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Kagome's Sorrow by amy

Kagome's Sorrow

Kagome’s Sorrow

I Do Not Own Inuyasha

Kagome and Sesshoumaru had just gotten married a week after the defeat of Naraku the Dark Hanyou, and they had received all the good wishes of the Tachi group, especially His half -brother Inuyasha who was warning  him,

“If you hurt her, I swear I will kill you on sight”

“I would never hurt Kagome, brother!”

As Kagome was giggling at him,

“Oh, Inyuasha, You worry too much”

Unfortunately we fast forward 5 years into the future, to find Sesshoumaru facing a threat of war with the Lord of the South, Nazaru, who proposes one solution but it’s not a healthy choice for him…

So he called Jaken into the office, telling him,

“Have Lady Kagome come to my study.”

So Jaken, went to Lady Kagome who was taking care of their two sons Inumaru and Sensu, having been recently born, they loved their mother….

When Jaken walked in, he said,

“Lord Sesshoumaru requests your presence in his study”

  As she left she asked Jaken

“Would watch the pups while I am gone?”

“Of course, I will Milady”

So she went to his study not knowing what to expect.

When she arrived at his study, she knocked on the door,

“May I come in?’

When she heard,


She walked through the door, but she noticed he was angry, she could feel it through her mating mark….

As he said,

“Have a seat, Kagome, we need to talk”

“Talk about what?”

“I have received a declaration of war from the Lord of the South, Nasou, the only way to avoid it is to make a political marriage with his daughter, Nazume.”

“How can he even make such an assumption, My lord?”

“He is the only other lord as strong as me; he is a better ally than enemy…”

“Then you should make the political marriage with Nazume as soon as possible, within the week if possible.”

“Are you sure, my sweet, she would be my second mate.”

“Yes, I am sure and no, I don’t like it but I can live with it”

So he sent a message to Lord Nasou saying,

“I, Sesshoumaru, Lord of the West will enter into a political marriage with Nazume, Daughter of the Lord of the South in a weeks’ time.”
He sent the message with his fastest messenger, so a war could truly be avoided!

The whole week before his arranged marriage was to take place he had nightmares about losing his first mate, but he dismissed it as unnecessary worry, she wouldn’t leave him….

The week was over, Nazume had arrived, sleeping in the chamber next door to them; the mating ceremony was set for tomorrow afternoon….

Kagome was thinking,

‘Will he desire a full demoness more than me? I hope not for our pup’s sake’

She was enjoying his warmth for the last time, but she didn’t know it ….

As the mating ceremony was proceeding, the priest asked,

“Is there anyone who would not see this couple mated?”

Kagome was tempted to say something but she had agreed a war to be avoided even if it was at her expense.

So they were mated to everyone’s glee especially the full demons, as they mated through the night she was privy to his thoughts and feelings, not liking what she was feeling….

She was feeling that he would send her away without her pups as soon as possible if his feelings of unfettered joy about having a woman he could fully loose his beast on because she had one as well was anything to go on…..

So she called her Ladies- in- waiting and told them,

“I am leaving, bundle our sons in their royal blankets, while I pack what I will need. I will meet you at the entrance to the castle”

“Yes, Milady”

So she packed all her Kimonos, jewels as well as anything he had given her into her big yellow bag, then she dressed in her miko garb and left with a heavy heart….

She met her ladies downstairs, as the guards let her leave without telling their sire his wife was leaving his life…

She walked to the well, camping briefly in Inuyasha’s forest, leaving with the sun….

As she came to the well she told her ladies- in- waiting,

“Each of you takes a shard, and put a shard in the pups blankets, and above all hold onto me as we go down the well.”

“Yes, Milady”

So all 5 people jumped down the well, all holding onto Kagome, floating through the blue light …

When they landed with a thud still holding the babies, she told her ladies,

“Stand still, while I climb up the ladder, follow me one by one and we will go to my house to talk to my mother…

So they followed Kagome one by one and went with her to her family’s home and their future….

