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Sesshoumaru's day off by amy

Sesshoumaru's Day Off

Sesshoumaru‘s   Day Off

I DO Not Own Inuyasha

Written for Riku  Ryuu’s Random Prompts, Socks

Kagome and Sesshoumaru had been married for a month and all he did was work, on weekends, holidays, even on their honeymoon!

She had decided to hide his suits and accessories in their basement covered with plastic, except one pair of socks!

Then she waited for the fun to begin!

The very next day,

“Kagome, I’m running late, where are my clothes?”

“What clothes?”

“My work clothes, I can’t go to work naked!”

“But you won’t be, I have your socks”

“Is that all of my clothing you can find?”

“Yes, they are”

“What am I going to do?”

“Stay home and make love to me so we can have a pup in 5 months!”

“But I have a major meeting today….”

“No, you don’t, not without your clothes!”

“Kagome, give me my clothes!”

“Come out here and say that…”

So he did, until he saw she was wearing his favorite negligee from Victoria Secret, midnight blue with black lace, looking good enough to eat!

Then he saw his socks at the bottom of the bed, as he decided,

‘Maybe, I need a day or week off; she is too appetizing to leave alone’

 So he stayed home letting his father run his business for a week, the second day he told him of his plans…


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