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How Best Friends Became Lovers by amy

How Best Friends Became Lovers

How Best Friends Become Lovers

I Do Not Own Inuyasha

Inuyasha , Sesshoumaru, Miroku ,and Sango had been friends since first grade, always depending on one another for protection from bullies especially Kagome and Sesshoumaru who were bookworms and nerds all the way down to their bottle cap glasses, long skirts, baggy argyle socks, baggy pants, and dress shirts that they wore from first grade to graduation.

As they grew older they were the best of friends, depending on one another for more than protection but also studies like learning English, term papers, studying for exams(Midterm, Achievement, SAT’s), both  of them passing into Honor’s classes…..

Now their worst enemies (aka bullies) were Naraku  Sitsuma and Kikyo Ansema, the most popular couple in school, they began in first grade calling them,

“Four eyes”, ”Egg head” , and “Fashion Disaster Area” , These came from Kikyo , but Naraku had even better taunts, “Under cover gay”,  “Dick less wonder” and “Pretty Boy” were his to Sesshoumaru.

They heard these taunts from first grade ,but when they received lockers was when it really hurt….

The popular couple would not so casually shove them into one locker , mainly her’s, so they were squished together in one small space until they were late for class.

This happened from 6th grade to the 10th, when they were on the lower floors and had to run to get to class on the fourth floor.

Their friends would unlock her locker(everyone  had each other’s combinations, just in case someone needed to be rescued), pulling Kagome And Sesshy out, so they could go to their classes together as a group…..

By the way, All 5 of them were in Tokyo High, the nearest school to the Taisho mansion and the shrine, it was full of average students with very few exceptions, like Kagome, Sesshoumaru,Sango, Inuyasha, and Miroku among others.

It was built in layers,the younger grades were on the lower floors(first and second and third- including lockers), these consisted of 6th, 7th, 8th ,9th and 10th graders.

The 11th and 12 were on the fourth floor, as well as the honor roll classes, Since all 5 of “The Nerd  Crew” as the popular couple called them were in honor roll classes with Kagome and Sesshy also being  on the same floor …..

The popular couple(Naraku and Kikyo) were on the same floor taking honor roll classes as well….

Present Day

All 5 of “The Nerd Crew” are in 12 grades, almost ready to graduate high school; they have all taken honor roll classes and can pick any college they want…..

They had offers from the local colleges- Tokyo University, Yokohoma University as well as others that were farther away like America, Great Britain and Germany…

Since they were so close, all 5 decided to stay close to home, they all chose Tokyo U to get their education helping one another to graduate with their respective degrees…

Inuyasha graduated with a degree in Corporate Business, so he could help his father, Sango graduated with a degree in Teaching Physical Education for first to fifth graders (she loved children with their open minds and hearts),Miroku  graduated with a degree in Martial Arts( he opened his own school for all ages), and finally our best best friends(Kagome and Sesshy) they both graduated  with degrees in Accounting and Business.

Fast forward 5 years

Inuyasha is Vice President under his father Touga, Sango is ecstatic about teaching her children and keeping them fit, Miroku has joined her allowing her children to come and learn martial art at his business for free and Kagome and Sesshy work in the Accounting department(finding any errors that can be found)….

Everyone is still friends, Miroku and Sango are dating having pushed past the friend only barrier, Inuyasha is dating Shiori , his father’s sexy secretary, and our best best friends only have each otheras friends….

Their friends were about to change that status between them…..

Since they were always working TOO HARD they decided to get them to go a new night clib with them, it had just opened up, in fact they were among the first to go….

The new night club was called, The Dragon Cave and it lived up to it’s name,when youfirst walk inyou see an extra large picture of a green dragon blowing flames out of it’s mouth  in the entrance hall….

After they check your id, you enter into the bar, tables, and dance floor with strobe lights that change color  every couple seconds.

They even serve demon sake in all flavors, which drew Youkai and Hanyou of all classes….

Now Touga had helped finance the club, so Inuyasha and crew gotin free including free drinks….

Now the group had to drag our two bookworms away from their hidey hole called his apartment, which would make a library envious….

So Sango and Inuyasha cornered them after work the Friday of the opening , saying

“We are going to a new night club afterwork care to come guys?”

Of course, they said,


Unfortunately for them, they were bullied into it , by Sango ,as she said,

“So you two are SCARED of going to the club, afraid to let loose?”

“No, we are not”

“Then you will go?”

“Yes, darn you”

So Sango took Kagome and Inuyasha took Sesshy to their respective apartments to get them ready….

Sango gave Kagome a new hair style that framed her face, making it look more heart like, as well as washing and drying her new style in place, next she chose a dress that showed off all her assets….

The dress she chose was hot red, with sequins, having 2 large slits one on each side as well as being low cut in the front, her final touch was Chinese red lipstick, since she had already showered….

Did   I forget the matching hot red high heeled shoes she was wearing…..

When Sango was finished, she looked like any man’s dream, but she was still nervous…

Sango offered her a fruit drink, her favorite Papaya with a little extra kick….

Mean while

Sesshoumaru was getting a shower as well as washing his hair, once he left the bathroom his brother gave him his clothes….

Inuyasha had chosen a muscle shirt, along with tight fitting blue jeans without underwear, and last but not least he braided his hair and put a leather tie on the end…

After he was dressed, he was also nervous…

So Inuyasha offered him his favorite drink, Pineapple juice with an extra kick…

Now, Sango and Inuyasha had given both friends a triple lust potion that would be activated by the demon sake they were about to drink and change their status….

