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Kagome's Vacation by amy

Kagome's Vacation

Kagome’s Vacation

I Do Not Own Inuyasha

This is written for Riku Ryuu’s Random Prompts- Sunset

Kagome Higarashi, head buyer for Inumaru Inc., a subsidiary of Tashio Industries   was on vacation for the first time in 3 years the same amount of time she had been dating Inuyasha  Tashio….

Her employer, Miroku  Akashi, was his cousin, and Sango his wife is her best friend…

Currently, she was in the secondary beach house of the Tashio’s near Yokohoma beach, remembering why she was on vacation…

Flash back

She had come home early to her apartment in Tokyo Towers, only to find her boyfriend of 3 years, Inuyasha   screaming,

“Fuck me like a bitch”

As he was being pleasured by Kagura  Ashi and Kikyo  Sakuchi, one was on his cock, the other was on his chest having her pussy being eaten out!

So she left the apartment silently and sought out her best friend…

Sango and her husband sent her to their beach house, as well as using their private plane to get her  there, and having a limo ready to take her there….

End  of flash back

As she was relaxing in the beach house, she looked outside to see the most beautiful man she had ever seen, skinny dipping for her pleasure, unbeknownst to him…

She watched him as he swam until he went next door…

The very next day, she knocked on his door not knowing who he was, dressed in Sango’s gold bathing suit and a coverall….

When he answered,

“Hey neighbor, would you like to go on a picnic, on the beach with me?”

He wasn’t sure what to say, but this girl was gorgeous beyond words, so he said,

“Let me get dressed, I will meet you on the beach.”

So Sesshoumaru Tashio met Kagome   on the beach for one of many picnics…

When he met her on the beach,

“I am Sesshoumaru  Atashi, of Brown Electronics, I am a technician.”

“I am Kagome Higarashi, Of Inumaru Inc. , I am their head buyer.”

As they shared their lives, likes and dislikes, he decided,

‘I will keep my true identity to myself until I mate her.”

Kagome in the course of conversation told him,

“I am only here for a month, ex- boyfriend problems- cheating.”

So he kept track of his time with her, and when she had 5 days left he had her come to a moonlight dinner on the beach complete with odorless, tasteless sake.

“Kagome, will you come to dinner on the beach with me at 8:00 pm?”

“Of course, I will, Sesshoumaru!”

He ordered Lasagna, with green salad, and fruit for dessert, along with her special sake that taste like water…

So she enjoyed his company, as the sake flowed for both of them…

 When he could see she was more than tipsy, he asked her,

“Will you be my mate, Kagome Higarashi?”

He asked drunkenly.

 She answered, just as drunkenly,

“Of course, my love!”

Then he loosed his beast, his eyes becoming red as well as stripping down to his underwear, and stripping her to hers…

Then he mated her, giving her all the pleasure that she missed in her life, until the final sunset…

Sesshoumaru couldn’t wait to spoil her silly, in their mansion, along with asking his father how to be faithful to his new bride, maybe he should let her bite him and exchange her reiki for his demonic power!

He was overjoyed that he had mated her after sunset under the moon, as her body shone only for him!


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