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Miroku's Mistake by amy

Chapter 1

Miroku’s Mistake

I Do Not Own Inuyasha

This is written for Riku  Ryuu’s  Random  prompts- Lamp

It was Miroku’s mistake to pick up the golden lamp out of the rich man’s house as payment for ridding his estate of rogue demon spirits and it was his further mistake to give it to Kagome as a birthday present.

When Kagome rubbed the lamp that Miroku gave her, to clean it up, a strange thing happened, a female genie appeared before her eyes,

“Mistress, what is your first wish?”

Asked the genie.

Kagome was flabbergasted, asking

“Who are you? And what are you doing in my birthday present?”

“I apologize mistress, my name is India Star and I am a genie that has lived in this lamp for hundreds of years.”

“Why did you ask me what my first wish was?”

“I can grant you 3 wishes, and you can even wish for more wishes.”

So k

Kagome gave it some thought, Sesshoumaru had joined their group along with Rin his daughter and Jakenhis servant, as she said,

“I want to be the strongest full Demoness/Miko in Japan, strong enough to rival Sesshoumaru!”

So she granted her wish, changing her into a full Neko Demoness with fully hewn Miko powers as well as the ability to use them.

She also kept her personality the same as when she was human, so she could be happy with her new life.

Thanking India Star, she sweetly asked her to go into her bottle so no one would bombard her with wishes.

Then she walked into camp,

“Hi guys, how did you sleep?”

It was Sango that said,

“What happened to you, Kagome, you’re a full Demoness, why?”

It was a gift from my genie, India Star, my first wish….

“Don’t tell me you have 2 more!”

“Yes, I do, but I will use them wisely for she has been most kind.”

It was about that time that Sesshoumaru noticed something was different, her power was flowing off of her in waves, and she could control her Miko  completely she was a power to be reckoned with.

She was even more powerful than him, as he thought

‘I need to mate and marry her quick, before I have competition from other full demons’

After Sango spoke, Sesshoumaru asked ,

“Could I speak to you in private, Miko, I have a few of my own questions.”

So she took his arm and walked away from camp into a small clearing surrounded by nut trees(Inu is allergic in this story) to ‘talk’ to the demon lord.

When they arrived, he asked

“What was your first wish, Miko?”

“My first wish was to be the most powerful full Demoness/Miko in Japan, rivaling your power.”

“Why did you make such a wish, Miko?”

“I am tired of being a burden to my comrades; I want to carry my own weight just like everyone in the group.”

“Miko, you have put yourself in a position to carry more than your own weight, but the Tachi and mine.”

“But I don’t want to be a cardinal Lord that is your job.”

“If the council ever finds out how powerful you are, they will give you my job, and I wouldn’t mind if they did!”


“ I would be free to marry you, love our pups and not have to worry about others opinion of me.”

“Aren’t you free to do that now?”

“Yes, I am my dear miko!”

“Would marry and mate me in this clearing 2 days from now, I want to protect you from the wolves that would try to devour you.”

“Yes, I will but not for the protection though it will be welcome, but for the thought you put into your words.”

So in two day time, she was wed to Sesshoumaru, Lord of the West in her best silk kimono, it was sea green with red rose buds, her obi matched her kimono, as well as her silk slippers. Sango and Rin fixed her hair, washing and drying it naturally putting a matching ribbon on the ends of her hair.

Now Sesshoumaru had a male wedding kimono with him for Inuyasha, but he decided to use it to marry Kagome.

His kimono was black with golden dragons doing battle with large dogs in the background, he also had a matching obi and silk slippers, and the finishing touch was a golden silk ribbon on the end of his hair.

When she reached the clearing it had been decorated with local wild flowers from Edo, and all of Edo including Keade had been invited, sitting on silk pillows on both sides of the aisle.

She had been given a bouquet of wild flowers that Rin had picked, they were gorgeous.

Her bouquet had morning glories, tiger Liles, baby’s breath, and many flowers I can’t mention, she also received a garter belt from Sesshoumaru, since she was the first bride in his family.

So they were married by the local priest, Alfred Ban singer, with Inuyasha as his best man, Miroku was holding the rings on a purple velvet pillow, as well as Keade giving her away , Sango was her matron of honor, and Rin  and Shippo were brides mates throwing petals behind her…

As Keade led her up the aisle, she was thinking,

‘This is the happiest day of my life’

Then the priest asked,

“Who gives this woman to be married?”

“I do, Keade of Edo village, her adopted sister.”

Then she laid her hand on Sesshoumaru’s and sat down.

As he continued,

“Is there anyone who would see this couple wed?”


Then they made their vows,

“Do you Lord Sesshoumaru, take Kagome Higarashi as your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in war and peace, in sickness and in health…”

“I Do” Said Sesshoumaru.

Then the priest said,

“You may put the ring on her finger.

Then it was her turn,

“Do you, Kagome Higarashi, the Shikon No Tama  take Sesshoumaru, Lord of the West as your wedded husband, to have and to hold….in war and peace, In sickness and in health….”

“I Do” Said Kagome.

Then you may place the ring on his finger, and she did, on the fourth finger of his left hand as he lifted the veil as the priest said,

“With the power vested in me, and in the Western Lands, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.”

 And he certainly kissed her with a passion no one had ever seen him have, making their sun look dim….

As they were about to walk down the aisle, he remembered the garter belt, as he opened the bottom of her kimono, exposing her leg, removing the garter belt as he threw it to Miroku, signifying he would be next to be married.