So Inuyasha and Sesshy took a limo to pick up the girls at Sango’s apartment, Miroku and Shiori were already at the club…..

As the girls got in the limo, Inuyasha could tell the formula was working already, Kagome was beginning to see Sesshy as attractive, looking him up and down with deep appreciation and him doing the same ….

Once they were in the club, they found a table that  was close to the dance floor, Everyone ordered drinks - all demon sake , one tall glass for each…

AS expected Sango and Miroku were the first to dance, followed by Inuyasha and Shiori, that only left our two friends….

The last two wall flowers were feeling the beat but the formula hadn’t hit them full force until they finished their first glass of demon sake and called the waiter over, saying

“We want a refill on our drinks!”

The waiter went to the bartender saying,

“Two demon sakes for table 40, stat”

After their refills arrived, they drank their fill as their feet were tapping to the music….

AS Kagome asked him,

“Want to dance?”

AS he said


“Do you want to dance?”

She yelled over all the background noise.

“Yes, I do”

As she led him onto the dance floor, the formula finally kicked in!

They started their dancing with a small space between them, as they continued to dance and feel the rhythm they were almost skin to skin, enjoying each other’s bodies, and pouring off Miko and demonic energy for all to see….

Their fireworks were a joy for their friends to see, it meant that they were finally out of the friend’s only stage and well into the lovers and friends stage…

IT only took 6 more rounds of drinking and dancing for them to say,

“We need to leave, please send the limo for us, Sango”

Sango did, but she sent them both to the Taisho Manor and Sesshy’s bedroom, for they were in full lust but they didn’t know it!

Once they stumbled to the limo, almost missing it, the driver had to help them get in, for which he received a very possessive “growl” from Sesshy….

Once they arrived at the mansion, he took her to his room and undressed Kagome, saying

“Too much clothes” in a drunken voice.

So he unzipped her dress, removed her bra and underwear and looked at his handiwork.

Then Kagome agreed, saying in a drunken voice,

“You are woefully overdressed”

As she removed his muscle shirt, sneakers and finally his blue jeans, taking special notice to his long thick cock that reminded her of a candy cane her favorite food…

As Kagome got on her knees, she thought,

‘He looks good enough to eat and I will’

So she placed her mouth on his cock, taking him in inch by torturous inch until he couldn’t take it anymore, he grabbed her hair guiding her head to move more quickly and swallow him whole at demonic speed times 2.....

This caused him to roar out,


Then it was his turn,

He went behind Kagome, feeling her ass, deciding to widen her ass one finger at a time treating them like scissors…..

“Faster, rougher, and don’t stop” was all she could moan to Sesshy , music to his ears!

Three fingers later she was begging,

“Take me now!”

So he rammed his cock into her, seating himself to the hilt, going at 7 times demon speed….

AS she was reaching her first climax, and her blood was pushing him over the edge, his beast came out as his fangs elongated, and he bit her on her shoulder drinking her blood as he rode out both their orgasms…..

This continued until he was deflated and cleaned her wound, saying,


Then it was her turn,

She threw him on the bed and rode him like a wild untamed stallion that had to be broken, at 9 times demon speed (She is Inu and Miko)….

As she rode him to glory, over and over again, as he screamed,

“That’s right, ride me bitch to oblivion and beyond”

Kagome was losing her brain function as he was sucking her nipples, holding her in one place with his claws, and making her so full she couldn’t breathe….

When she was close to coming  she leaned down and bit his shoulder drinking his blood, as she rode out both their orgasms, until he deflated and she cleaned his wound, saying ,


Then they collapsed into a small dog pile and fell asleep on his bed……

After 2 days of not seeing or hearing from Kagome and Sesshy, Inuyasha called his father at the mansion,

“Father, have you seen Kagome and Sesshoumaru? I know they are in the mansion, for the limo dropped them off their 2 days ago. Please go to his room and check, we are curious what happened on the first day of mating season…..”

“Hold on, I’ll check”

So he went 5 doors down on the ground floor, walked to the door to knock, but he heard and smelled love-making and mating in progress, so he left them alone until they, left his room for air….

As he walked back to the phone a smile crossed his face, as he thought,

‘They finally mated, it is about time, everyone could see it but them….’

When he went to Inuyasha, he said,

“Don’t come to the mansion, for they are mating, being newly mated your brother would kill all intruders even friends, but meet me at work so we can get their mating /marriage ceremony planned, as well as planning a secluded honeymoon for them, see you later….”

Now Inuyasha was shocked, they had been mating for 2 days straight, and would be gone for another 5 work days according to his memory, so he’d better give them their time off at work…..

As he went to work he was whistling a tune, the wedding march, thinking that he would make it a double wedding/mating ceremony for both brothers and their mates….

When he got to the office, his father was waiting for him, saying,

“The first order of business is to order the flowers, decorations, wedding kimonos for both Kagome and Sesshoumaru, ordering all the chairs, getting the priest (both Inu) to perform the wedding ceremony and the mating ceremony, informing the 3 cardinal Lords and the Council, as well as inviting all the official guest without any unattached males or females or they lose their lives and the lives of their children…..”

“Dad, it will be a double wedding not a single, I am going to mate Shiori tonight and we will be married and mated with Kagome and Sesshoumaru….”

So his dad revised his plans , planning for 4 wedding kimonos -2 for Kagome and Shiori, and 2 for Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, as well as the flowers, the priests, as well as informing the 3 cardinal Lords  and the council, keeping all unattached females and males away…..