Before they walked out of the wheelhouse, she sealed the well so no one would be able to pass through ever again….

As they left the wheelhouse, a single tear rolled down her cheek, as she said,

“Good bye Sesshoumaru, good luck in your life….”

Then she went into her home to face her future without him.

Fast forward 5 years,

The Tachi Group was coming to visit Sesshoumaru on the anniversary of his marriage to Kagome and they wanted to see her pups….

Sesshoumaru was told by Jaken that Inuyasha and crew were coming to see Kagome and her pups….

They would be there by sundown, so he told Jaken to summon Kagome to his study….

Unfortunately Jaken had to tell his sire,

“She left you along with her pups 5 years ago to parts unknown in the night.”

Then he saw raw panic on his lord’s face, he was afraid….

As his second mate walked in, she felt his fear and said,

“If you are worried about this group coming to see you, don’t allow their entrance”

“That is not an option; he is my brother, a prince of the West as much as I am”

So he met them at the gate,

“Come in brother, I have grave news for you and your group.”

So they entered his castle, and were given rooms to rest and refresh themselves in, before he summoned them to his study.

As they walked to his study, Inuyasha was thinking,

‘It has something to do with Kagome and her pups, I bet’

When they arrived at his study, Inuyasha knocked on the door,

“May we come in?”


As they walked into the study they knew something was wrong, but couldn’t put their fingers on it.

The first thing that stuck out for them was the fact that the Lord of the South’s daughter was standing behind him as if she was his mate….

Then he spoke,

“Kagome left me along with my pups, one day after I entered into a political marriage with the Lord of the South’s daughter, in order to avoid an unnecessary war, which she agreed to because he is the second strongest Lord next to me….”

“You mean she watched you’re mating ceremony to Nazume, without saying a word?”

“Yes, she did brother”

“What else did she say?”

“She could live with it but didn’t like it!”

“Is that all she said before she left?”

“Yes, as far as I know”

“Jaken was the last person to see her ask him!”

“JAken, what did she say to you before she left?”

“She said ‘I have to leave Jaken, summon my ladies-in- waiting, while I pack what is needed”

So I summoned Summi and Sangi to her room, as she told them,

“Bundle my sons in their royal blankets, while I pack what is needed, I will meet you at the castle’s entrance”

So they left without a word being said, ask your guards, they are the same ones who let her leave while you were mating Nazume….

So he sent for his outside guards for confirmation,

When they entered the study, they bowed

“Yes sire?”

“Are you the self- same guards that let my first mate leave with my pups without telling me?”

“Yes, we are”

“Why did you let her leave?”

“She had no place in this castle when you had mated a real demoness that could give you stronger pups by far.”

Inuyasha had to ask,

“Is that what she felt through your mating mark, Sesshoumaru?”

“Afraid so, I was so happy to have a woman that would completely submit to me I couldn’t help myself”

“So she could feel your betrayal through her mating mark and left your ass along with her pups not yours”

“How dare you speak to Our Lord in such a way!” Said Nazume.

“You should talk! Your father is at this very minute declaring war on the West not caring that a political marriage was made with his daughter, in fact we saw their armies marching on their way to overpower the West as we arrived…..”

“Is this true, Nazume?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t spoken to my father in a couple of years”

“Will you stand by my side to protect the West?”

“No, I will join my father and his troops, for he wouldn’t come against you if there wasn’t a good reason”

As Sesshoumaru said,

“Get out, but first call my healer; I need her to remove Nazume’s mating mark before she leaves…”

So his healer arrived, walked behind Nazume, casting a spell that removed her Lord’s mark from her shoulder forever, leaving her unclaimed….

So she left the castle without her pups, with tears running down her face as she met her father’s army outside of the forest in front of the castle….

In the meantime,

Sesshoumaru summoned his entire Inu army in the courtyard, as well as Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, all the MIkos in his territory that lived in his castle, as well as all his archers, putting them in formation…

The soldiers were the first defense, the archers were next, and finally the Mikos were the last defense, 6 of them were defending his pups….

