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Falling by SlowSookie


Disclaimer: I don’t own Inuyasha

A/N: first drabble series, wish me luck!

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Prompt:  Riku Ryuu's Random Prompts: Cheat

Words: 200


“Ha!” Kagome laughed jumping up and down in a ‘victory dance’; her ponytail bouncing along with her. She opened her blue orbs to her best friend who was sulking in a blue bean, mad over being beaten by a girl. She danced over to him and sat at his feet.

“Come on Inuyasha!” she said pushing his legs, he turned his head and crossed his arms, causing Kagome to giggle. Kagome and Inuyasha have been best friends ever since she moved across the street from his family a couple of months ago. She found him one afternoon after walking the neighborhood, they talked, she invited him in and they became best friends. They spent every moment together.  That included, sleepovers like the one they were having now. Staying up all night to play games and watch old movies.

“That’s not fair you must have ridged it” he said. Kagome laughed outright at that and shook her head. She pushed on her best friend’s silk pajama clad leg to get up and turn the game off. Inuyasha looked at her out the corner of his eyes as she fixed him with a hard look.

“I do not cheat Inuyasha” she left.


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