So Touga Informed the Lord of the East, The Lord of the North, and The Lord of South, of the mating of Sesshoumaru to Kagome Higarashi- the Shikon Inu /Miko, as well as Inuyasha mating Shiori Nagashi, a full bat demon.

He also invited them to the double wedding/mating ceremony to be held on the mansions backyard as well as the reception that will be held under a canopy, in case of sun, The ceremony  will be held in 10 days to coincide with my first son leaving his den with his mate as well as Inuyasha mating his girl…

He also told them,

“Do not bring any unattached females or males or you will lose your life, the life of your mate, and the child or children attending at MY HAND, tell the council the same, as well as their being invited….”

That day, Shiori was called into Inuyasha’s office for a meeting…

As she walked through the door, he had her close and locks the door, as he passionately kissed her, saying,

“Shiori, we are going to have dinner at my place, and then we are going to mate until Kagome and Sesshy come out of their den, then we will have our Mating/ wedding ceremony with my brother and his bride, as well as honeymoon on the same private island, only on opposite sides of it”

That night after work,

“Hey Shiori ready to go to dinner?”

“Of course, let me pick up my purse.”

Then they went to his penthouse in Tokyo Towers, parking the car in the parking lot and taking the private elevator…

AS they entered the elevator, he began passionately kissing Shiori making her forget they were in the elevator, as she undressed him in her mind if not in reality quite yet…..

Inuyasha fought for dominance as he kissed Shiori did the same to Inuyasha, ending in him dominating her, but what a way to go!

Once they reached the penthouse, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, literally tearing each other’s clothes off to get naked!

Now that their clothes were out of the way, Shiori threw him on his leather couch and swallowed him whole, going up and down with her demonic speed  times 5, she made him come, saying


She continued making love to him, only this time she rode him like an untamed Spanish stallion, getting rougher, harder ,and faster as she drove his arousal to the sky and back, making him scream,

“Oh Kami-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” as well as “ride me to oblivion, bitch”

As she said

“I will, my dear bitch”

Then she used her ultimate demonic speed times 20,jack hammering his cock until he came harder than he had  ever before almost blacking out, but she wasn’t done…..

She continued to use 20 times demon speed as her fangs elongated, her eyes turned red (her beast was in control), and she said,

“Who gives you this pleasure, bitch?”

“You do!”

“Say my name bitch”
Then she bit him on the shoulder drinking his blood, not removing her fangs until both of their orgasms had cooled down and he was deflated….

It was now his turn, as he threw her on the couch, spreading her legs, as he kissed his way up to her core,  causing her to moan,

“Stop teasing me, fuck me already!”

“As you wish, my bitch” Inuyasha said, as he rammed his cock so far up her pussy she cried from the impact….

He continued to ram his man meat up her pussy until she screamed,

“Is that all you’ve got?”

Then he turned her over, so her ass was facing him, as he took her in her dark passage, more rough, fast and hard than he had in her pussy, making her scream,

“Yesssssssssssssss, oh kami-samaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

As she came for the first time, his eyes became red (His beast was in control) as he asked her,

“Who gives you this pleasure?”

“You do!” said Shiori

“Say my name bitch!”


Then he bit her shoulder drinking her blood as well, not letting go until both their orgasms had rolled over them lie a million tidal waves in the ocean….

Afterward they fell asleep on the couch, with her head under his chin, with a blissful look on both their faces, and so it went until Kagome and Sesshy left his room….

In the meantime, their father was decorating Tashio Manor, with red and white roses twisted into garlands, laced on the 300 chairs that were split into two sections to create an aisle for both couples….

He was getting plenty of help from the cook who was preparing all the food: the chicken infused rice,rice balls, braised beef tips  with root veggies, lasagna, with a green salad chock full of tomatoes, olives, carrots, and red onions, along with bread sticks with olive infused butter….

As he was preparing for their special day, he asked his private secretary to pick out the prettiest wedding kimonos for his new daughter in laws, while he picked out the kimonos for the men….

He gave her their waist sizes so she could have them altered as needed, while he picked out the male kimono already knows their sizes….

AS she shopped , she thought of what she would like in a wedding Kimono, it should have 8 layers, each layer reflecting the house being joined(Mainly blue/gold) as well as the bodice being white to show purity, ending with a silken veil that had the family crest on it….

So she went to a unique boutique, called “Rin’s Hideout” where she found exactly what she was looking for starting with the beautiful white outer layer, followed by one layer each of blue , gold and white, as well as the silken slippers, the final touch was the silken veils that were  customized for your house….

So she purchased kimonos, veils, obi (with the sign of Inu No Tashio on it), and garters (One for each bride to wear under her kimono), then she returned to Tashio Manor, with a broad smile on her face…

In the meantime,

Touga was in his favorite shop for formal clothes, Jacque’s For men, Where he found 2 wedding kimonos, with pure blue outer layers, with 2 under layers of white and gold with matching dress shoes and obi(with the sign of the house they were joining on them)…

As he went home, he was pleased with his progress, now all he had to do was get Miroku and himself their kimonos as well as Sango getting a bridesmaid dress….

 He had almost forgotten, kagome’s mother Sakura had to be invited as matron of honor….

As soon as he thought about it, he calledher number while he rode home in his limo…

AS her phone rang, he thought,

‘She will be surprised that they are getting married after being friends for so long’

When she finally answered, she said,

“Hello, Higarashi shrine, Sakura speaking, what can I do you for?”

“You can become matron of honor at your daughter’s wedding for starters!” said Touga.

She was shocked,

“Touga? Is that you?”