AS he marched into battle, he had Inuyasha, Sango, And Miroku next to him, fighting the lord of the South’s men, cutting them down with long swords, Bakusaiga ,  Tetseiga as well as The  staff that was charged with spiritual power…

AS they plowed through wave after wave of soldiers, with his soldiers, archers, and Mikos protecting the soldiers, they killed them all except for the Lord of the South and Nazume….

As he looked at them, he told his men,

“Kill them as traitors to the West, and bring me their heads when they are dead, Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku help my men carry out their task”

So they fought the lord and his daughter, stabbing them with tetseiga the long sword, the staff, spears, arrows, and Miko power as a last resort…

Within 3 days, all his men, archers, and Mikos along with Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku were walking into his castle carrying their heads as proof of their death….

As they walked to his study, they thought

‘I wish Kagome was here, she would never leave his side especially in a battle’

When they came to his study door,

“May we come in?”


As they walked in the room, they felt a sense of longing coming from the Western Lord, something that was unusual for him…

When he saw the heads of his enemies, he had sad smile thinking

‘Nazume was once my mate, but her loyalty was with her father not me, Kagome would never have treated me with such disrespect, yet I treated her with the ultimate disrespect, I was a coward unwilling to fight for her and our pups….”

Inuyasha had to ask,

“What will you do with their heads, Sesshoumaru?”

“I will hang them on the pikes of my outer gate as a sign for those that would oppose me”

So he told his first general,

“Hang these heads on the pikes on my outer gate….”

“Yes Sire”

Then they left, knowing he was in a bad mood…

As Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku turned to leave, he said ever so quietly

“Don’t leave, I need your help raising my pups for their mother is dead, and I don’t want to take another mate…”

“What if we were to tell you if you play your cards right she might come back to the feudal era in 3 years, along with your heirs, all you have to do is stay unmated …”

“Is this truly a fact?”

“Yes, it is Sesshoumaru”

Sesshoumaru fought with the council for 3 years.

 They wanted to force him to take a mate for his pups, but with the help of the Tachi group he stayed unmated for the three years that she was away….

Finally she returned to the feudal era to show her 3 year old sons their true home, helping them climb up the well….

When she looked up, she saw Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Kirara and Sesshoumaru…

She wondered what pulled him away from Nazume with all her charms, as she almost decided to return to the 21st century….

It took Sesshoumaru speaking up for her not to leave,

“Kagome, please don’t leave me again, I need and want you in my life, I killed Nazume , she was a traitor to me and my lands, I should have been willing to fight for you and our pups, I will never be unwilling to protect what is mine ever again”

So she left the well with his two sons in tow, they did not trust this man who had spoken with their mother, since they didn’t know who he was…

As they walked to the castle, Sesshoumaru could feel eyes burning in the back of his head as he was leading the way, that was when he realized it was his two sons that were the culprits, they didn’t trust him….

As he dropped back to the middle where Kagome was talking to Sango, he asked,

“Can I talk to my mate, Sango; I have a few questions of my own.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to you later, Kagome”

“Kagome, could you explain why our sons think I am a stranger talking to you?”

“To them you are a stranger, I left you when they were babies wrapped up in royal blankets, they have no idea who you are.”

“Have you never told them what I look like, my name, or my title?”

“No, I didn’t want to have to explain why I felt the need to leave my mate of 5 years, they already know too much…”

“What do mean,’they already know too much’?”

“They have the intelligence of a 6 year old; they have heard me when I cry at night after I come home at night from my secretarial job, exhausted from playing ring around the rosary with my boss’s octopus like hands….”

“What does, ‘octopus like hands’ mean”

“It means he expects me to sleep with him because I have the executive secretaries job, he thinks it is one of his perks”

When he heard that she had to protect her own honor because his sons were too young he was furious!

It was then he realized what a mistake he had made, she had been left to fend for herself when it was his job to do it for her!

He decided right then and there that he would ask her to stay with him along with his sons, and the council and 3 Lords be damned….

