair and clothes….

The Tachi also noticed that Kagome was pale with ice blue colored eyes….

She was slowly changing into a full Inu male and was happy…

During dinner Kagome drank several cups of  pineapple juice with his blood mixed into it, causing him to change even more, his lips became blood red, his body became stronger and longer…..

As Sesshoumaru was watching, he was much pleased, it would only take 6 more glasses of juice with his blood, and Kagome would be his!

After dinner they had fruit for dessert, as the Tachi retired for the night, having had a long day of traveling.

As Kagome retired to his room, getting into his jogging pants and tee shirt, and as Kagome sat down, Sesshy began to rub his back again, lulling him to sleep, kissing him on the forehead, saying,

“Soon, my mate, you will be mine”

But on the second night Kagome wore a green haori with white fundoshi, both of them having red and white honeycombs on the sleeves and bottom of the pants, matching his future mate.

Within 3 days Kagome was a full Inu male, and he had received 2 courting gifts, one was the outfit that he wore on the first night, and 20 short black/gold sleeping yukatas.

He received his third courting gift, on his third night there, a pair of black and red flowered hair accessories to be worn with his black and red outfit with a black haori and black fundoshi both with red and white honeycombs on the sleeves and on the bottom of the cuff.

Now Sesshy wasn’t neglecting Inuyasha’s coronation, within three days he had sent out the invites to all three cardinal Lord’s, and the Council.

As well as decorating the whole castle with red and white roses, along with matching silk tapestries, the menu had been decided, chicken infused rice with beef tips and braised beef with root veggies, roasted potatoes, green salad and fruit for dessert.

On the third day, he had chosen Inuyasha’s one piece kimono, a fire rat that was white with gold thread with a matching obi and black boots.

In fact, Sesshy had just sent him to the tailors to be fitted for his coronation kimono.

Now he had twelve days to finish the preparations, and tonight to mate his love, after announcing the fact to his friends and family at dinner.

As they dressed for dinner having already chosen Kagome’s outfit as his third courting gift(black haori with black fundoshi, both with red and white honeycombs and 2 black and red lacquered hair accessories) , after bathing in the hot spring, Sesshoumaru styled the top of Kagome’s hair, pulled into a small bun held with the lacquered hair accessories with the remaining hair hanging down straight.

Then they went to dinner together, wearing matching smiles, as he thought,

‘I feel loved, especially when Sesshy rubs my back and lays next to me! I wonder what tonight will bring.’

As they sat down, with Kagome on his right side, he said,

“I have chosen a mate for life, given him all 3 courting gifts, and Intend to mate him tonight, .he is Kagome, My Koi.”

As he kissed Kagome full on the lips in front of everyone, exposing his fangs as he returned the kiss just as passionately.

Now the Tachi weren’t surprised, Kagome had been given the room right next to his, the one reserved for his future mate, and he was sleeping in his room every night, laying next to Kagome as he slept.

They knew because for the last three days they had gone to check on Kagome only to find him curled up with him like a blanket, with his moko moko curled around his middle practically purring like a contented kitten.

So Inuyasha said,

“Elder brother, we know you love Kagome and will mate him, we all wish both of you the best in life, but you had better be willing to fight anyone who challenges your marriage as well as being faithful to Kagome, for Kagome will be your most loyal lover and confidante, loving you above all people.”

Then he sat down and smiled at them both, knowing he would listen…

As dinner was served, rice with mixed veggies and chicken, green salad with raw meat and tomatoes, corn, and fruit for dessert, everyone was happy except for one servant named Annabelle, she wanted to be his mate and intended to fight Kagome for him….

As she brought the last course in, she kicked Kagome’s chair out from under him, making him fall to the floor….

Now Kagome had a very young beast since he had become a full Inu male for only 1 day, but he was angry at being shown up in front of his mate (Really future mate) and showed the servant who was boss.

He turned her around, so that her butt was facing him, flipped up the back of her kimono, as well as dropping his fundoshi and proceeded to deflower her in the public dining room, and then slit her throat using his poison claws, dissolving her to dust.