“Yes, it is, meet me at Taisho Manor, I have wonderful news …”

So she drove to his family home that she admired, as she thought about all of the graceful sakura trees that surrounded the extensive estate, as well as the house itself, built on a metal frame, with red bricks and mortar to add to its strength, with 3 floors all with marble floors, decorated with mahogany furniture,and old rose wall paper that made each room stand out….

You may ask how did she know such details.

She had been invited to dinner a couple of years ago after Touga lost his wife to a terminal illness and he needed some comfort, so he gave her the ten cent tour , and shared his life experiences with her as a friend….

When she came to the gate, the guard let her in with a smile, he liked her for Touga as a new mate, but he never did….

As she parked her car in front, the maid let her in guiding her to Inu No Tashio’s study and left…

She knocked on his door, asking

“May I come in?”

When she heard

“Come in”

She entered the study only to be given the biggest bear hug in history as well as kiss on the lips!

Sakura didn’t know what to make of His behavior until he said,

“Our children have mated and are getting married in less than 10 days; in fact both of my sons are getting married on the same day”

Then she understood, she was family, since her daughter had mated Sesshoumaru and was still doing so…

“By the way where is my daughter?”

“Still mating with my son, Sesshoumaru, they are now lovers and friends, maybe we should follow their example?”

“Touga, do you know what you are saying?”

“Yes, I do, mate with me Sakura and make me the happiest man on this planet!”

So Sakura having been in love with him for even longer than Kagome and Sesshy said,

“Yes, I will mate with you if only to fill the holes in both our hearts with love”

So he made love to her slowly, and gently kissing her mouth with gentleness that was unexpected from him as she thought,

‘My toes are literally curling, my body is on fire and I am about to explode from his kisses alone’

Then he was undressing her, making her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, showering her with butterfly kisses especially her breast and torso, as he made his way to her core, taking an article off, piece by piece starting with her blouse, bra, and as he pushed his hand down her panties and pants she couldn’t help herself , she moaned ,

“Stop teasing me, and fuck me already!”

“As you wish milady” said Touga.

As he slit her pants in two, including her underwear, he removed own shirt, pants, and shoes, he wore no underwear…

She was thrilled that he didn’t, as she licked her lips and thought

‘He looks good enough to eat, so I shall’

As she went down on him, swallowing him whole, making him feel like he was pitching and tossing on the sea from the sensation, until her final push…..

She was going down on him  at 10 times demon speed, getting rougher, faster, and sucking so hard a northern gale would look tame for she was Inu/Miko as well…..

As he came he screamed,

“Fuck me already”

So she rode him like an untamed stallion, using all her demonic speed (times 30) as she said

“Who gives you this pleasure?”

“You do”

“Say my name Bitch!”


Then she bit his shoulder, drinking his blood with her elongated fangs, taking her pleasure from his body as he did hers, causing both to orgasm for what seemed forever, until he deflated and she cleaned his wound,


Then it was his turn,

He turned her around so her ass was prominently in his vision as he looked at her virgin hole and he thought,

‘I‘ll take her there, in her ass, she will feel wonderful surrounding my cock…’

So he began fingering her ass, one finger at a time as she moaned

“Yiu are being too gentle, rougher, harder and don’t stop”

So he shoved 2 fingers at one time using his demon speed, making her come hard…

Finally he pushed his cock all the way in, seating himself to the hilt, as he moved in and out with 30 times Inu speed she was about to come again and he was about to follow her  as he said,

“Who gives you this pleasure?”

“You do”

“Say my name, bitch!”


Then he bit her shoulder, drinking her blood as he rode out both their orgasms which felt like the sea current breaking on the beach in a full force gale…

It wasn’t until he deflated that they slept on his study floor, totally exhausted, but thoroughly happy, as she lay her head under his chin and smiled.

Now the family was complete, he and his sons had worthy mates that would help them for as long as they lived!

The next step was to get the wedding kimono, as well as Sakura’s…

It wouldn’t be a double wedding but a triple wedding/ mating ceremony!

It was 6 days until the wedding/mating ceremony and Touga was going to be a groom, thanks to Sakura saying ,Yes to his suite, but she needed something from her home as she aked,

“Could I borrow your limo driver so I can get a few personal things that pertain to the upcoming wedding?”

“Yes, of course, but hurry right back!”

So she was escorted to her home (the shrine) so she pick up 3 packets of subjugation beads all in blue and white….

After she had found the she returned to the limo and went straight home, which was with Toga Taishio!

As she was driven back, she thought,

‘I will make three special necklaces for myself, Kagome, and hopefully Inuyasha’s bride to be given as wedding presents to help us remind our husbands who truly loves them in a time of emergency(like one or all wanting another woman)’

Then she relaxed, and remembered who she was returning to and the fun they would have planning the wedding……

They mated all that night, as the sounds of moaning, whimpering, and screams of completion filled the air….

The next day, after 4 rounds of mating, Sakura reminded him that the wedding was in 5 days and all the preparation hadn’t been made….

As he asked,

“What needs to be done?”

“I have to get my wedding kimono and all the accessories as well as getting Sango her Maid Of Honor kimono, you need your wedding Kimono as well as Miroku needing his Best man kimono….”

“Today, we need to finish all the preparations so we can stay in bed until the wedding….”

So they got dressed, as he sent one of his limos with her to finish up all the loose ends.