As soon as they were in the castle, Sesshoumaru asked Sango,

“Would take our sons to meet their brother’s playing in the courtyard and properly introduce them so they don’t try to hurt them! while I speak with Kagome ,alone?”

“Of course we will, Sesshoumaru”

As he whisked her off to his study, he had plans for her!

As soon as they entered the study he had her sit down in the chair in front of his desk, asking

“So your boss chases you around a desk similar to this one?”

“Not quite as big, but similar”

“Kagome, I am truly sorry for making you leave me along with our sons, would you consider staying in the feudal era with me, as well as helping me raise Nazume’s pups along with our sons, I promise no more political or otherwise marriages will happen.”

“Can you promise to never back down from another Lord’s threats no matter how strong he is?”

“I can with you by my side; Nazume was a traitor because she was unwilling to fight her father   in order to protect the Western lands, and her own pups.”

“Will you mate me again if I come back to you, as well as letting me mate you as well?’

“Yes, I will in front of all the lords and their mates only”

“I will think about your suit and let you know before the end of the day, If I stay I would need inuyasha to retrieve my ladies-in- waiting that have my friends and confidants for three years as well as tending a resignation from my job….”

“That is a most satisfactory answer, mate, I will await your answer.”

Then they left the study, to find their sons playing in the courtyard along with their brothers, Ryu, Robert, and Syon.

Their brother’s had taught them how to use wooden swords with their father’s techniques, and they had taught their brother’s hockey having set two goals, using their swords like hockey sticks….

Her mind was almost made up; all that was left was to speak to Her old group….

So she walked up to Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku and asked them.

“Should I take him up on his offer? Does he have the backbone to keep his word?”

“Yes, he does in our opinion; he has been fighting the council for three years to stay unmated until your return.”

“Has he now! He didn’t tell me that!”

“He wouldn’t, because he wants you to come back to him because you love him and only him.”

“That has always been the case, but does he love me in the same way?’

“I’ll tell you what, go back to his study and clear all barriers like clothes out of your way and you will find out…”

So she did as he said, knocked on his door,

“May I come in?”


As she walked in she was surprised to find him alone in the study with the smell of arousal everywhere, it permeated the room…

So she went behind his desk, removed her kimono (she wore no bra or underwear) and sat on his lap kissing him passionately….

He thought

‘Am I dreaming or is she really sitting on my lap kissing me with all the passion I feel for her’

He figured he wasn’t dreaming, when she took control and rode him harder than any concubine or other lover had…

Since he didn’t close the window they all heard him scream out in pleasure,


As she continued to ride him, not letting come down from his high, only thing she did was laugh!

“Is that all you’ve got?”

She said in a taunting voice.

As he answered,

“No, I have plans for you, my young vixen, let’s go to my chamber and finish what you have started”

So they went to his chamber on the third floor, barely making it inside before he had removed his clothes, she was still naked!

Before he knew it, his beast had taken over pushing her into Inu position with her ass  in his face and he was loving the view!

He was reminded who he was with when she asked,

“If you have more stamina show it big boy!”

So he stroked his prominently large cock before he pounded into her like a starved man looking at a full course meal….

His beast was pounding into like a bitch in heat which she was, as she screamed

“Harder, faster, rougher, treat me like the bitch in heat I am”

He didn’t have to be asked twice, he pounded into like they were in the forest fucking like animals,rough, hard, and without abandon , he let all his frustration out as he fucked her senseless…

“oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, the kami couldn’t do it any better”


Just as she was about to go into her fourth orgasm, he finally allowed himself to go with her ,asking

“Who gives you this pleasure, bitch?”

“You do”

“Say my name, bitch!”


Then he bit her shoulder marking her as his mate for the second time, as he drank her blood and rode out both their orgasms that seemed to last forever, wave after wave like the ocean coming in on the sand…

Then it was her turn,

As soon as he wasn’t in back of her, she threw him on the bed saying,

“I am going to fuck you nice and slow, like a slow cooked meal!”

