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How to ruin a relationship or repair one? by amy

Chapter 1

 How to ruin a relationship or how to repair one?

I Do Not Own Inuyasha

Kagome was engaged to Sesshoumaru for a month, he had just announced their engagement to their friends and family.

She worked as a fashion designer for Gucci, a newly graduated graphic artist that was up and coming, Sesshoumaru was also an up and coming vice president for Taisho Corporation.

She decided to visit him on his lunch break that she knew he took in his office.

She rode the elevator to the thirteenth floor, having a key to his office.

When she arrived on his floor, she went past the secretary’s desk and was about to use the key when she found that the door was open….

She silently walked through the door, only to see 2 women on him with his pants near his ankles…

One woman was going down on him the other was passionately kissing his mouth and playing with his nipples…

But he was encouraging them,

“Rougher, harder, treat me like the bitch I am.”

After seeing him betray her, she silently left,

“Good luck, Sesshoumaru”

Then she went back to her office and drew some of the gorgeous dresses, purses, and wallets Mr. Gucci ever saw….

 After work she went to see Touga, his father, who was at the mansion in his study, it was all mahogany flooring, desk, and chairs, with tan rug.

When she parked her car in the front, she knocked on the door, where she was met by a maid,

“Who are you here to see?”

“I am here to speak to the Inu No Tashio on a personal matter.”

So the maid asked her to wait in the outer lobby while she asked him if he would see her,

“What is your name?”

“Kagome Higarashi”

Then she recognized her as the older master’s intended and led her to the study…

Once she was in the study, Touga asked her,

“Why are you speaking to me and not my son?”

“Sir, he was with 2 other women in his office, they were pleasuring him and he was happily encouraging them, saying,

’rougher, harder, treat me like the bitch I am’”.

“Why don’t stay for dinner, he no longer visits me…”

So she stayed for dinner.

They had chicken infused rice, with beef tips and root veggies with fruit for dessert….

Of course she drank pineapple juice throughout dinner, but it tasted different…

Touga had mixed 2 vials of his own blood into each drink making it taste stronger than normal…

By the time dinner was finished she needed to sleep over, she was so exhausted….

As he helped her to one of his guest rooms, she was already beginning to change…

The next day she left with a concealing watch on her wrist and a smile on her face, she felt revitalized.

Fast forward 5 years,

Kagome has become vice president of Gucci Inc. and he is considering her for President…

Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru was still vice president under his father, as he asked him to lunch…

When he arrived he met him at the door,

“So son, how has life been treating you?”

“Lousy, Kagome still won’t speak to me!”

“That is the very reason; I asked you to lunch, I have heard news of her.”

As they sat down to lunch,

“Kagome is vice president of Gucci Inc., he is even considering her for president….”

“Father, is this true?”

“Why don’t you visit her in her office, it is lunch time…”

So he went to their 13 floor, got off the elevator, and passed the secretaries desk, to find an open door….

What he saw blew his mind, Kagome had 2 females pleasuring her, one  had her tongue so far up her clit all she could do was moan and whimper, the other was kissing her passionately and sucking on her nipples, as her blouse and bra were gone, as well as her underwear….

All he could was look and wonder,

‘That is why she hasn’t called me, she is getting her pleasure elsewhere…as I did before she cut me off….”

Then instead of leaving, he took a seat, unzipped his pants, and watching what the ladies were doing to her, he masturbated using his hand, coming at the same time as Kagome….

When Kagome saw him, she covered up her chest and pulled her skirt down….

But it was too late, he had seen her take her pleasure, and not be ashamed of it like a full demon would….

That was when it happened, he saw through her concealing watch and found a gorgeous full fox demoness, with 4 tails, perky ears, auburn and white fur with her tails having the same color and her eyes….

They were the most beautiful shade of sea green, like the color of the sea rolling into the sand….

He decided then and there he must have such a magnificent female; she needed more than female attentions….

So he said,

“Will you allow me to take you out to dinner tonight at Taisho’s, I will pick you up at 7:00, business attire is not allowed.”

“Why should I?”

“For the sake of old times, I miss you!”

So she left work with him, riding in his limo, as she directed him to her apartment in Tokyo Towers…

When she got out,

“I will see you at 7:00 PM, you can pick me up at apartment 551….”

Then she left his car, with an unconscious sway of her hips that were addicting to watch…

‘She had made her way in the world, all without him…’

Kagome chose her midnight blue strapless beaded dress that was off the shoulder, with her blue sapphire earrings with matching necklace, and high heels.

She had already showered, washed and dried her hair as well as styling it into a chignon with little wisps of hair framing her face….

The finishing touch was a dab of Chinese red lipstick, and then it was 7:00 on the dot.

As her door bell rang, she walked to her door and opened it slowly…

“Come in and sit down, I will just get my purse.”

As he looked at her apartment, it was tastefully decorated in black and brown, including her wallpaper design that was a series of crowns and tiaras surrounded by diamonds….

