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GMDDN Dokuga Drabbles by Lonelylark

Where or When

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, or the characters therein.

A/N: Late to my first GMDDN? T_T I cry in my heart.

Prompt: Where or When

Rating: M/MA

Warnings: Reference to sexual content

A set of gilded eyes side-peeked. He looked forward.

Two minutes ticked by.

Another peek.

She was still staring.

This had been going on for the better part of a week. Paired as project partners for Zinger’s Archeology class, they’d been working in close quarters. Close,  dusty quarters, Sesshoumaru noted, once again glancing up from his notebook at the books in the tiny backroom of the unviersity’s old library. New and old, they were scattered around the table, half-opened, full-closed, quarter-read, and most of them around Higurashi.

She was quiet and good-natured from what he’d observed in class. But since they’d begun this project, all she’d done was stare at him. It was a wonder they made any progress at all, but when he’d snuck a look at her etchings, he’d found incredible recreations of glyphs with impeccable attention to detail.

Though it was a bit unnerving, he felt reluctant to mention anything since she seemed competent.

That, and he liked to think that maybe, maybe she was interested.

And because her stares were the only things keeping his at bay.

Her sudden movement caught his eye as she reached her arms up, removing her sweater. For a brief moment, her belly peeked out as her shirt lifted up, up

He jerked in his chair, knocking piping hot coffee right onto his pants.

Fuck me!” he cursed. She was braless.

He thought he imagined the sultry “Just say when.” His face said as much.

“Excuse me?”

“That looks painful! Let me help you with that.” She came at him with a napkin, but unzipped his pants. Apparently she was talking about the erection he thought she hadn’t noticed – not the coffee burn.


“It hurts here?” she coyly nudged the tip as it sprung free. “I’ll kiss it all better.”


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