As she sat on her knees deciding which part of her meal to enjoy first, his nipples, torso, abs, legs or just go for his cock already?

She decided since she was already on her knees she would go for his cock, it looked wide and thick like a candy cane , one of her favorite foods.

AS she was thinking about her favorite food, she began licking in between his legs, just missing his balls, boy did his folds were tasty, she loved that musky scent!

Meanwhile going back to Sesshoumaru,

‘He had never had a woman lick him in between his legs, much less penetrate his folds driving his arousal to new heights(Like the sky and beyond), now he knew how a woman feels, fabulous!’

Kagome had moved on to his cock and ass by the time he caught up with what she was doing…

She placed her petal soft lips on his rock hard erection, while pushing her fingers into his ass feeling for the bump…

AS she synchronized both her mouth and fingers to go at the same speed, she hummed a tune as well…

Between her synchronized speed (Pistoning like a jackhammer), and her humming vibrations on his cock he was about to blow….

So she sat on his erection, only this time she did it “down and dirty”, slowly lowering her  pussy inch by inch, until she slammed herself down on him making him scream,

“More,more more and don’t for kami’s sake stop!”

So she continued to slowly fuck him allowing lots of air in between, as he screamed

“Just fuck me already!”

So she rode hard and fast with animalistic speed without abandon, asking him

“Who gives you this pleasure, bitch?”

“You do”
“Say my name, bitch!”


Then she bit him on his shoulder, drinking his blood, riding out both their orgasms, until he was deflated, then she cleaned his wound and fell asleep cradled in his arm her mind made up, she was staying!

When they both woke up, she put a sleeping yukata on before she summoned Inuyasha…

When he arrived in Sesshoumaru’s chamber, she had one word for him,

“I’m staying, ask both  of our sons for their  jewel shards so you can retrieve my ladies- in – waiting, tell my mother that I am resigning from my job, and if she wishes, follow you to the feudal era where her grand children will be(She will need the second jewel shard, my ladies kept their jewel shards).

Before you leave send my sons to our chamber, so I can speak with them about my decision.

Then he was off like a shot, walking on air, she was back to stay!

As he walked to the courtyard he couldn’t keep the smile off his face, as he told her sons,

“Your mother wishes to see you in the lord’s chamber, I will take you there myself!”

So the pups followed the strange man that also hadn’t been introduced….

As they walked Inuyasha said,

“By the way, I am your uncle Inuyasha, and the other two adults you saw outside were Miroku and Sango, we are all best friends of your mom….”

Then they were at the door as he knocked,

“May I enter with your two sons?’

“Yes, enter” said Kagome.

As her sons entered the chamber they noticed several things that made their young beast mad!

The first thing they noticed was that their mother was wearing a sleeping yukata instead of her clothes, as was the strange man that had been speaking to her as they walked!

Now Inuyasha wanted to get going,

“What are your pup’s names, kagome?”

“Inumaru and Sensu”

“Inumaru and Sensu, I need your help, your mother wants me to retrieve her Ladies-in- waiting and her mother, but I need your two shards to go down the well, would allow me to borrow them?’

“Of course, anything for mother!”

And they handed over their shards so he could do as mother said.

Speaking of mom, they were mad!

“Mother, why are you wearing a sleeping yukata in the middle of the day? And why is that strange man doing the same?”

Sesshoumaru was thinking,

‘They sound like grown men talking to their mother, it is only their youth that holds them back, not their minds’

AS she replied,

“The Lord of the West, is no strange man, my dear sons, he is your father.”

“How could he be our father when you never speak of him?’

“Simple, I left him 5 years ago, because he wouldn’t protect me or you pups from evil men, instead he made a political marriage with Nazume, the lord of the South’s daughter to avoid a war with him, knowing he was the only lord as strong as he….”

“Why did he do that, when he had you, mom?”

“Simple, he was thrilled to completely dominate a woman as well as having the ability to be as rough with her as he had always desired, but I am only half Inu and not full, she was…”

“She was what, mom?’