As she left his side, she thought,

‘I Love You’

Then she called Sango on her cell, saying,

“Let’s go shopping, meet me at your apartment in 5 minutes”

So Sango met her on the street, asking,

“Why are we going shopping, I am only off from work because I am a friend of the family”

“We need a Maid of Honor kimono for you, a wedding kimono for me as well as a silken veil, plus 3 tiaras, with matching earrings and necklace, and flower girls”

“Where are we buying all of these things from?”

“First we are going to “Rin’s Hideout” a boutique I helped to found for special items like ours, then we are going to Cartier’s for the tiaras and the jewelry for myself and the other brides, and finally I am going to call the shrine where my cousin Keade and her daughter will be to ask them to help me out with the flower girl situation”

So they went to “Rin’s Hideout”, when they arrived rin herself waited on them, asking,

“What do you need ladies?”

“We need a white wedding kimono with seven layers to consist of royal blue, white and gold underpinings, a silken veil with the house of Taisho crest, and a  royal blue garter, in addition we need  a Maid of Honor kimono in royal blue, with 3 layers, royal blue, gold and white’

So Rin went to the seamstress and told what was needed, as they both filled the order to their founder’s satisfaction, coming out of the back, she said,

“Anything else, ladies?”

“No, not until we bring the flower girls for their dresses< thank you!”

Then they went to Cartier’s , where they bought  a sapphire tiara with matching necklace and earrings, a ruby tiara with matching accessories, as well as a yellow diamond tiara with matching accessories for herself.

Then they paid for their purchases with her husband’s credit card which he had given her this morning….

Then they went to lunch at a local café that was owned by her cousin, Keade’s Rest, and were promptly seated, as she took out the subjugation beads as she began to make them into necklaces….

Sango was confused,

“Why are you making subjugation necklaces?”

“They are my gift to my daughter –in- laws as well as myself”


“Dogs are very loyal but they have a wandering eye as well, so these necklaces are a form of insurance that they don’t forget who loves them and will protect them to the end.”

As she was finished with one necklace, she put it in a bag, and began a second, and when the second was finished a third all identical with their royal blue beads interlaced with pearl white ones.

Now their meal had arrived as she had finished the second necklace, she decided to snack on her meal as she was finishing the third necklace…

They had ordered poached fish with chicken infused rice and root veggies, with fresh fruit for dessert.

Their final stop was the shrine, as she knocked on the door,

“Hello cousin” said Keade as she let her in.

Once she was inside, Keade asked her,

“What goes on here, you have been away from the shrine for several days, where have you been?’

“I have been mating with Touga Tashio and we are about to get married, would your daughter, my father’s brother’s child, Nazuna and 4 of her friends, would they like to be flower girls, we don’t have any?”
As she asked her 6 year old daughter,

“Would you like to be a flower girl with 4 of your friends for your cousin’s wedding?”

As she screamed,

“Yes, I would mom, but which of my friends to pick?”

“I am sure you will know who is best but no unattached females can come, so their  moms will have to stay home, understand!”

“Yes, I Do”

“The wedding is in 4 days, so choose them quickly so we can have the dresses made preferably tomorrow.

Then her and Sango left, leaving Keade in charge of the shrine, as well as helping her daughter to choose the other 4 flower girls…


Touga  was at , Jacque’s for men getting his wedding kimono and Miroku’s best man kimono, both were royal blue with white and gold underpinnings, as well as their obi’s , Touga’s was identical to his eldest sons, showing the dark purple laurel with  a rose as the Higarashi crest.

Miroku’s obi reflected the Taisho crest, A transformed Inu No Taisho howling at the moon…

When they were finished, he paid for both suits of clothes, with his master-card and went back to the mansion.

They arrived at the same time as the ladies, smiling broadly at them, saying,

“Fancy meeting you here, care for a snack before dinner?”

“That sounds fabulous; all we ate was fish, rice and fruit while we were out.”

So all 4 people entered the mansion, happy with each other’s company, since Sango and Miroku now knew it would be a triple wedding and were sworn to secrecy!

The wedding was 4 days away…

Her cousin called her at the mansion next day, since her daughter had chosen her 4 best friends, Hannah, Naomi, Chisara, and Bonny as well as herself, all hanyou like herself….

When the maid knocked on the door, she said,

“Your cousin called, her daughter chose her 4 friends plus herself all hanyou’s including her, they will await your orders…”

So Touga was surprised,

“You found the flower girls while you were out yesterday?”

“Yes, I did, they will be my cousin’s daughter and 4 of her best friends from school minus their mother’s they are all single ,only my cousin will accompany them in the wedding, since she is too old to be tempted to foolishness”

Then she said,

“Sango and I have one more day to finish the preparation for the wedding, as the little girls will need their dresses made at “Rin’s Hideout” a shop I founded with Rin Akishi a great seamstress and sales woman.”

“Do you have primary ownership, Sakura or are you both equal partners?”

“We are both equal partners for she is also my best friend and works hard to create the best veils, kimonos ,gowns ,and garters that I have ever seen. I have had both my kimono and veil imprinted with the crest of your house, Sango’s kimono, and will have the flower girls dresses made there as well….”

That was about the time he realized, she was more than a shrine priestess but a shrewd business woman , smart enough to have her own business that catered to brides giving them all they would need in one place, maybe he could use her expertise in his business….

 Then she said,

“I need to get dressed, so Sango and I can get these little girls their dresses, and we’ll be finished, since you have the house decorated, the chairs set, the mating ceremony dais set as well as the wedding ceremony set with both priests, as well as all the invites sent off…”

Then she got up and kissed him saying,

“We will be back in no time, please arrange a limo so we can be finished with all the preparations….”