Afterwards, he pulled up his fundoshi and went back to eating his food and smiling at his future mate….

Everyone was shocked, with their mouths hitting the floor, including Sesshy.

He had stopped a rival in her tracks, without his help!

He was going to be a strong mate indeed!

As everyone regained their seats to finish the meal, they would never forget this night!

As dinner ended, Kagome had something to say to her future mate and family of friends,

“I apologize for my loss of control, my beast is young and easily offended, and I meant to hurt her but not to make all of you witnesses to my loss of control.”

As Inuyasha said,

“Keh, she had it coming being jealous of you becoming Sesshy’s mate, she deserved it, you have nothing to apologize for, fighting for your mate will happen don’t be afraid to do so.”

 Said Inuyasha as the Tachi heartily agreed, saying,

“Hear, hear”

As well as Shippo saying,

“I am proud of you dad, you didn’t take any guff from her or from anyone else, I want to be just like you when I grow up.”

 With that said, they all retired with smiles on their faces….

Of course, Sesshy had plans for his future mate including a lovely warm bath with honey scented soap….

As Kagome and Sesshy walked down the hall to his room, he squeezed Kagome’s bottom just like Miroku does with Sango, but he didn’t slap him, but purred with joy, leaning into his hand, telling him,

“Do that again, that felt wonderful…..”

So he did, and his next reaction was surprising,

“Harder, with more feeling, we may not make it to the room…”

So they walked even faster dropping their clothes on the way, by the time they were in the room, and Sesshy locked it, they were kissing uncontrollably, as he was open mouth kissing his shoulders, neck and finally his nipples.

Sesshoumaru had never seen such a responsive male, before he knew it Kagome had pinned him to his door, going straight for the meat of the matter, sucking his cock and sticking his fingers in his anus at the same time, going down hard and fast with his fingers keeping the same pace.

He was beyond howling, as he screamed,

“Kagomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” for all  the castle to hear including the Tachi group.

Then it was his turn, as he led his partner to his bed on shaky legs, having him take the Inu position, with his ass up and in his face.

As he slowly took his ass one finger at a time, until 3 fingers weren’t enough, he stuck his whole hand into Kagome and pumped his ass until, he screamed,


But that was just the beginning, he worked his ass with his cock while pumping Kagome’s cock with his hand, filling his cervix with Sesshoumaru’s cream and breaking his virginity barrier.

As he filled him with his cream, he leaned over his shoulder and drank his blood, making the orgasm last through 4 or 5 orgasms until he deflated, licking his wound.

Now it was Kagome’s turn, putting Sesshy in the Inu position, seeing his already wet hole was glistening with moisture, he pushed his extra, long  Inu tongue all the way down his anus, tickling his insides, finding his special spot over and over again, while pumping his cock  with Kagome’s hand, both being rough and fast….

Sesshy couldn’t take it, as he screamed,

“Kagome, I am about to blowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww”

But he wasn’t done with him, no way!

He immediately stuck his rock hard cock into his already tender hole, sat him up so his back, especially the shoulder was near his mouth, and fucked  him like the bitch he was , rough hard, and fast, while pumping Sesshy’s phallus yet again….

As Kagome was about to come, she asked,

“Who gives you this pleasure, bitch!”

“You do”

“Say my name, bitch!”


As he began to cum inside Sesshy’s ass, he bit him on the neck drinking his blood, and riding out 8 orgasms before he deflated and cleaned the wound.

Afterward, he laid them both on the futon to rest until the next round….

No one saw them for a month, and when Sesshy did try Kagome pulled him into the room, giving him an extra generous ass pumping for the effort…

When they did come out, Sesshoumaru was a mess, looking like he had been worked over by a mac truck, but Kagome looked as fresh as a daisy, hopping and skipping….

Of course the royal healer was called to check for pregnancy, and guess who was pregnant, Sesshy of course.