“A full demoness”

“Is there no way to make you a full demoness, so he doesn’t stray again?”

“I don’t know; ask your father, the Lord of the west.”

Sesshoumaru was thinking as his sons were talking to their mother,

“Is there a way to make her a full demoness?”

“Yes, if I collect all the blood of all the strongest demons and have her drink it, she would be a full demoness as well keep her personality.’

As his sons acknowledged him for the first time,

“Father, can help our mother to be a full demoness?’

“Yes, I can with your help my sons!”

“How can we help you?”

“Help me find the strongest demons in the castle other than myself, so we can mix the blood for your mother to drink, she will retain her personality, only her strength and appearance will change….”

So all 3 of the men in her life left in search of the solution to her problem, she felt loved….

As they searched, her two sons learned how important he was; everyone bowed everywhere he went…. By the way there was only one as powerful as he, his first general, Inumayu….

Since they had found the two strongest full demons in residence, they asked,

“What is the next step?’

“Having the healer drain us of some of our blood, filling a full vial with half of my blood and my first generals…”

“Let’s go dad, where is the healer?’

“She is at the bottom of the castle, I will summon her.’

As he saw a servant making up a room,

“Summon the royal healer to draw blood for my wife; it will be drawn in our chamber.”

So she was summoned to their chamber….

In the meantime,

Kagome had bathed in the hot spring, and put on a kimono when her sons, their father and the first general entered their chamber….

“Mom, we found only one full demon as strong as father, his first general, we are waiting for the healer to drain their blood so you can drink it…”

AS they finished speaking the healer walked through the door saying,

“Sire, I will require both of you to roll up your sleeves, so I can draw your blood and fill the vial with half and half”

So both men rolled up their sleeves, as she cut their wrists, letting their blood fill half the vial….

Then she mixed their blood, giving it to Kagome to drink….

She drank like it was V8 tomato juice, in one gulp…

She felt strange, sort of woozy, and then she blacked out for a few minutes, which scared everyone involved.

When she awoke, Sesshoumaru, his first general and bother sons were shocked at her beauty…

She had long white hair with aqua marine blue eyes, with lightning markings under her eyes, on her eyelids, wrists, thighs and ankles but the markings on her eyes and eyelids were the only ones that could be seen….

She was pale skinned, with ruby red lips, with a heart shaped face, with curves for miles ,starting with her super stacked chest that would make any female drool- a triple EEE, her body was lean and strong, and her legs were thicker , stronger….

I almost forgot her hips; they were wide, perfect for birthing children and mating with abandon, better known as pounding…

Now her husband couldn’t stop his smile,

‘Why didn’t he do these 5 years ago? What was he waiting for?’

He wasn’t the only male in the room, and he was feeling possessive as hell!

She was any demon’s dream as he felt the power rolling off of her like a water fall, and she was all his!

So all males including his own sons were dismissed, having his first general escort his sons to Sango and Miroku.

Now he was going to mate her, as a full Inu, with no restrictions…

While he was mating her , Inuyasha was in the 21st century having already spoken to her mother about her daughter’s decision to stay in the feudal era with her pups as well as asking her ,

“Do you want to live in the feudal era with your daughter and her pups permanently? I have an extra shard for you!”

Then he met her ladies-in –waiting that already had their shards, as they laughed,

“We will gladly follow our lady, we love her after all.”

“Who will run the shrine?”

“Your son, Souta could run the shrine.”

“How will he explain my absence?”

“You can say you went on vacation to see your daughter, as well as tending her resignation from her job.”

“I will leave the shard with you, so you can go down the well when all your business is attended to, I will be waiting for on the other side.”

So her ladies-in- waiting went with him to see their lady…

Speaking of Kagome, she was in heaven having never mated without Sesshoumaru worrying he would hurt her….