She had her entertainment center, television, music center, and leather couch all in the middle of her living room, lower than   the rest of her apartment, almost sunken but very comfortable…

He could also see her kitchen, it was large, with an island, a stove, refrigerator, and a gourmet cooks dream- all the cooking utensils to make a small feast, in the middle of her kitchen….

Now her bedroom and lavatory were not so easily seen, a man would have to be invited in to see these rooms, and he would be that man….

When she rejoined him, she had a smile on her face as well in her aura….

“Shall we go, we don’t want to be late!”

He would love to be late, if it meant he could be with her!

But he put his mask in place,

“My limo is downstairs.”

As he took her arm and walked out the door with a smirk on his face…

He was thinking,

‘Why did she leave me? What did she see that pissed her off?’

As he asked her,

“Why did you cut off all contact with me?”

“Simple, I visited you at your lunch hour and found you being pleasured by 2 ladies and you were saying,

’harder, rougher, treat me like the bitch I am’”.

You were apparently extremely pleased with what they were doing, so I left feeling that you wouldn’t miss my company since I couldn’t please you like they were….

Sesshoumaru was thinking,

‘She saw me being pleasured, and left, I wonder if she spoke to father’

As they arrived at the restaurant, he asked for the most secluded table in the back of the restaurant, possibly a booth…

So he escorted her through the restaurant, smelling all the men’s arousal as he smirked all the way to the booth, where he could seduce her in private….

When the waiter arrived he ordered a steak with a baked potato and a salad, Kagome ordered the same, they both wanted their steak rare not well done…

As he looked at her, he thought

‘She is perfect for me, as a wife and mother she will always love me if I behave, if not she will beat my ass as she should….’

When their meal had arrived, he said

“Bring me the strongest demon sake with 2 glasses and keep it coming until I say stop”

Then the waiter went to the kitchen and put in the order,

“Booth 51 wants the strongest demon sake in the house, and let it flow…”

So the waiter fulfilled his order, bringing their drinks allowing sake to flow like wine….

By the time dinner was over, they had gone through 5 bottles of demon sake, both were feeling a little tipsy, and then he ordered dessert for both of them, black forest pie.

Over dessert they consumed 4 more bottles of demon sake, both of them were clearly drunk, which was fine with him as long as she came home with him….

As he called for his limo, he said

“You, my little vixen will know what real pleasure feels like before the end of this night…”

So he took her to his father’s mansion, found a guest room with the widest futon and most space to move and removed her concealing watch so he could truly see her….

She was unready for him to do so, and tried to cover herself, as he took off her dress and stopped her by pulling her hands above her head, saying

“Don’t hide your beauty from me, my beautiful demoness, let me pleasure you and mate you this night, will you let me?”

“Yes, If you can stay faithful my dear Sesshoumaru, I can’t live with your lack of it.”

So he said,

“My dear Kagome, I will do anything to love you and our pups only, even if my father has to help me.”

So she mated him that night, receiving more pleasure than she had ever felt.

He took his time, slowly kissing her lips in a slow, passionate way, until she was melting in his arms, begging him,

“Just fuck me already, stop teasing me!”

“As you wish, milady”

So he turned her around, with her ass held high as well as her tails, he rammed his blood filled phallus pushing further and further  into her channel, until he broke her barrier and seated himself fully in her channel ,reaching her cervix filling her with his cum, tons and  tons of it….

At the same time he bit he shoulder, drinking her blood and riding her orgasm and his until the ocean dried up, then he cleaned up her wound and withdrew….

Then it was her turn,

She threw him on the bed, roughly taking his member in her mouth, taking him like he was a wild animal, making him howl like a dog in heat that has lost control….

Once she felt he was hard as stone, she rode him rougher than any lover he had ever had, making him black out with the pressure, he came 5 times, after his fifth release, and she increased her pressure by squeezing his cock, milking him dry….

At the same time , she bit him on his shoulder drinking his blood riding out both of their orgasms until he was milked dry then she cleaned his wound, and they fell asleep, this was on a Friday…

When they were both absent for 3 days, his father found them in his home, mating each other until he cleared his throat and said,

“So you found out my little secret, son, I gave her my blood two vials per glass of pineapple juice, and she drank 10 glasses of  it at lunch with me after you betrayed her trust, and she gradually changed overnight until she was a full fox demoness…..”

“Why did you do this father?”

“With her being a demoness, she will live as long as you, and you will appreciate her not fooling around on her or else she will beat you to a pulp ad keep you in line, that is why my a son.”

“Explain why she has gone so far in business?”

“Her being a demon, she was and is smart enough to use her natural assets that are why Gucci would elevate her to President, ask her assistants if you don’t believe me?”

He had already seen her with her assistants, remembering how her face glowed with pleasure, as she moaned and whimpered with pleasure just as he had when she had seen him, they were now even…

“Father, help me to never cheat on Kagome, for I almost lost her once, thanks to my stupidity…”

“Has She marked you, son?”