For five months Kagome was the Lord of the West, putting the finishing touches to Inuyasha’s coronation, figuring out the seating arrangements with his mates help as well as dealing with the arriving guests ….

Of course, as Lord of the West he almost forgot someone very important on the guest list, which Sesshy reminded him of,

“Kagome don’t forget Inukimi, my mother and Inuyasha’s, she would be offended if she wasn’t invited to her sons coronation!”

So he wrote an invite to his mother, and the woman who gave him life.

Of course she came 6 days early, without warning going straight to her sons chamber, finding him having morning sickness in a bucket with a strange man rubbing his back assuring him,

“You will be fine, mate, I will love you no matter what.”

As he continued to rub his back.

It was about this time that Inukimi asked,

“Who are you young man? And why are you rubbing my sons back?”

“You are Sesshy’s mother, Inukimi, wow he looks so much like you, now I know where he gets his good looks.”

“You still haven’t answered my question!”

“I am his new mate, Kagome Higarashi, the Shikon No Tama, and Your son is pregnant with my children 5 boys, and he made me a full Inu male and able to conceive as well.”

So she looked at both their shoulders, seeing that they both carried each other’s mating marks, Kagome wore a half moon with silver running through it and her son wore a sunset with the ocean flowing underneath it.

Once she had seen the evidence of their mating, she had one question for Kagome,

“Do you truly love my son, Kagome?”

“Yes, I do, with all my heart and soul, I would fight to protect my mate under any and all circumstances, ask the servants, if you don’t believe me!”

So she did, as the head cook recounted the events that unfolded with her daughter, Annabelle,

“My daughter was foolish enough to challenge our Lord’s mate, but at the time he was his intended or unmated, she kicked his chair out from under him making him fall on his butt in front of his future mate and his friends. She was summarily turned around so her bottom was facing his intended, the back of her kimono was flipped up then Kagome dropped his fundoshi and deflowered my daughter in the public dining room then he slit her throat and all that was left of my girl was dust, unfortunately she deserved it. She thought she deserved to be his (Our Lord’s) mate not Kagome and she paid.”

After hearing the servant’s story, she went to where his friends were staying in the family wing.

As she walked to the rooms across from her sons, she found Inuyasha, her second son, the demon slayer and the monk, as well as Shippo a young kitsune trickster,his adopted son who would stay in the castle with his dad.

She had heard about this Tachi group who were hunting Naraku, the dark hanyou, collecting all the jewel shards and destroying him for his evil deeds toward humans and demons.

When she entered Inuyasha’s room as he was surrounded by his friends, she asked what had happened on the night that Kagome was to be mated,

“A servant came in to bring our dessert, a plate of fruit, when she kicked his chair out from under him and smiled as a form of challenge, and his beast reacted to her challenge, turning her around, flipping the back of her kimono up, dropping his fundoshi, and deflowering her in the public dining room. Then he slit her throat, leaving dust behind with nothing else.”

Afterwards he apologized to us for being out control, but I told him,

“Don’t worry about it; she deserved it for being jealous of you becoming his mate and not her”

So Inukimi understood how much Kagome does love her son, if only based on his actions coupled with the fact that she had seen him lovingly rubbing her sons back like a lover would do.

Before the coronation, Inukimi talked to Kagome in her son’s chamber, while he slept off the last of his morning sickness.

“I see why my son chose you as his mate; no one has ever loved him the way you have shown it, for all to see. You give him the kind of love he needs, complete and undying. I approve, continue to love my son, for I can feel he loves you as well, with all his heart, there is no need for a public mating, both of you will be fine. I will tell the entire three Lord’s and the Council of your mating and of my approval, they will not protest on pain of death.”

 By the time the coronation rolled around, Sesshy had just recovered from morning sickness and was able to perform the ceremony in front of all the cardinal Lords, and the council, giving Inuyasha his heritage marks and declaring him a Prince of the West.

Afterward though, he had to lie down in their chamber, So Kagome stayed with his mate until he felt better with the help of some chicken noodle soup (Homemade) and lots of lovemaking for their pups needed his youki….

