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INU NO WAKUSEI by Silver Moon Inuyoukai

Sacrificial Lamb

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 Sacrificial Lamb

Personal Journal:

Jeesh! I thought they'd never leave!

I almost went on a hissy fit from all the poking and prodding for almost two hours. These people barged into the room with a formidable look of determination that would scare any hard-nosed warrior to retreat. They were carrying all sorts of things in beautiful boxes of which I have no idea what they're for.

It doesn't matter anyway. They never talk to me anyways unless I ask something. Unfortunately I don’t need to ask for things that much since I was fed, clothed and housed so conversation was almost nil to none.

But I really wanted someone to talk to. I miss having friends and a social life. But I can't now. It's not allowed.

Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t always boring. I was given things to do and I was also made to study. They wanted me to learn many things; things about them.

Well, it was interesting at first but the tutor I was given was boring as hell. After four days of the constant drone from the arrogant toady guy with buggy yellow eyes made me think that I would have learned more things if I read a book or opened a holo. I actually wanted to throw him into the airlock, cycle the vacuum and then push the red button to expel him to space. Seeing his tiny body bobbing into the coldness of the void would really make my day.

But remember that I said that conversation was almost nil, right? So I decided that replacing 'old toady eyes' teacher was a great chance to talk to someone. Hmm, I hope the next one they get me is as boring as this one so I can get him replaced too so I can brush up on my conversation skills!

Great idea, right?

Nope. Wrong. They kept him. They said he's the most knowledgeable about our subject matter. And that's that. Bugger.

So, here I am being prepared like a sacrificial lamb.

Yeah, I know. I'm being melodramatic. Who wouldn’t be?

Just bear with me and let me vent in my own way, okay?

Like any sacrificial animal it has to be washed; all the dirt and effluvia removed with the cleansing of water. They hasten with the preparation of my bath so they fill this great big granite-like tub with warm water. That tub could easily fit five people in it with room to spare. I found it a total waste of water but these people weren’t worried because their technology allows them to recycle and refine any kind of material. Well, that’s as much I learned from their science and technology holos before I got lost in  the techie jargon and all that.

So back to bathing…

Then the females come and strip me of my clothes. Gosh! The first time this happened almost freaked me to death! I thought they were gonna let me bathe all by myself but when they started to remove my clothes and I realized they were gonna freaking bathe me! If I wasn’t all scared shit about everything it would've been hilarious with me running around that monster bathtub and the female attendants running after me but no way will I let them bathe me.

Yeah, you heard right--THEM! It seems that I have to have two bathing attendants.

You know the feeling that something was behind you, like, a dangerous animal, right? The hair at the back of your neck stands up and you get goose bumps, right? Yup, I looked behind me and there she was, the regent mother, with that predatorial look on her eyes. But I was told by toady (my tutor) that their eyes are really like that. She looked amused. She smiled. I saw fangs. I almost fell on my ass in terror.

And then, what do you know? She talked to me. Well to make the long story short she assured me that it is a custom that I have to get used to, no arguments about it, and then left us in an imperial swish of silks.

And now I'm up to my neck in bubbles and getting scrubbed clean. Whatever they used for my hair made it shine so it if they can get it that nice I guess I can withstand another attended bath.

And then came the flurry of activity as soon I was ushered out of the bathing chamber and I change my mind. They pounced on me as soon as I was seated. Most times I felt like a puppet being pulled here and there. But what did get to me were the hands! All six pairs of them! I gritted my teeth as they went to do their job of putting fragrant oils on my skin, cleaning my hands and feet, putting make-up on my face, arranging my hair, putting jewelry and helping me put on the five layers of beautiful silk kimonos. Well, they look like kimonos to me. The name in their language is hard to pronounce, it's kinda guttural so kimono would have to do.

This kind of lavish attention would have floored any normal female in my position, right? I would be too. Hey, what woman wouldn’t like to be treated like a queen and waited on hand and foot 24/7 everyday of the week. If you don’t wanna be then you're nuts…but…*sigh*…I just can't make myself get into the spirit of all these pamperings and lavish surroundings.

You ask why?

Let me tell you first that this wasn’t my idea, okay? Well, whose, you ask? Hmp, blame that to my family, my father to be exact. But what made them do this to me?

It's all about duty.

Cheesy, huh? But for now I don’t think I have the energy to tell you everything. Maybe later. Much later…maybe when things have gone back to normal perhaps I could explain how this all came about.

And now here I sit all glammed up and I feel the pull of many emotions in me but I cannot say that happiness is one of them. Strange that in an occasion such as this most often than not happiness is always present but this isn’t a normal occasion. Yup, it isn’t.

I look at the strange girl in front of me. She wears new clothes, the five layers of kimonos, nonetheless! The red of the kimono goes well with her emerald green eyes. She has my face and my hair and yup, there's the eyes. At least they got the eye shadow right. But right now they're clouded and worried. The rest of her has been 'primed' and ready to go.

I know! I know! I shouldn’t talk this way as if I'm some piece of meat about to be served on a silver platter. I can't help feel that way because in a way that's true.

There's the gong. It's time. Wish me luck because I need it badly.

The next time I enter this room I will not be plain old Kagome Higurashi, but I will be known as Kagome, mate of the Supreme Daiyoukai, Imperial Ruler of Inuwakusei and The Realm of Inuyoukai, Rightful Wielder of Heaven's Sword, Lord of the West of the Royal House of the Moon.

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