Then they stayed at their party for an hour, cutting their multiple layered cakes with a groom and a bride on top, as well as having the first dance on the dance floor….

After an hour no one could find them or her lamp, Suspecting them of finding the local cave so they could mate in privacy….

They had indeed found the local cave, and were about to mate when she said,

“India Star, I want my last two wishes, please!”

So the genie came out of the bottle for both Kagome and Sesshoumaru to see,

“What are your wishes, my mistress?”

“My second wish is to keep my husband faithful to me and me to him for the rest of our lives, and my final wish would be to make us the fairest rulers in all the four lands.”

So the genie produced two subjugation necklaces, one for the groom, one for the bride saying,

“Both of you will house each other’s souls by wearing these necklaces, I will draw your blood with a jagged rock  as your blood flows on each necklace, it will glow(the beads) and you will choose your word that you will use to remind each other of your commitment,

So she Slit Kagome’s wrist first, dropping her blood on the beads asking,

“Your word please!”

“Make love to me!”

Then she healed her wrist, afterward she gave her husband his necklace.

 Then it was his turn, she slit his wrist letting his blood flow onto the beads, asking,

“Your Word Please!”

“Suck my cock!”

Then she healed his wrist as he put the beads around her neck.

Now her beads were pure gold and Pearl beads, his were pure sapphire and pearl beads.

And she granted her final wish by filling their minds with knowledge that would help them both make the right decisions in the future.

AS she was about to leave, Kagome asked,

“Will you stay and be my Lady- In – Waiting as well as my confidante outside of my husband, I will need a friend!”

“Of course, my friend but for now I return to tell your friends that I am here to stay and tell them of your happiness! Adieu!”

Then they entered the caves center and mated for a month, upon which time she became pupped with a litter of full Inu sons for him to train and spoil…..

As for her companion, she stayed with her and her husband, discretely 5 doors down advising her on all matters of state and of the heart.

She didn’t get away from getting married herself, Oh no! One of Sesshoumaru’s first generals, Inumayu noticed her from the first day she arrived, and decided,

‘She will be my mate, soon’

As he asked His master,

“May I court India Star, your mates’ advisor?”

“So you want her as your mate, do you, Inumayu?”

“I do sire.”

“You have my permission, but watch your step, once you ask her and she accepts, never have a straying eye or you will regret it….”

So he knocked on his lady’s door, and asked

“May I ask India Star a question, in private?”

“Of course, you may Inumayu, she will be out in a minute.”

So she said,

“You know what he is about to ask you, I suspect.”

“Yes, he is going to ask to court me and eventually marry me”

“What will be your answer be?”

“Yes, of course, he has grown on me, I love him as well.”

So she followed him to the garden, as he went down on one knee,

“India Star will you give me the honor of courting and marrying you, making me the happiest man in the feudal era?”

“Yes, I will, for I Love you as well.”

As he gave her his courting mark, she moaned in pleasure for the first time in her life, smiling like a Cheshire cat!

They courted for a month, were married in 2 months, and she was pupped along with her mistress within their first month of being married.

Now we can’t forget the Tachi- Miroku married Sango once Naraku was gone, Inuyasha married Shiori, a young bat demon Hanyou in Edo village, who had lost her mother, and Shippo married Rin when they were of age and ready.

Now in 5 month time both Inumayu and Sesshoumaru were  fathers , wearing subjugation necklaces as well as their wives having their matches, having been used at least once for each partner, especially during Lord’s meetings…

The last lord’s meeting was especially memorable.

 The Lord of the South and East had given each husband a concubine as a wedding gift in front of their powerful wives; boy did he get a surprise!

Both women killed the women on the spot with deadly lightning strikes, threatening

“If any of you Lords, or the council insults our house in this way or with a female or male servant, we will kill the so called ‘gift’ along with the Lord himself and his entire family, there is more, where that came from, GENTLEMEN. And don’t even try to get our husbands to agree, for we know how to punish them….”

As Kagome and Indi Star asked their husbands to step forward,

They both gave their commands at one time,

“Make love to me” and “Let your passion be seen, my lover”

Then both men took their commands seriously, dropping down on their knees, going under their wives kimonos pleasuring them in front of all the lords and ladies, not seeing anything but their wives and their pleasure.

But it also worked the other way, since they found out their wives ruled the kingdom, the ladies presented them with male concubines at the next meeting.

It was now their turn to refuse on their wives behalf,

“This insult will not stand!”

 As they took the concubines around the throat and inserted their poison into their hearts, killing them instantly! Now it was their turn to have their wives, front and center.

As they both gave their commands,

“Suck my cock!” and “Rape me until I reach oblivion”

As they  did the same as their husbands had before them, Kagome had Sesshoumaru in her mouth in 5 seconds flat making him moan and whimper, and India Star had her husband on the floor naked as well as herself, riding him so hard that he almost couldn’t breathe for screaming her name,

“India Star” followed By Sesshoumaru,


When they were finished, no one was watching, they were too busy pounding their mates and the men were grunting from the effort!

From that point on, all Lord’s meeting were a straight forward affair with all wives in attendance, having asked the Ladies of the West for subjugation necklaces for their husbands and themselves to have balance in their households.

Eventually, Sango and Miroku, and Inuyasha and Shiori moved into the castle, Shippo was already living there as Kagome’s son along with Rin.

Eventually Sango and Miroku were given separate vials containing Kagome and India Stars blood to drink so they would live as full demons and not die from old age, they did the same for Inuyasha and Shiori making them full as well.

When they did this, all couples involved would live out their lives as friends and family through thick and thin.

The end

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