So he called his limo driver as she was dressing, thinking

‘She is quite a woman, why didn’t I mate her before my son mated Kagome?’

Before she left, she called her cousin, saying

“Have all the flower girls ready to be fitted for their dresses and a sleep over, we have 2 days until the wedding….”

Then she was off to meet Sango, who was waiting on the curb so they could pick up the flower girls, having their dresses handmade so they were and are of the finest quality…

When they picked up Keade and the 5 girls, she told them,

“All of you are going to be my flower girls, as well as for two other brides, my daughter  and Inuyasha Taisho’s bride, we will need all of you to throw flower petals behind each one of us, one per bride and 2 going before all 3 brides…”

As she was finished speaking they arrived at the corner of Sakura and Moonflower street, arriving at the biggest building on the street, it looked like the outside of a brick house with a small window on the second ,as well as double doors made of glass with their names on the door in gold lettering,

“Rin’s Hideout, sole proprietors Rin Akishi and Sakura Higarashi”

AS the little girls walked in all they could see were bolts of material, full of cotton, silk, taffeta, and different types of trim….

Sakura chose pure silk  for their dresses, basing their design on a kimono, wrapping the dress around their bodies with a matching obi, all the dresses were royal blue with light blue obi’s, including the satin slippers with hard bottoms….

They loved their dresses and they loved the sleep over even better, because they would be getting their hair styled at Taisho’s Hair Salon along with the adult females…

Then Sango went home to her mate, along with Sango, who was staying at the Tashio Manor as well as Miroku with only 2 days left….

Now that everything was set Touga enjoyed his new mate not leaving their room until the day of the wedding, when she was to marry him...


Touga had seen Sesshoumaru and Kagome leave his room for a snack; it was 3 am in the morning, as he greeted them,

“Congratulations, on your mating, Kagome And Sesshy, you are not the only people mating though, Inuyasha and Shiori , as well as Myself and Sakura have been mating.  The wedding/mating ceremony has been arranged while you have been mating, all of us will be married at 8:00 this evening, so go back to your den, until 9:00 am when the ladies will get prepared for the wedding at Taisho’s Salon, and we will help each other get ready here….”

Then both couples mated 4 more times before they had to be separated before the wedding….

Sakura knocked on Kagome amd Sesshy’s door at exactly 9:00 am, waking them both from a sound sleep saying,

“Time to prepare for the wedding Daughter!”

So she detangled herself from her husband, kissed him soundly and said
“That will have to do until our honeymoon, darling, see you later!”

Then she went to the hot spring, meeting her mother on the way with Sango in tow…

Sango was the first to speak,

“So Kagome, are you ready to get married to Sesshy? From what I hear you two have been busy for quit e some time….”

“Really Sango, we are still geeks at heart, all that has changed is the fact that we can express our love openly as well as enjoying each other’s bodies…..”

“Is that what you call what you two have been doing? The whole office is abuzz that you are doing more than that”

Sakura had to break up the teasing, saying,

“I mated Touga while the two of you were mating, as well as Inyuasha and Shiori, this is going to be triple wedding girls, and I have a special wedding gift for you and Shiori…..”

Then they bathed, went to her room to dress in fresh clothes, mainly blue jeans and tee shirts, and went to the waiting limo, since they had ti pick up Shiori at Inuyasha’s place….

Meanwhile with the men,

Touga walked into his son’s bedroom, and laughed,

“Are you ready to get married, son, I certainly am. Let’s get our bathes and hair washed so we can be ready for the ladies, your brother will arrive momentarily…”

As the men were preparing at Tashio manner, we go back to the ladies, who have been joined by Shiori, who has just found out that it will be a triple wedding….

So all 4 ladies had breakfast at their local restaurant, Keade’s Rest, as they were all excited since they were marrying the loves of their lives…

Sakura had them seated at an outdoor table, as she was speaking to Kagome, and Shiori,

“Speaking of our loves! It is time to give you my wedding present…”

As she reached into her purse, bringing out 2 sets of royal blue and white beaded necklaces, the two girls were confused….

“What are they used for? What is their purpose?”

“They are subjugation beads, you put a drop of your blood  on the necklace , chose your word that will keep your husband in line, if he his eye wanders, he will have to do what YOU COMMAND, whether he lies it or not….”

Now both young women could tell these necklaces would be excellent insurance for the dog’s wandering eye, so they asked her what had to be done…

Sakura pulled out a curved knife, and slit her daughter’s wrist so that her blood would flow onto the necklace she had given her, when it was coated with her blood it began to glow, then she healed her  wound, and asked her  for her word,

“Nagu sukidzuki touhou(Make love to me).”

Then she repeated the process with Shiori, healing her wound, asking her word,

“Oswari(down boy!)”.

And finally she cut her own wrist, let the blood flow over the beads, healed her and chose her word,

“Sei tame ware (also make love to me, but special to her and only her).”

By the time their breakfast of turkey bacon, scrambled cheese eggs, hash browns, and fruit arrived they were finished, as she told them the last step,

“The final step is to slip it around your husband’s neck, saying your chosen word, and then his soul is yours to hold no matter what….”

The best method is to say you have a surprise for him, so he will close his eyes, and then you slip it around his neck…..

After breakfast, they went to Taishio’s Salon, meeting Keade and the flower girls that arrived half an hour before them….

So each stylists, there were 6 of them, chose a flower girl to style and wash her hair, they were finished in half an hour….

