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Stuck by wawa

Lesson Learned

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Kagome was startled awake just before dawn when she felt something stabbing her in the back. She turned slightly to her left and saw her mate, Sesshoumaru. It took her a few second's to determine what had just stabbed her in the kidney. It turn's out Sesshoumaru had a massive erection, and was moaning in his sleep. This was there first night together so Kagome was unused to waking up in such a way. Kagome giggled to herself, and then had a brilliant idea.

Meanwhile, Sesshoumaru was having one of the best dreams of his long life. He was with Kagome in a hot spring doing wonderful things to his mate. He currently had her on a flat; coviently placed rock on the shore of the springs, and was currently sliding his very long inu tongue deeply within her quivering walls. He was enjoying the taste, soft moans, and breathy whispers of his name. He could not stand loud and screechy females, but his mate was perfect.

Kagome was working up the courage to do what she thought of. Granted they had done some kinky stuff just the night before, but Kagome was new to this sexual awaking and was afraid he might not like it. Of course, he did like it last night. Kagome also remembered talking with her friends in her time and they said that when they did it to their boyfriends, they loved it. In fact, if she remembered correctly one of the boys requested that Erie do it every morning.

Kagome, with courage in hand slowly sat up and very gently pulled the sheet off Sesshoumaru exposing his erection to her eyes. Ever so slowly as to not wake up Sesshoumaru Kagome leaned down and hesitantly licked the underside of his member. Growing more confident with every stroke of her tongue Kagome slowly put the head in her mouth and gently sucked increasing the pressure as she went on.

Sesshoumaru was now getting to the good part. He was slowly entering her wet, and scorching hot cavern, and slowly building up to a harder more rugged pace. He never felt something so real in a dream before. As he felt himself coming closer to the end, he reached down and started to rub her pearl to bring her over the edge with him. Her walls started to spasm with her release forcing him to orgasm with her.

Suddenly his eyes snapped open to reveal his mate with his member in her mouth. Before he could get her off him, it happened...the knot formed.

Kagome felt him get bigger in her mouth and thought she was doing a fantastic job. When he started to cum, she was determined to do it like her friends said and swallow it all. Kagome felt him get increasingly bigger and tried to pull away only to find that she could not detach her mouth from his member. Kagome instantly thought about last night and how Sesshoumaru did not pull out right away. In fact, they fell asleep still joined together. Kagome flashed back to her era when two dogs were going at it at the shrine and how they appeared to be stuck. Eyes wide Kagome began going into full panic mode it felt as if she could not breathe, tears came to her eyes, and tried to yank the thing out of her mouth. Sesshoumaru sensing her rising panic immediately yelled


Never before had anyone in the history of the world had herd Sesshoumaru yell until this day.

One sore jaw later Kagome learned a very important lesson Sesshoumaru is very very much like a dog.


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