“Yes, she has”

“Both of you step forward, and let me bless your mating, touching your mating marks, imbuing both of you with the faithfulness I shared with your mother until she died…”

So they accepted his help, and in so doing were connected to him for the rest of their lives, extending his life as well as theirs.

With his blessing, they were the most faithful couple in business, in fact they both shared an office in her building, sharing each other’s negotiations, looking for loopholes especially any marriage or concubine phrases deleting them….

With both of them working together, both of their businesses prospered, making more money over the centuries than most did alone…

But that wasn’t all they did, they thoroughly enjoyed mating season, taking the whole week off from work, going to his den in the mountains…

Every mating season they renewed their vow, to never cheat on one another by re-mating each other with the same enthusiasm as their first mating…

They would arrive in his den, tearing each other’s clothes off, while they passionately kissed each other, but he always won the battle for domination…

Throwing her to the furs, kissing her passionately, then moving to her nipples as he sucked on them hard so that she moaned , screamed and whimpered,

“Just fuck me already, stop teasing me!”

“As you wish, Milady!”

As he was about to fuck her , she pressed her lips to his member, sucking him so hard he almost passed out, losing all brain function, as he howled,

“Harder, rougher, fuck me like the bitch I am”

“As you wish, Sir!”

She threw him to the bed, kissing him so passionately that the sun would look cool, blowing his mind and knocking him senseless…

After she had him as hard as diamond, she rode him like a wild animal squeezing his cock, milking him dry, as she bit him on his shoulder drinking his blood, riding out both their orgasms and remembering the words of Touga….

Then it was his turn, taking her in the ass, for the first time, making her feel full as he seated himself all the way into her cervix, loving how her tails felt against  his skin turning him on…

Those tails were dangerous, as he went in and out of her pussy, they had his blood boiling as he picked up the pace, going further and further into her cervix, spilling his seed directly into her cervix…

Then he bit her shoulder, drinking her blood, riding out both their orgasms, as the sea rolls out with the tide, they fell asleep afterward….

 After a week of only eating and fucking, she was pregnant, this was in their first year …

Sharing an office came in handy, especially when she was pregnant, while they took care of papers, helping each other to finish in half the time, so the other half could be spent giving his wife his youki, for going to the doctor (Dr.Niyako) for check-ups, and making love to his mate anytime, anywhere, and any place including the hall, the office, their kitchen floor……

This went on for five months until her water broke 2 weeks before the pup was to be born,

“Father, send a limo her water broke and the pup comes…”

So his father sent his fastest limo with the understanding that she was going straight to the hospital(St. Andrews) and they needed an escort to clear traffic….

So the police helped Touga out ,and brought his son and his bride to the hospital, as Sesshoumaru stepped out of the limo, a nurse already had a wheelchair waiting for her, unfortunately she tried to flirt with Sesshy and caught the raw edge of his anger,

“Woman, if you don’t move your senile old butt and get my wife inside so she can have our heir, I will personally sue the hospital for your slowness and non-professionalism”

This reminded the nurse, that her duty was to take care of his wife, as she sped up with the wheel chair, handling all the paperwork, as her husband used his demon speed to speed her to the delivery room, making her comfortable in her gown….

He used his cell phone to call the doctor, who said,

“I am in the building, at the end of the hall, I will be there in a few minutes, where is the midwife?”

“She hasn’t arrived; please find her, my wife’s water is broken!”

So the doctor found her taking a coffee break not answering her beeper,

“Get your ass in room 131, or I will personally fry your butt and ass until you can’t reproduce”

So midwife Kitty ran to 131 with the doctor on her tail, apologizing to Dr.Niyako and the Taisho’s including Sesshy’s father, Touga.

Kagome had 3 healthy boys all looking exactly like their father, with long white hair, amber eyes, magenta strips under their eyes, on their eyelids, as well as stripes on  their thighs, on their wrists, and ankles, but the only stripes that showed were the ones on their faces….

Did I mention they also had their father’s pale skin, strength of character and body, his skill in fighting, and were the apple of their father and grandfather’s eyes!

All of her pups were full Inu, even if they didn’t look exactly like dad!

As time went on, they birthed many pups, usually directly after mating season and a 5 month period of living in each other arms and hearts….

Now in truth they never aged on the outside, but they did get old- mainly over a thousand plus, so when they retired their sons and daughters took over with their mates, and they blessed them the same way Touga had helped them.

After they mated with their partners, they had them step forward touching their mating marks and giving them the faithfulness that Touga had for his mother – until death do you part….

By the way just because they retired doesn’t mean they stopped having children, or re-mating in his den, in fact after they retired they lived in his den, making love and babies until they died late in 8036.

They also were able to meet all their grandchildren as well, even after they passed on, they watched them from Youkai Valhalla, where his father was reunited with his wife, Izayoi.

The end

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