As we catch up with said couple, he is making her completely submit, since both their beasts are out, red eyes and all…

She was in the Inu position with her ass pushed up and Sesshy was spanking her leaving red marks to remind her of who gave her this pleasure…

To complete their mating, he asked

“Kagome, open up your soul to me, and allow me to open my soul to you…’

He said this as he was pounding her ass with pure demonic speed, knowing he couldn’t hurt her…

“You are being too gentle, fuck me like a bitch in heat, pound me to oblivion, I don’t want to be able walk when you’re done”

Both of them opened up their souls, as their demonic and reiki powers fought for dominance, of course Sessshy won, but their powers were intertwined into one, making each partner whole in their strength, mind and body…

So his beast was completely loosed, pounding her until she lost all brain function, blacking out as they both came so hard, they saw stars….

Afterward, they fell onto the bed, falling asleep, with her head below his chin with uncontrollable smiles on their faces…

As their sons were playing with their brother’s, both Inumaru and Sensu felt their mother’s joy radiate throughout the castle and give them a bear hug…

Not long afterward, Inuyasha accompanied by her ladies-in-waiting arrived at the castle, looking for their mistress….

“She is in Sesshoumaru’s chamber, she is going to surprise you Inu…”

As the happy couple entered the courtyard, announcing their joy with their smiles…

Inuyasha was shocked,

“Is that you Kagome? What happened while I was away?”

“Sesshoumaru found a way to make a full demon, with the mixing of his blood and his first general’s”

“Wow, Sesshy is going to fight many an Inu to keep you, I have never seen any demoness that would surpass your beauty and power.”

So Sesshoumaru said,

“I must catch up with my mail care to join! Mate”

“Of course, see all of you later, and thank you for bringing my Ladies, but where is my mother?’

“I will have to go back for her until she clears up your business, T.T.F.N!”

As he headed to the well to go back and wait for Sakura.

In the meantime,

As soon as they entered the study, he kissed her so passionately she almost came on the spot, but she had to remind him,

“You need to catch up with your reports and mail; I will read some of them for you letting you know what should be done…”

So they read all the reports out loud as well as the mail finishing his business in half his normal time.

Until she reminded him

“We need to inform the three cardinal Lords, and the council of our mating you know, as well as asking them to our mating ceremony.’

So he asked all 3 cardinal lords and their mates, telling them that their mating ceremony would be in one week with the admonition,

“Do not bring unattached females or males on pain of death to the whole family”

He sent the same message to the council members.

They began to arrive in droves, smelling a celebration but Sesshy was training Kagome how to use her powers Inu and Miko just in case someone decided to cross the line, so Sango and her ladies handled the guests…

Until the morning before they were to mate, Sesshoumaru and Kagome took their breakfast  in the general dining room,and the Lord of the North, Nisenso made a pass at his mate, running his hands across her bottom as she was serving herself her breakfast, expecting her to scream…

Instead she said,

“Lord of the North, I challenge you to an Inu fight to the death, if you refuse because I am a female, you will forfeit your life to my mate, Seeshoumaru…”

The whole dining room heard her challenge, including her mate who was angry with the other cardinal lord for pissing her off, it was and is his job to protect her!

As her ladies prepared the fighting area, Kagome prepared to whip his cardinal ass, she putting her miko garb on along with all the weapons she had been trained in and a few she had taught herself….

As her mate came into the room,

“You don’t have to do this Kagome, I could take your place….”

“No, he insulted my honor, I can’t wait to fry his cardinal ass then purify him to kingdom come”

“So you are determined to follow through with this challenge.”

“Yes, I Do, it is for both of us, no one will hurt our family ever again!”

“Well then, Good Luck, see you after the fight”

So she went to the fighting grounds, equipped with her long and short swords, katanas, staff, hirakotos, and her miko powers that were infused in all her weapons….

As the cardinal lord entered, everyone cheered but her mate, ladies, and the Tachi group….

NIsenso tried to make her submit by jumping on her back, only he was flipped on his instead, as she stabbed him in the heart and purified him to dust in one move!