Kagome also took care of all of his negotiations looking over all the papers with a fine tooth comb and deleting all concubines, servants, and marriages…..

Everyone knew that he had mated Kagome the Shikon No Tama, it didn’t matter that he was a man, full Inus marry males all the time, especially powerful ones.

Now after the morning sickness was gone, Sesshy was fine to travel to all the negotiations, but he was a secondary wheel, being pregnant and showing, unfortunately the other Lords noticed this and elevated his mate above him….

This particular meeting was in the Eastern Lord’s mansion, in the middle of a beautiful group of nut and fruit trees in full bloom…..

His mate to his credit cleared up this problem, when one of the cardinal Lords gave him a fertile concubine as a gift…..

Looking lovingly at his mate, he said,

“How dare you insult my pregnant mate!”

As he walked up behind her and slit her throat, melting her to dust.

As well as slitting the throat of the Lord of the South, Nazarou turning him to dust as well.

“Any of lower or higher can see what the house of the West reaction will be to such insults, keep your whores, you will need them, for your cocks won’t get hard without them, unfortunately for you.”

Now Inukimi was at the conference as well to see how Kagome would handle negotiations, staying in the back so she could see the results of his being given a woman to have Kagome’s children.

He passed with flying colors, killing the concubine and taking his wife to a couch, setting him up with tea, and finishing up all business in record time.

She observed the evidence of his love for her son, without either one of them knowing as she laughed, making a note to stay in her son’s castle until the pups were born, as well as being a support for both of them!

Then they finished the conference, clearing up all business for 3 months thanks to her pushing, of course he took her mate to a couch in the room so he could relax and drink tea ….

All of this took half an hour, and the next meeting was set for 3 months’ time in the South which was owned by the West.

3 months later,

Now Inukimi was in the castle when her son gave birth, holding his left hand as his mate dropped his fundoshi laying his cock in his hand, so he could squeeze it as the contractions hit him, using all his strength to share his pain, as Kagome screamed.

By the time all 5 boys were born, Kagome was horse from screaming in pain, and Sesshoumaru was glowing with beauty and happiness.

It took a few hours for Kagome’s pain to recede, while it was leaving his body Kagome sat down and looked at his gorgeous mate as he breast fed one of their sons, as Kagome held their second.

 While Inukimi held their third and fourth child, their last child was in a specially made wooden bassinet with 8 blankets inside its bottom and a single thick cover to wrap him up!

The bassinet was right next to Kagome, as was Inukimi with his third and fourth child, both of them smiling with love as they looked at Sesshoumaru, whom they both loved…

In the meantime,

Inuyasha was handling the conference in the South, dealing with the remaining cardinal Lords, and their problems, like needing new farming methods to improve crops, deciding on the best use of their land was so on and so forth…..

The conference was over in 3 days, Inuyasha was home within one day of it ending.

Now I should explain that Naraku did meet his end, thanks to Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kagome’s first general and their strongest miko, Kara.

His men tracked him to a cave, where the remaining Tachi, Inumayu and Kara killed him and purified the jewel sending it on its merry way with a pure wish.

When they returned, they found a bustling castle, ever since the pups were born, and the royal couple was together all the time with their babies, life was sweet for the servants.

Miroku and Sango got married and lived in the castle and they had the pleasure of seeing Kagome pregnant and Sesshy being a very gentle lord to him…

Now Inuyasha did get married, but it took quite a few conferences to finally meet Nazara, daughter of the Eastern lord, a beautiful hanyou with sea green eyes, pale skin, red lips, full chest and hips, slender figure, and sweet personality.

Nazara and Inuyasha were married and mated in a month, having pups in 5, and happy parents so fast it would make your head spin.

Of course they moved into the castle directly after they were married, and shared their lives with Miroku and Sango(Who became full Inus by drinking Kagome and Sessshy’s blood) the same went for Nazara and Inuyasha.

So all 3 couples lived a long, prosperous life and enjoyed every minute of it.

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