Now Keade, Sakura, Sango, Kagome and Shiori took 2 hours a piece, getting their washed and styled, as well as having nail strengthener put on their nails with a touch of Chinese red On the lips for each lady, of course each lady bought as much as she wanted of the lip lacquer…

While they were getting ready, the flower girls were getting dressed including their special silk shoes, and each one was receiving 2 baskets each for their flowers…

When all the brides were ready, including a silk pouch with their necklaces for their husbands, everyone left the salon….

It was now 6:00, 2 hours before the wedding, so they arranged the flower baskets with their petals…

Meanwhile with the men,

They were all ready at the same time as their brides, having taken their time bathing and washing their hair, drying it out naturally as they brushed it until it shone, tying it up with a leather tie, then getting dressed in their kimonos and shoes….

So they had the time to talk to one another especially Inuyasha and Sesshy!

“So you finally mated her, it is about time….” Said Inuyasha.

 “Actually she mated me, I never knew she could be so aggressive in bed, of course the first thing she did was go down on me…” said Sesshy.

Until their father interrupted their conversation, asking,

“What are you planning to do in bed that will please your mates as well as surprise them?”

“We don’t know anything except to use our tongues to make them scream from the pussies being filled to the hilt before the main course….”

“Then listen, if you pump their asses with your fingers treating your fingers like scissors as well as filling their channels with your tongues, they won’t know what hit them, sucking hard on their pearls at the same time also works….”

Meanwhile Sakura was also giving pointers to her girls….

“While you go down on them, suck them hard like a northern gale swallowing them whole each time, but don’t neglect their ass hole, use your fingers to pump them using a scissor action, at the same time…”

I have another special surprise for you ladies, Leather and silk cat of nine tails, to be used to whip their whole body, after you whip an area like the nipple, you slide it across the same area, thus making him sensitive to your touch, don’t be afraid to whip and slide his erection either, men are most sensitive there…

After both the elders’ talks, it was wedding time, as the males went out of their room, directly outside to the top of the aisle as the guest arrived in droves, of course they heeded what he said, no one wanted their childs death on their heads!

As the brides ascended the stairwell, they counted their steps, as they walked outside and up the aisle with 3 flower girls going ahead of all three brides throwing red and white rose petals- all five girls were doing the same thing, and one behind each bride as she walked to the side of her chosen partner, once they reached their partners side the flower girls sat in the front row seat with Keade, with Miroku holding all the rings on a velvet pillow….

They kept the ceremony simple, going one at a time as their veils kept them from seeing anything and their tiaras were beautiful a perfect accent….

So Touga and Sakura went first,

“Do you Touga Tashio take Sakura Higarashi to be your wedded wife , to have and to hold, for richer  or poorer, in sickness and in health, taking her side above all others , as he said this he placed the ring on her finger, saying ,

“I Do”

Then he lifted the veil and gasped, she was gorgeous, the preacher had to remind him that it was her turn,

“Do you Sakura Higarashi take Touga Tashio for your wedded husband, to have and to hold, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health……”

“I Do” as the slid the ring on his finger.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, with the power vested in me by the city of Tokyo, you may kiss the bride…”

“I present to you Mister and Mrs. Tashio”

AS the ceremony was repeated for the other two couples there wasn’t a dry eye in the house, including Keade, who was overjoyed to see her sister marry the man she had loved for what seemed forever, as she openly wept for all the couples, loving the beauty of the ceremony…

Then it was time for the mating ceremony, as the 3 couples went backstage, and dressed in their sleeping yukatas, and walked up to the dais, bowing their heads, as the preacher asked,

“Is there anyone who would not see these 3 couples mated?”

No one spoke up and all 3 couples stepped up to the extra-large futon ,it was big enough for 5 couples to mate fully in full form….

As the brides removed their sleeping yukatas first, then they stalked their husbands and removed theirs losing all their beast, all of them had red eyes, as they advanced on their husbands, licking their lips as if they were waiting for a treat…

Each female crawled up to their husband, taking their cocks in their mouths as well as Fingering their asses with their thick Inu fingers, sucking their members as they pumped their  asses, swallowing them whole all the way to their groin…..

As their husbands were begging,

“Harder , faster, rougher, and oh kami don’t stop fucking my ass”

All three men came so hard that all brain function blacked out as their wives mounted them like horses and rode them to oblivion , as they were about to come for the 4th or 5th time, they bit their shoulders drinking their blood and riding them until both their orgasms stopped, then they cleaned up their wounds….

Then it was their turn to take their wives, All 3 husbands went behind their wives, loosening up their asses using one large finger at a time (they had loosed their beast as well), making them moan and whimper their pleasure, until they begged them to

“Just fuck me already, make it rough, fast and animal like in short lose your whole beast we can handle it”

So they gave their beast free rein, causing their wives to scream,

“Oh kami, is that all you’ve got? Harder, rougher, faster if you please!”

So the three husbands smiled, thinking

‘The little tarts want it rough, so shall they receive their wish.’

All 3 husbands fucked their wives like wild animals pistoning them with 50 times demon speed, and making them come at least 6 times, as they screamed




Then they bit their shoulders drinking their blood riding out both partners multiple orgasms, they came 4 per minute….

They stopped when their orgasm ended, cleaned their wounds as both partners,

“Mine” was said by both partners, as they walked off the stage, putting their robes on and smiling…

Now, as soon as they walked off stage, all 3 wives said,

“We have a surprise for you, but you have to close your eyes!”

All 3 closed their eyes as they received their subjugation beads, being placed around their necks, as each wife used her command, starting with Sakura,

“Sei tame ware (make love to me)”

So Touga made love to her backstage.