Her mate was so proud of her he would have burst any buttons he had had if they were in private…

As the Lord of the South, their first general, declared her the winner hands down, and the house of the West owned the house of the North due to his gutless action….

Sesshoumaru roared out his joy, holding her arm up for all to see, he kissed her passionately making her weak in the knees,

“I am not the only man to make my wife’s knees weak, no other will ever have the pleasure as she has proven, nor will any other do the same to me, we only belong to one another”

The young man died without a mate, so the other three lords bowed to the house of the West in this matter, glad their honor had been restored…

Getting ready for their mating ceremony, the ladies of the Northern Lord came to her room to thank her for restoring the honor of the house of the West, and they helped her along with her ladies to help her prepare for her well-deserved mating ceremony….

In the meantime, Sesshoumaru was getting the same message from the remaining lords as he prepared for their ceremony

“Your mate has restored your houses honor in one fell stroke, don’t cross her for there will be 100 men to replace you as her husband, if you do!”

As the lord of the South and the Lord of the East left,

“Have a happy ceremony, be happy.”

This left him thinking,

“I am glad she loves me, for she would make a terrible enemy, I had better learn to control myself if I don’t want to lose her”

As he walked to the dais, to meet his mate, he smiled…

As the priest asked,

“Is there anyone who would not see these two mated?”

Silence can certainly be golden….

As they mated one another, opening up their souls to one another, pounding her ass,  as she rode him to oblivion, marking one another on each other’s shoulders, everyone was amazed that this young woman could submit to her husband but save their houses honor in one blow …

From that point on the lord’s had nothing but respect for their house except for a lower lord in the Southern house, who offered Sesshoumaru a concubine in front of his wife, knowing what her reaction would be, but he was wrong…

She accepted the concubine not for her husband but for herself, having her sent to a separate room as they adjourned in shock…

As they left the meeting, she said,

“I will see you in 15 minutes without any baggage, I plan on killing her in private after I fuck her brains with the help of one of my toys, I’ll see you later …”

As he walked to their room he was curious what she planned to do, so he followed her asking,

“May I watch, mate, I am curious”

“Of course, mate”

As she entered the 4 the room to the left, with her husband in tow the concubine smiled thinking she was off the hook, until kagome told her,

“Don’t look at him, bitch, I am the one who will fuck you and for every time you look at my mate I will fuck you even harder and rougher than any of your male masters”

She laughed,

“How could you!”

“Disrobe now bitch or I will do it for you” as she let a small shock of electricity go through her body.

She naked faster than the speed of sound, as Kagome disrobed and strapped on dildo that was 20 times the size of her husband…

Kagome entered her ass without any warning and she screamed in terror since the size if the dildo was 5 times the size of her hole, as she slammed her ass with inu speed begging  her,

“Please stop, you’re hurting me”

“No, you will take me until I reach my pleasure or you are dead, understand!”

As she shut up and accepted her destiny to die at her hand, as her mate watches her take her pleasure wearing a smirk…

As the cardinal lords were called to the room, she told them,

“I killed the concubine with my fake phallus, as my mate watched me; this is the fate of all other women who try to join our family without my permission!”

After this NO ONE ever messed with them, but they did listen all that they proposed knowing it was for the best of all Inus.

As for their sons, she ruled with an iron hand, as well as the servants, who feared her more than their Sire…

She helped raise Nazume’s sons and her own, teaching them true respect for women and all people, as she was the one to train them in the dojo along with their Sire…

They were the best soldiers in his army, and the most eligible bachelors in all 4 territories….

She had 50 more children over their lifetime, and that was when they were in the feudal Era…

Just in case you think we forgot about her mother and brother, they both arrived a day or two before she was to be mated in the feudal era, being overjoyed to see Kagome….

That same night, Kagome lengthened her mother and brother’s life by biting their shoulders, drinking their blood, and mixing her blood and Sesshy’s blood for them to drink, so that they were full demons like her , living as long as they lived….

They lived to the 21st century and beyond, seeing all of their grandchildren born as well as having their own…

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