Then it was Kagome’s turn,

“Nagu suki dzuki touhou(make love to me also)”

So Sesshy followed his father’s example, pushing Kagome up against a wall , as he pounded into her with abandon…

Finally, it was Shiori’s turn,

“Oswari(sit boy!)”

As Inuyasha hit the ground, but she kissed him once he was down, causing him to pound into her with the same abandon as his brother….

By this time the commotion backstage was unmistakable especially their wives moaning,

“Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, fuck me like the bitch I ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

As all three wives came so hard all their brain function was blacked the same went for their husbands….

All 6 of them ended up in one big dog pile totally sated and sleeping….

Keade sent the guest to the reception and dancing, letting them sleep it off backstage…

When they finally came around, the entire guest had left and the men were confused as to what happened until they saw their necklaces, then they tried to remove them as their wives told them in unison,

“You can’t remove your necklaces unless we take them off of you, besides we now house your souls in our bodies as well as our own, we are truly mates!”

All 3 husbands stopped struggling with their necklaces when they remembered how wonderful their last fuck was, with total abandon, no restraint, free……………….

It was then that they made them use their commands again as they advanced on their wives with red eyes, all 3 couples were late for their honeymoon, in fact they took their honeymoon at the mansion chasing their wives , catching them and pounding their butts and asses until they were pupped….

They stayed there for a month, letting Miroku and Sango run the company, making all the decisions which worked out well, especially since they took care of all the sticky mergers that would have made their wives use their necklaces….

Once all 3 couples returned, Sesshy and Kagome became the joint heads of accounting, working in Inuyasha’s office, Shiori’s desk was also moved into his office, he didn’t want stray males or females ogling his mate, now their father went into business with Sakura, handling all her supply and demand issues for her boutique, in fact he became part owner, he added negligees to their stock which he had Sakura model even though she was showing, as all the wives were….

Now as for Miroku and Sango, their friends gave them an Inu blood transfusion by sedating their drinks one night when they were at the mansion, combining all the strongest blood (Sesshy, Touga,Kagome , Shiori and Sakura) and pumping it into their bodies while pumping out all the human blood….

As all 3 couples watched,they slowly became an Inu priest (Miroku) and an Inu demoness warrior a perfect pair…

Once all their human blood had been replaced, they removed all the equipment, and settled them in a room upstairs, laying them side by side, knowing they would be mated, since they would no longer be able to restrain themselves or their feelings….

Everything worked out for the best for all 4 couples for they were mated and married in a ceremony held in the backyard as the 3 other couples renewed their vows thereby joining the young couple and yes, Sango received a necklace, as she activated it backstage with the words ,

“Heel boy!”

 AS he pounded unmercilessly into her with complete abandon, pupping her….

I forgot to tell you, all 4 couples ended up in one delivery room as they delivered their children by making their wives push….

Each couple had a litter of 5 children,

Sesshy and Kagome had 5 boys, Touga and Sakura had 3 girls and2 boys, Inuyasha and Shiori had 5 girls, and finally Miroku and Sango had 5 boys….

After a couple of months all 3 couples were antsy, wanting to resume normal sexual activity, so  Sango and Miroku volunteered to give them a few nights and days to themselves….

The ladies surprised their husbands yet again, as they took on a picnic on the grounds, bringing their whips, bith leather and silk….

As the men drank demon sake, the wives drank lemonade, waiting for them to be totally relaxed, and drunk off their asses…

When they were, they striped them down to skin, tied their hands with their own obis 3 around three extremely sturdy trees, and used their tongues to fuck their asses as they screamed,

“Fuck me like the bitch I am”

 And they did filling their asses so full all they could do was mumble,

“Unng oh I am so full, oh kami”

They screamed this in unison as the filled their asses and jacked them off at the same time,

“I am about to come, so much pleasure, I am going to explodeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” as they all came harder than diamond….

But they weren’t done….

They untied them from facing tht tree to all body parts on parade retying their hands backward…

AS they began whipping their nipples, and sliding the silken over the hurt….

Theywhipped their nipples until they were sensitive to all touch even a breeze had them losing it!

Then they moved on to their torso making them moan,

“More, more, we can’t get enough!”

Their best response came from whipping their cock then soothing the hurt, this had them almost giving their seed to the grass…

But their wives stopped before the ejaculated into the grass, what they did was far more interesting….

They disrobed, and pushed their anus’s on their full erections, slowly fucking them, making them moan,

“Faster, rougher, piston us into oblivion”

So their wives fucked like horses, using 50 times demon speed to make them come in their asses, pupping them again…

When they woke up, their wives were riding them on their backs, as their last release wasn’t enough, they made then black out from all the cum they had taken from them, they were depleted for the first time!

As the three ladies smiled, and kissed each other passionately enjoying the feel of each other’s lips, they came themselves, making  a small puppy pile, as they continued to passionately kiss, hug, and suck on each other’s clits until they couldn’t move for all the pleasure and the orgasms overlapping one another, that was how their husbands found them turning them on, giving all of them raging hard-ons, to the point that they found their wife and let loose, Making them all come at one time, creating a huge puppy pile of pleasure….

 As they slept in the grass, everyone was full, especially the women….

Full of each other and their husbands…

When they returned at nightfall, they were exhausted, so they went to their chambers and collapsed on their beds with smirks on their faces, thinking

‘This all started with 2 friends letting loose and showing their love’

That was the most pleasant thought of all, as they slept with their mate’s warmth as a blanket…


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